Saturday, March 30, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #48.

Heavy Metal action figures!!!!!

*Goes back in time, gives Taarna figure to my 7 year old self*
*Taarna struts into the He-Man play of some other kids on the playground*
*Devo starts playing*

We're through being cool! 
We're through being cool! 
Eliminate the ninnies and the twits!
Going to bang some heads!
Going to beat some butts!
Time to show those evil spuds what's what! 

*Taarna chops Skeletor's, Hordak's, and King Hiss's heads off, green blood shoots out*
*The other kids run away crying*

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Revisits #33.

I wanna pull together the whole "Demon Murder Case", saga.
That was a whole thing I went through.
Here we go...

There, now when I retro-link it in the comments to the first post, everything that directs to it will also direct back here, which will have all the other updates.
No more chasing the pieces around.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #47.

Finally! Some more concrete Ghostbusters 3 casting news!!

McKenna Grace (Captain Marvel, Gifted) is the lead.

So, that's Baby Captain Marvel, Mike from Stranger Things, and nerd-sexy sister from Gone Girl as the central family of this story.

No word on how they connect to the original Ghostbusters yet.

More to come!
Stay tuned!

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Revisits #32.

A sequel to "Corrections/updates Part 7".

In "Racism is bullshit", I said...

Racism is bullshit.
Actual bullshit.

Set aside the immorality, and the history, and all that, and at its essence, it's a pseudo-science.

Like flat Earth, crystal healing, anti-vax, chem-trails, shit like that.

That rolled around in my head, and made me want to take a chainsaw to all the greatest hits of conspiracy theories.

So, here we go...

Moon landing-

The landers, rovers, and flag are up there, you can see them with a powerful telescope.


Walter Cronkite investigated it trying to find a conspiracy.
He couldn't find it.
The Warren Report is true.
Oswald did it.
A lone nut can indeed kill the president.
Just like Lincoln.
Just like Garfield.
Just like McKinley.
Just like almost Reagan.


First, the alleged captured saucers at Roswell.
We didn't get anything out of it if we reverse engineered their tech.
Everything we allegedly got, transistors, integrated circuits, lasers, we were already working on.
A civilization that can cross light years only catapulted us ahead 3 years, tops?
What are they, space hillbillies in space jalopies?
Doesn't sound right.

Second, abductions.
Everything in the abduction narrative can be simulated by stimulating the brain and simulating sleep paralysis.
Ditto near death experiences.
It's hallucinations.
And/or flat out lies.

Why don't the abductees ever steal a watch, or a remote, or a phone?
They never get evidence.
The aliens have strong enough paralysis rays to prevent theft, but their memory erase tech sucks so badly that hundreds of idiots blab their stories?
You'd think at least ONCE, the paralysis ray would be the one to go on the fritz.

Aliens powerful enough to make faster-than-light drive will also have phasers and shields, and would have no problem landing right on the White House lawn.
They wouldn't be sneaky.
There'd be no point to it.

It's bullshit, folks.


First, see again my rant here.

Second, if there were an Illuminati pulling the strings, they're doing a horrible job letting Trump in the White House.
He doesn't even have competent handlers, he's surrounded himself with people as dumb as, or dumber than he is.
Where are the evil geniuses?
In Russia!
Oh, wait, they didn't have to be geniuses to play Trump.
If they had gotten to Obama, then I'd be impressed.
Shit, Reagan had dementia, and they didn't play him.
That's how retarded Trump is.
Some Illuminati.


Just do the math of how many TONS of chemicals you would have to dump to get in anything resembling an effective concentration down on the ground from that altitude, and then how LITTLE is in the vapor trail of an airliner.
Spoiler, the numbers don't add up.

Also, if the CIA has mind control chemicals, let's steamroller over all our enemies.
What's stopping us?

Why not get us all to vote for the same candidate?
Why not get us to accept a dictator?
Or a computer God?

