Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Christmas loot.

I squeezed quite a lot out of it this year.
DVDs are getting hella cheap online.
I'm a delight to shop for.
All of this was a teensy-eentsy fraction of a fucking I-Phone, or even that color Kindle thing.
I don't go for one horrendous thing, I go for volume.
I'm great like that.


The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

See here, here, and here.

My favorite present.
Hands down.
I'm having a fucking blast with this.

This really was a great fucking show.
Very under-appreciated outside of its cult fandom.
I think it deserves the ass-kissing Star Trek gets.
I really do.
Not shitty-Trek either, the Kirk one.

But...y'know what it's missing?
The telemovies.

The Incredible Hulk TV movies

Fuck yeah, there we go.

See here.

And y'know? Now that I've seen "The Trial of The Incredible Hulk", again...I like it a lot better!
You've got John Rhys Davies as Kingpin, you've got dark shit with the rapey villains, and Banner almost not helping, and...Daredevil is better than I remember.

When you really think about it, Daredevil is Marvel's Batman, so...this is as close as you're likely to get for a Hulk/Batman movie.

And...I think I like Thor in "The Incredible Hulk Returns", just a little better than in the new Thor movie.
His character gets fleshed out better in this.

Anyway, these are all great.
Love Kenneth Johnson for the way he made the old show, loved Bill Bixby for doing these flicks, miss the hell out of "Bix", wish Kenneth was doing something new.
Glad these DVDs exist.
I could literally almost weep with joy.

The Greatest American Hero

See here, and here.

Stephen J. Cannell and Kenneth Johnson both came at their shows from the point of view of not at all being comic book fans....and they ended up contemporaneously doing two of the best superhero shows ever.

One more dramatic, and one more comedic, but...y'know.


See here.

Just season 1 though.
That's all ya really need, it was downhill from there, and #1 told a complete arc.

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

See here, and here.

I haven't even dug into this yet.
I'm betting it'll eat up a whole day, so, I gotta set aside the time.
Can't wait though.

So...that's the big 'uns....
Now, individuals.


See here, and here.

Needed this to go with "Super".

Hero At Large

See here, and here.

And, of course, needed this to go with "Super", "Defendor", and "The Return Of Captain Invincible".

Up next, need "Unbreakable", and "The Wraith".
Tch...shoulda asked for those....
Ah, well....


See here, and here.

The Dark Knight Rises

Duh, of course!

See here, and here.

I was watching this when the internet crashed on me. B-(

And, this is in the order it is, cuz it segues into the stack of DCs.....

Justice League: Secret Origins

The premiere movie of the series.
Mentioned it here.

Justice League: 3-Pack Fun

Understatement of a title....

Was looking to just get "The Brave and The Bold", cuz it contains the Legion Of Doom episodes (also mentioned here), but this had that, plus some "Justice League: Unlimited", and "Young Justice", Stuff for about the same price.
Think it was a couple dimes more.

Couldn't pass that up.

Justice League: Starcrossed

Also-also mentioned here.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

See here.

Justice League: Doom

See here, and here.

Superman: Doomsday

See here, and here.

All-Star Superman

See here, and here.


See here, here, and here.

Toldja I was getting this.

I thought it was gonna be a reprint, but it's a golden oldie from 1949!
Got yellowed pages, and oldie stink on it, and everything!

So, that all fed my superhero addiction, but I needed some horror in there too....

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

See here.

Yep, said way back then "I gotta fucking own this".
Well, there, done.
Lotta sweet bonuses on this one too.
Settle for nothing less than "the gruesome edition".

Waxwork/Waxwork II

See here, and here.

Together on one disk.
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, the protagonist is played by Billy From Gremlins.

And then, after Christmas, with my pocket money, I got.....

Donnie Darko/
S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale

Together in one cheap set.
I've seen "Donnie Darko", for free on Ovation, and loved it.

"S. Darko", came out 8 years later, and looks like cheap exploitation, and Rotten Tomatoes despiiiiises it.
But, fuck it, for the price, it was pretty much for free.

I Spit On Your Grave

A.K.A "Day Of The Woman".

Omigawd, this may just be my new favorite horror movie!
Why did I hold off so long seeing this??

The character of Jennifer Hills deserves to be a horror hero up there with Ash, and Nancy; and Camille Keaton, who plays her...oh...heart flutter, I'm in love!

She needs t-shirts, and action figures, and lunchboxes.

So...this one is notorious, it's a rape revenge movie, the rapes are as ugly as "The Last House On The Left", and from beginning to absolute end, take up 20 minutes of screentime.
You have to have toughened up on other horror flicks to withstand this, it's grueling.

But...that all just makes us cheer the more when our heroine destroys her enemies.
And destroy them she does.

This is easily better than "Last House..".
By leaps and bounds.

Deserves a place next to the first Evil Dead, and the first Texas Chainsaw, and above "Last House".

Ebert crusaded against this movie, and, I'm not at all surprised.
(See here, and here)

Y'know, Roger, if this isn't to your taste, I can understand, but when you try to ruin a directorial career, and try to bury a movie in an artistic blackhole, so no one else can see it, THAT'S what makes you a miserable risable pile of shit.

Yeah, I've gone from disappointment, to contempt...and now I just hate Ebert's fucking guts now.
History will remember, Roger, when it really mattered, you took the side of the Nazi book burners.
Fuck you, Roger.

And, the rampant hypocrisy.
Why is it okay, to have the MALE rape revenge movie, in the form of "Deliverance"?

Why is it more acceptable to have the male revenge movie with just regular eye-for-an-eye murder in the form of "Death Wish", and "Dirty Harry", and "Punisher"?

Why is the FEMALE revenge movie okay without the rape, in the form of say, "The Brave One", with Jody Foster?

OR, why is the rape movie, without the revenge okay, in the form of say "The Accused", also with Jody Foster?

OR...why is it, there can be the female protagonist, and the rape, AND the revenge, but....the heroine defeats her enemies with her mind, as much as with violence, and keeps her hands clean, in the form of The Millennium Trilogy, and Ebert him-fucking-self can't say enough positive about those flicks?

Makes no fucking sense to me.
It's not supposed to make sense, it's bullshit.
Pure, and unadulterated.

Every horror aficionado, add this to your collection.
Restore this film's proper place in history.
Don't be a toxic wussy, like Ebert.
That's worse than anything you'll see in this film.

Forbidden Planet,
The Time Machine,
Soylent Green,
2001: A Space Odyssey

See here, here, here, and here.

Together in a single 4-pack, presented by TCM.

Chock full of bonuses, these alone will take me half a week.

Aaand....that's it.

For now.
Up very next, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.
Just gotta wait 3 more weeks or so.

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