Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miss Fury.

Miss Fury was the first female superhero written by a woman.
She was created by June Tarpe Mills.

I mentioned Miss Fury here and here before, but, I thought she needed her own post.

June Tarpe Mills is someone who needs to be remembered again, like Philip Wylie.

Anyhoo, Miss Fury predates Wonder Woman, and Catwoman is a total and blatant ripoff.

Ms. Mills published under her gender neutral middle name to hide her sex, because, well, sexism.
She based her character on herself, and she was a cat lady who wrote her kitty into the strip.

The strip was actually pretty popular in its day.
But, you wouldn't know it now.

Ultimately, June died poor and alone, and thieves broke in with her body still there, and stole all her original artwork.
Needless to say, she deserved better.

But, the ultimate tragedy would be if we keep forgetting her.

So, go forth and Google.
And buy her stuff.

Miss Fury.

Miss Fury Sensational Sundays.

And of course, Dynamite has revived the character, but...they've got guys writing it,
But, at least it increases awareness.
So, there's that.

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