Shit, they can't even get us all drinking the same fucking soda, or eating the same fucking hamburger.

You're damned near a vegetable if you buy this shit.
Be ashamed of yourself.


If you find it easier to believe that millions of scientists are deliberately covering up a cause of autism, rather than one asshole scientist faked one study to line his pockets, and got caught, punished, and discredited, then I want to see how your brain processes information under an MRI.

And, I don't know what shit's in the anti-vax brochure, but it seems to make every last believer in this shit hate the idea of having autistic kids more than the idea of their kid being fucking DEAD.
That's pretty fucking evil, but it's implicit with the basic premise of this shit.
They've been told these kids are "worthless", and "ruined", and they buy right in.
You don't see the Special Olympics parents act like that.
Anti-vaxxers will though.
In a fucking heartbeat.
With no shame.

It's another license to hate.
This shit is only >< this much less evil than crisis actor theory.
(See below)

Climate denial-

Same as anti-vax.
You have to believe millions of scientists are evil, corrupt, or weak and afraid in the face of corruption, and only plucky oil companies are the good guys.

Oh, and that the evil plot of the bad scientists is to make us all live in tee-pees and eat granola.
Because they hate profit.
....except for the bribery they take.
Seriously, if the liberal side has a billionaire powerful enough to fake all this climate research, why didn't he just find a way to bankrupt Trump in a bidding war for his shitty casinos and hotels?
Why didn't he get Hillary elected?
Why hasn't he pushed single payer healthcare through?
Or gun control?
Or helped Elon Musk go to Mars?
Or a million other better things he could have been doing?
Nope, a 100+ year plan to prove the greenhouse effect, THAT seemed like the way to go.
Cuz that's where all the rockstar fame is.
That's how you get the good groupie pussy.
*Head shake*

Flat Earth-

NASA photos, Lindberg, lunar eclipses, satellites, and commercial jets every fucking day.
Go fuck yourselves, idiots.

Hollow Earth-

See Flat Earth.

Crisis Actors-

How would you audition for this position?
Surely not in the Hollywood acting trades?
Dark web acting trades?
Who would turn you on to this?
How would they feel you out to tell you about this?
Surely they would have told a struggling actor about this by now who would find it disgusting, and blab, and blow the whole lid off the thing.
How would you get your next regular acting gig after being a crisis actor?
Wouldn't it ruin your reputation, like porn?
Wouldn't it be a WORSE hit to your rep than porn?
You wouldn't be able to put this shit on your resume.
And this shit is supposed to be so dark and hidden we can't find the classified ads for it, but faces are supposed to show up again and again for Youtube conspiracy assholes to spot?

This shit is evil.
This is an excuse to be cruel to crying victims of tragedy.
For losers to feel like their cock is bigger than it is.
Same as all cruelty.
It's an elaborate form of trolling where the trolls believe their own bullshit.

Fuck anyone who buys into this.
I don't want to fucking know you.
Get out.


Is Dick Cheny evil enough to let 9/11 happen so he could pull Bush's puppet strings, and get two wars for profit started?
Fuck yeah, he is.

But DID he?
My neighbor is evil enough to hit his wife, kids, and dog, doesn't mean he happened to this week.

There's too much of the Bush administration being bumbling clowns after 9/11 to countenance the belief that they were capable of the greatest conspiracy and cover up ever.

Also, Trump would have blabbed it all by now, because he's fucking stupid.
Retroactively apply this to Illuminati, chemtrails, crisis actors, UFOs, JFK, and moon landing.
Hell, crisis actors would have to be an anti-NRA thing, so Trump would LOVE to expose that one!
He hasn't.
He can't.
There's nothing there.

All of this shit is to make stupid people feel smart and special.
It doesn't.
They just get stupider.
And meaner.
Hey! Like religion!
That's what this shit is.
Urban Legends evolved into a mean bigoted religion of proud ignorance.
And Americans have proven they'll always swig that elixir.
By the tanker truck.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #46.

