Monday, September 9, 2013

UBER crossovers! (Part 1)

So, I wanted to do this way back when I did "Even More Crossovers", but I was soooo fucking burnt out, I needed a break doing other stuff, then I never got back to it, then I forgot it.

So, the basic idea, was to literally pull all the puzzle pieces together.
But....I didn't have a plan of attack how to do it in the first place, and I was so burnt out, I couldn't even half-assed come up with one.
But, the vague notion was, looking at my graphic folders, and thinking "if only I could do it as easily as I am on my desktop".
Well, as often is the case, when my schedule clears for a little bit, old ideas like that come back to me.
And, I guess the concept stewed in my subconscious the whole time, because the plan of attack came along with it.

So, phase 1, re-create my desktop folders from back then.
This was an incredible pain in the ass, and almost burnt me out all over gain.
But, dammit, I'm gonna finish this off!

Here's the folder for "Heroes vs. Horror (Part 1, The Undead)".
Hey, at the least, these are a nice quickie visual summary to jog your memories.

Here's "Heroes vs. Horror (Part 2, Sci-Fi)".

Here's "Heroes vs. Heroes (Marvel/DC part 1)".

Here's "Heroes vs. Heroes (Marvel/DC part 2)", yeah, I know, I fucked up, there's some Image in there.

Here's "Heroes vs. Heroes (Marvel/DC part 3)".

Here's "Miscellaneous Company Crossovers (part 1)", and 2, and 3, lumped into one folder.

Here's "Miscellaneous Company Crossovers (part 3.5)".

Here's "Miscellaneous Company Crossovers (part 4)".

And, that's "the original batch".
Now, "Even More Crossovers", in folder form, so you can more appreciate why this monster killed me.

Here's "Superhero Flicks, Part 0.5: Gladiator (Part 2)", or "The Hugo Danner Legacy", as I like to call it.

Here's "Even More Crossovers (Part 1 of 5)".
With a little bleed-over from the next chapter to make it symmetrical.

Here's "Even More Crossovers (Part 2 of 5)".
Again, with bleed-over from the next one.

Here's "Even More Crossovers (Part 3 of 5)".
Again, with bleed-over.

Here's "Even More Crossovers (Part 4 of 5)".
With a whole row of bleed over.

Here's "Even More Crossovers (Part 5 of 5)".
And, that's the end of the ones that Baconed into a nice smooth path.

Here's "Leftover Crossovers (Part 1 of 2)".
Or "comic shop spank-rags", as I like to call it.
Bunch of hackery by Liefeld in there.
(YES! Finally had an excuse to link that!).

Here's "Leftover Crossovers (Part 2 of 2)".
Ugh, that's the one that really broke my back.

Here's "Leftover-leftover Crossovers (Part 1 of 1)", a.k.a "The Return Of Crossovers!".

Now, here's the newest ones...

Here's "A fresh batch of crossovers!".

Here's "The freshest batch of crossovers!".

And finally, here's the ones from "A quickie crossover update", and "Another crossover quickie".

There, there's all the pieces, up next, I'm gonna put all that together if it kills me.

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