I never know what the end of it all is, but I must be getting close by now.
Folding in my rankings lists so they'll be easier to find....

I want those handy, because I definitely want to re-do DC after I see Shazam.
And the top 25 of all time.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #45.

It occurred to me, my Christmas and birthday present hauls are pretty much media reviews.
They oughtta be in here too.
Technically, they're in here by virtue of having the Christmases and New Years in here, but they've got update posts that are floating all around.
Time to hunt those down.
So, here's those.

Christmas loot.

Birthday loot.

And, done!
Future updates can go in here now!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #44.

In "I don't h8 the 90's anymore (Part 7)", I talked about my old ritual of collecting Star Trek TV Guides.

Here those are again.

From the rise of DS9, to the end of Enterprise.

But, TV Guide ceased publication, so I couldn't continue it into Discovery.

Ahah! I CAN continue it!
The Entertainment Weekly covers!!

There we go.
Up to date.
Now I'm ready for the Return Of Picard series.

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Revisits #31.

Parts 1-30.

In "Now, getting back to C.S. Lewis being an asshat....", I observed in exasperated confusion...

And this boils down to an even more troubling question that's plagued me for awhile...

How in the fuck can you be EVIL and be "beloved"?

C.S. Lewis isn't just blandly known of, he's "beloved"!

Again and again, I see it, monsters embraced to the heart like a cherished infant.

From the worlds of celebrity, to politics, to everyday life.

And, not all cases are naive ignorance of the crimes, sometimes, hell, oftentimes, the crimes are known, and the person is loved MORE for it!

What the fuck IS this in the human character?!?!?!

I've cracked it open.

It's an identity thing.

People wrap the core of their very identity up with the dumb fucking little club they're in.

It's not "I believe in Islam", it's "I AM a Muslim".

It's not "I believe in flat Earth", it's "I AM a Flat Earther".

It's not "I believe in pedophilia", it's "I AM a Catholic". B-)

The C.S. Lewis fan-clubbers are locked in by also being in with the Jesus fan-club.
These weasels (like Lewis) hack their way into into other clubs.
And fan-clubbers look out for their own, like dirty cops.

Being in a fan-club creates comfort, and people care more about their personal comfort than they do about being moral.
Just look at how people watch those starving children ads day in, and day out, and they won't pick up the fucking phone and pledge fifty fucking cents to keep a kid from dying from shit-in-the-water disease.

Oh, but if the fan-club TELLS you you're moral on top of being a lazy piece of shit, even better.
Because as I've already observed, people like to LOOK and FEEL noble, but it's a pain in the ass to BE noble.

That's just too much to fucking ask.
Nope, just join the fan-club, get told how noble you are, and in the process, latch on to the fan-club's celebrities.

Hence the beloved scumbags.

And hence the Michael Jackson fans harassing his molestation victims.

And hence the Ayatollah Khomeini getting dragged out of his coffin, and his followers passing his corpse around, and kissing it.

The Khomeini fans were kissing their own vanity.

The Jackson fans are attacking the attackers of their own vanity.

Ditto the Scientologists who make hate sites about all their ex-members.

To repeat from up top...
Again and again, I see it, monsters embraced to the heart like a cherished infant.

The cherished infant is their vanity.

That's what it all is.
Vain psychologically coddled people attacking anyone who dares pop their little bubble even accidentally.

And toxic swine hiding behind the goalies for the bubble.

And toxic swine have a natural instinct for figuring this shit out, which is why so many fucking celebrities turn out to be swine.
They're all in a mad race for that force-field for their flaws and misdeeds.

And all of this explains why evangelical nitwits that shook their fists at Clinton for his blowjob, and went after Hillary for the imaginary pizzagate conspiracy, look the other way and whistle for Trump's pussy-grabbing, pornstar fucking, and backing of Roy Moore.
And why they looked the other way and whistled for Roy Moore's pedophilia in the first place.

Because it's not about actual morals, it's about who's in the tribe.
Like fucking cavemen.

That's what it is.
That's all its ever been.

My exasperation and confusion came from the shell game people play concealing this from themselves.
It's not something people will fess up to about themselves, they want to feel smart, so you get all this dis-jointed contradicting illogical sophistry bullshit they pile up on top of it.
Then you're stuck having to dig through the bullshit with a teaspoon for decades.

Well, I can save you the trouble, fair reader.
You're welcome.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Revisits #1-30 compilation.

Here they all are.

There, now I'll link this in archives, replacing "Corrections/updates: Compilation".

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Revisits #30.

Part 2 of my "Fish From The Quantum Sea #5", recap.

Picking up with part 14...

Things that don't give me nightmares #14.
(Lindor truffles!!!)

Yep, Lindor is still awesome.
Too bad there's no Lindt store anymore. :-(

Things that don't give me nightmares #15.
(These two goofballs)

Wembley & Digby.
We lost Digby 3 years later. :-(

Wembley has gone on to be our oldest kitty ever at coming up on 11 this summer.

Things that don't give me nightmares #16.
(After some hemming and hawing, Romero's Dead cycle)

The "hemming and hawing", was the point.

I still fret and worry over family.
Even the relatives who piss me off.

I still suck at love.
Well....actually, I'm actually not too bad, where I trip up is the part of being good at capitalism.
Actually....I'm pretty smart with money if I ever get my hands on it, where I trip up is pleasing the corporate overlords.
Actually....I'm good at the JOB part of that, I'm just not good at being a smiling robot that thinks his duties matter, and that this is a good system.
Women don't like to hear that you want to burn it all down in a revolution, it's not....stable.
They don't think you'd make a good dad for their offspring if you think like a super villain.
So....okay, I guess I still suck at love.

Porn keeps being boring and lame, but it keeps pulling me back in.
I'm like a gamble-holic that thinks "this time for SURE!".
Nope, it's always a geek-show of weird and stupid kinks, and I end up watching it for comedy.

And finally, the Romero Dead cycle.
Did a better review of those here.

Things that don't give me nightmares #17.
(World War Z, upcoming (then) Marvel flicks, people helping in Haiti)

World War Z movie was "meh".
You gotta spend "Lord Of The Rings", level money to do it right, or don't bother.

The MCU.
It was just taking off back then.
Now it's been around a decade.
But, I said all this in part 12.

Aid workers in Haiti.
Well, it's like Fred Rogers said, when there's bad things going on in the world, look for the helpers, there are always people helping.

Things that don't give me nightmares #18.
(That there's enough sanity in society to loathe reality TV, "utility belt")

Not enough to shut reality TV down forever.
Not enough to stop the first reality TV president.
Well...there ARE, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, it's just our system is fucking broken.
Get rid of the electoral college, install ranked choice, boom, the worst sleazeballs only appeal to a minority of halfwits.
Their influence over this planet ends overnight.
It's why they fight like the Tasmanian Devil on steroids and crack to keep the status quo in place.

The utility belt....I never used that.
I felt silly.
Ah well.
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
You never know...

Things that don't give me nightmares #19.
(Conan's classy goodbye speech leaving NBC)

He was pissed off though.
In "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop", he got pretty candid.
Andy Richter held back even less.

Things that don't give me nightmares #21.
(The couple of hours when I thought Richard Dawkins was going to try to lock up Joey Ratz)

Ratzinger retired, and now we've got this new dimwit who stands for all the same bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, pedophile-defending bullshit as the last asshole, but somehow, he's tricked liberals into thinking he's a reformer, in spite of doing fucking nothing.
Go figure.

Things that don't give me nightmares #22.
(Nobody Loves Harry Hembock!)

Said my goodbyes to the character here and here.
I've got a new thing brewing though.

Things that don't give me nightmares #23.
(Fucks angst. Eh, an addendum to 22, really)

I was back-pedaling from the philosophy rant.
I went back over that in a quick paragraph in revisits 9.
Dunno why that was such a shame drama.
Oh, yeah I do, see part 26.

Things that don't give me nightmares #24.
(The good stuff in Krazy For Decades)

Which grew into En-Mike-Lopedia, which whittled back down to movie reviews, and Meedya Morsels.

Things that don't give me nightmares #25.
(Song of the week! (A.K.A. SOWTHIFL))

Like I said here, I share songs on Facebook if ever now.
Blogging music as posts is just clumsy and cumbersome.
I mean, comments is fine, but posts?

Things that don't give me nightmares #26.
(Fish From The Quantum Sea!!)

I needed a lot of self-reassurance to hold my marbles together in those early days.
Had a lot of demons to sort out, and a decade of WF trolls didn't help.

Fucking trolls almost made Ahmed Best kill himself.
Trolls ain't no joke.
I think we've all had our bad times with them to varying degrees.

Things the don't give me nightmares #27.

See part 24.

And that's the end.
Now to link these to the old post in comments.

Then, to compile Revisits 1-30.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #43.

Larry Cohen (1941-2019)

Yep, we lost another Master Of Horror. :-(

Here's his entry.


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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Revisits #29.

In "Fish From The Quantum Sea #5", I collected all the "things that don't give me nightmares".

I'd kinda like to walk down memory lane, and update those.
Been 8 years now.

Things that don't give me nightmares #1.
(Unwrapped with Marc Summers (and other industrial/nostalgia type shows))

I don't watch these anymore.
I guess their modern equivalent would be stuff like "The Toys That Made Us", and all the movie nostalgia docs I've been collecting.
And "Adam Ruins Everything".

Things that don't give me nightmares #2.
(Good books, toys, my favorite places)

The reading/viewing list still applies.

Most of those toys are broken now.
The gumstick MP3 player still works, but is obsolete.
Gotta find use for that gumstick camera, but last I checked, it didn't hold a charge very well.
Never could get the universal remote to work when I needed it to.
The lighter literally fell apart.
Eh, fun while it all lasted.

Westbook, sss, ouch, yep, dead to me.
Gorham can eat my ass.
Haven't gone to Nonesuch books in ages, dunno if they exist anymore.
Borders is dead.
Newberry, eh....haven't gone there in ages.
Lindt store is dead.
Weathervane is dead.
Westbrook Cinemagic is dead to me, but I still go to A Cinemagic.
1st Stop....well, I avoid Westbrook, so bye bye.
Full Belly Deli is dead.
Bullmoose is my movies/books place now.

Things that don't give me nightmares #3.
(Thinkgeek, Dealextreme, Shmegalamonga, my readers)

Hmm, I don't go to Thinkgeek anymore.
Don't know why.
Don't go to Dealextreme anymore.
Don't know why.
I think once I got the Dingoo, I was all set.

This blog.
Yep, it still makes me happy.
I don't care if blogs aren't "hip", anymore.
I'll work this thing until Google takes the whole service down.

Things that don't give me nightmares #4.
(Freddy movies)

Y'know, I haven't spun 'em in awhile.
I got so much shit now, I do them Halloween week if ever.

Things that don't give me nightmares #5.
(The good animated satire shows)

Y'know, I feel guilty, but I haven't made time for Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons, Robot Chicken, or South Park in years.
Boondocks jumped the shark, and then ended.
And Venture Bros...shit, I lost track of that somewhere around season 5.

There's so many superhero shows now, and podcasts I enjoy, I'm kept busy.
Hell, I'm not even able to keep up with the superheroes anymore.
I haven't touched Umbrella Academy or Doom Patrol yet, and everyone's going bananas for those.

Things that don't give me nightmares #6.
(The good channels)

Ovation got deleted from basic analog cable.
Then I got it back when we went to digital basic.
But it's not the artsy-fartsy channel I fell in love with, it's all old Hollywood movies now, and not even the classy shit.
I can watch those movies anywhere.
Oh, and then "Spectrum", did away with analog cable, so there's ONLY digital HD now.

Youtube has grown enough, I can always find shit to stimulate my mind.
I'm all right.

PBS has Deepak Chopra shit on now, so fuck them.

C-Span 2 doesn't have cool authors on anymore.

History Channel got devoured by UFO and ghost shit.
They're ruined.
But, the spinoff channels on digital basic still have cool shit.

Things that don't give me nightmares #7.
(People that I'm glad exist)

Firefighters, rescue workers, EMTs, and chefs, yes.

Cops, soldiers, and doctors I'm a bit more distrustful of now.
Not enough to become an anarchist, or an alt-med loon, but I give 'em the side-eye.

Things that don't give me nightmares #8.
(The second tier of good channels)

Back then...
TCM, FX, Comedy Central, Bravo, E!, Food, Cartoon Network, TVLand/Nick @ Nite.

These days...
TCM, sometimes if I land on it and a good movie is on.
AMC for Walking Dead and Preacher
CW for the DC shows.
Fox for The Gifted, Gotham, and Orville.
TruTv for At Home With Amy Sedaris.
Sci-Fi for Krypton.
FX for Legion.
Comet, MeTV, BBCAmerica, and Elrey for the old reruns TVLand and Nick @ Nite used to have

E!, Food, Cartoon Network, TVLand/Nick @ Nite?
Never need them.

Again, Youtube and podcasts eat most of my TV time.
Or books.
Or my blu-ray collection.
Like I said for part 6, I'm all right.

Things that don't give me nightmares #9.
(Um...I guess that I'm not in a society of rape-cannibals..yet)

Covered this in "Corrections/updates Part 17".
Trump ruined this illusion for me.

Things that don't give me nightmares #10.
(That I'm not any of these people...)

Quark, Orcs, Cardassian, slack jawed yokel, Sneeches, Palpatine, Jim Jones.

Representing greed, blind mob violence, blind obedience to a militaristic state, proud ignorance, bigotry, totalitarianism, and messianic megalomania.

All of them boil down to exploitation, and/or a willingness to be exploited.
Or, boiled even further down, a MAGA hat wearer.

Yeah, I'm sticking by this.

Things that don't give me nightmares #11.
(The beauty of the universe)

I guess I stand by that.
Even in the time of Trump & Brexit, great advances are still being made, and we keep learning more and more about the universe and ourselves.
All this stuff in the news is ignorance taking its death spasms.

Things that don't give me nightmares #12.
(Geek culture, it's just better)

And I was saying all this before the MCU had really kicked in.

Now we've had the MCU for 10 years.
Bumblebee finally fixed the Transformers franchise.
Ready Player One is a thing.
Stranger Things is a thing.
Ghostbusters 3 is on its way.
Cobra Kai season 2 is on its way.
Star Wars came back in 2015 and is 4 movies in.
Aquaman made 1 billion dollars, so the DCEU has arrived.
And as mentioned in part 5, superheroes have gobbled up TV too.
Geeks won.
Now to get the troglodytes out of politics.

Things that don't give me nightmares #13.
(Dingoo, and that there's geeks on Youtube that loved all the shit I do)

The geek nostalgia community of Youtube overwhelmed my Dingoo collecting abilities, and I mostly just use Youtube without obsessing over hardrive-ing everything.

There's too much NEW stuff with a nostalgia spin that there's not enough time for wallowing in ACTUAL nostalgia!

It's a cool place to be.

1-13 is a good enough place to stop.
I'll do 14-27 as a part 2 either tonight, or tomorrow.
See you next time.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #42.

The first crossover since the big category merger.

Doomsday Clock (2018-2019)

I'm late on commenting on this.
It's 9 issues in.
3 to go.
I think I'll buy the trade.

It's a crossover sequel to Watchmen where the Watchmen characters meet the DC superheroes.

I was skeptical, but goddamned if it isn't frigging awesome.

Yep, that cover, while being a little deceptive, is correct in that it's where the heroes fight Dr. Manhattan.
He's fucking terrifying.
No one could really challenge him in Watchmen, but here, you get to see him test his limits.
His limits are "OH, SHIT!!!!".

While I'm at it, I ought to get the trade that collects the Minuteman prequel from "Before Watchmen".
That's the best part.

Minuteman prequel is awesome, Doomsday Clock is awesome, turns out tinkering with Watchmen isn't like blaspheming an art religion after all.
You just have to have talented people doing it.

And Alan Moore needs to get over himself, but sadly, he never will.

Damn, it would never happen, but I would so love it if the DC Extended Universe (movie universe) culminated in Kingdom Come and Doomsday Clock.
Ret-con the Watchmen movie into that shit.

Aw, yeah, I could die happy then.

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Revisits #28.

A little bit of anal retentive tweaking.

Added "Ash vs Bubba Ho-Tep", and Ghostbusters/Transformers to "Meedyah Morsels #35".

Added "The Great Graphic Novels Of Western Civilization", and the three GB:ATC sequels to the comics list in "Meedyah Morsels #38".

Can't believe I forgot those.
Well, fixed now.

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Meedyah Morsels #41.

So, Google just invented a thing we already had....

Google Stadia!!

You sign up for a membership, and you can play any game from any platform on any device, because their servers do all the heavy number-crunching, and you just get the video feed like a Youtube stream.

So, you could play, say, Grand Theft Auto on your phone.

And you could switch between X-Box and Playstation games.
Platform exclusivity would be a thing of the past.

Oh, but wait....I saw all this 9 years ago, when it was called...


Yep, I time capsuled this in 2010 in "The death of physical media".

Google just pulled a Ray Kroc on Onlive.

Do you think at their big presentation, they said "it's Onlive, but Google!".

Hell no, they pretended it never existed, and that they pulled it out of thin air.
I don't need to see video to know that's what they did.

Well, whatever gets people to adopt the tech, I guess.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #40.

More on the Toxie reboot...

Macon Blair has been hired as the director.

Okay, we're as far along as a director.
This is exactly where we were with it under New Line, and the "Sausage Party", guy.

I won't start really believing this thing is taking shape until casting starts to happen.

Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #39.

Disney/Fox Part 8: It begins!!!


The paperwork is done!!!
The deal is done!!

Jeez, so much for January 1st, huh?

It took two years from rumor to now, but the Marvel universe is finally legally officially re-assembled!!

No announcements yet from Marvel of how they're going to handle this.
But it's early yet.
Not even lunchtime.
I'll keep ya posted.

Here's news that trickled in the last month or so, but I was waiting until now.

We have heard from Bob Iger that Fox studios, Fox Searchlight, Fox network, and FX are going to keep their names and logos, and that movies will still come out under the Fox brand.

So, you won't see the Disney castle in front of Alien 7 or Predator 6.

And Deadpool is going to have his own R rated pocket universe for Deadpool 3, and X-Force.
No word if it'll still be Fox, or a special Marvel Knights brand, or what.
It seems like its going to be the latter.

Even in his own pocket universe, he'll still do MCU jokes, and work in MCU cameos.
How the fuck could he not?

Other R rated properties besides Deadpool can/will come out under this brand.
Blade, maybe?
Ghost Rider?

It's looking more and more likely New Mutants will come straight to streaming instead of theaters.
That sucks.
I was really looking forward to that.

It's a shame Stan didn't live to see it. :(
I'll probably be saying that to myself a lot in the coming years.

All for now.
Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #38.

Crap, I thought of another thing to fold in!
The lit reviews!
Those have been floating around in pieces for awhile now.
Time to finally get them all together.

Hmm, y'know, while I'm at it, my comics reviews fit in as literature too.
Especially if I'm gonna chuck in Tobin's and Miss Fury.

Ta daa!

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Meedyah Morsels #37.

One more thing to fold in.

Since this whole thing started with parts 1, 2, and 4 being retroactive updates to my big 90's review, let's just fold that in here.
Then it'll be updating itself.

Boom, done.
And that's all that housekeeping finished.

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Meedyah Morsels #36.

While I'm folding things in, let's chuck in the "Shit On My Walls", series.
There's a big bunch of movie review/commentary in those, so those are media updates.

  • Part 1 (Version 1 begins)
  • Part 2 (Version 1 takes final shape)
  • Part 3 (Fine tuning to version 1.5, JS wall starts to form)
  • Part 4 (Harry 25th anniversary)
  • Part 5 (JS wall addition 1)
  • Part 6 (JS wall addition 2)
  • Part 7 (JS wall additions 3-4)
  • Part 8 (JS wall addition 5)
  • Part 9 (Fine tuning to version 2)
  • Part 10 (Documentary wall addition)
  • Part 11 (Fine tuning to version 2.5)
  • Part 12 (Fine tuning to version 2.6)
  • Part 13 (Age Of Ultron)
  • Part 14 (JS wall additions 6-7)
  • Part 15 (JS wall addition 8)
  • Part 16 (Documentary wall fine tuning)
  • Part 17 (JS wall addition 9-10)
  • Part 18 (JS wall addition 11, JS wall solidified)
  • Part 19 (Documentary wall starts to become Ghostbusters wall)
  • Part 20 (Ghostbusters wall transformation complete)
  • Part 21 (Big upgrade to version 3)
I've updated these like crazy, but haven't kept up on it here for 2 years!
Um...Ghostbusters wall has changed a couple times.
The "big grid", wall has been shuffled all around.
Marvel movies have almost completely taken over.
(Updated up to Black Panther and Infinity War)
There's seasons 1-2 of Stranger things in there though.
JS wall has a grid of the casts of all 6 Star Trek shows.
Eh...yeah, that's about it.
Anyhoo, I'm not gonna keep up on these.
They served their purpose.
But, I'll have them here as reruns.

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Meedyah Morsels #35.

Formerly Pop Culture Updates (see here).

Screw it, let's fold crossovers in here too.

There we go, want those to be handier.
Now they are.

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Revisits #27.

Formerly Corrections/Updates (see here).

As I said last time...

Pop Culture Updates needs a better title too, but I haven't found it yet.
Stay tuned.

I've got it!

Pop Culture Updates will now be called "Meedyah Morsels"!!
The change will kick in at #35.
See you then!

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Corrections/updates: Series 2, Part 8.

A correction/update to the very existence of corrections/updates!!

I'm changing the name to "revisits".

Inspired by the last line of the last one.

Anyoo, I thought that needed a quick revisit.

I've been looking for a simpler title, and that just jumped right out at me.

When I put the correction link in the comments to the old/corrected posts, I'll say "revisited", instead of "correction/update".

And, I'm abandoning this "series 1, series 2", shit, and switching to the constant numbering of the Pop Culture Updates.

So, the updated/corrected list goes like this...

Making this #26, making the next one #27.
The change will kick in then.

Pop Culture Updates needs a better title too, but I haven't found it yet.
Stay tuned.

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Pop culture updates #34.

Oh, yeah, I'm a little bit late with this one, but what the Hell.

Behold, the first comic book inter-company crossover movie!!!

Batman vs.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Adapted from the comic.
It's the same iteration of the Turtles from the Ghostbusters crossovers, so maybe we'll get that next!

The movie press is making more hay about the characters involved rather that focusing on the big fucking deal of it being inter-company.

It's the first inter-company crossover movie since "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".

Could "Batman vs Hulk", be far behind?
But....this movie just existing says never say never.

This could be a game changer.
Fingers crossed.


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