Friday, May 29, 2009

History of the internet part 3.5- Word-forged.

Well, I said in the last one I'd flesh out the history of Wordforge someday.
The last chapter gave a fairly good overview, but here goes...

But, just to restate, I hung out at TrekBBS for awhile, mostly in the section called "The Neutral zone", (TNZ from now on) and TNZ was largely unmoderated, so it became pretty rowdy, and ultimately, too hot to handle for the mods, so they clamped down, and booted us out.

A poster at the time named "MartoksSweetheart (Cass from now on) started up WF.
Now, it was called "wordforge", because it was supposed to focus on writing, and writers, and the political chunk was supposed to be a side thing. much for that...*laughs*

And so began the WF years, and my adventures on libertarianism.

Not much more to say chronology wise (it would take forever), people came, people went, dramas occurred, lotta board politics, friends were gained and lost, lotta folks I miss, lot I don't.

Wrote all my old stories there, met Margaret and learned a lot about politics, debate, and discourse in general.

Learned a lot, taught a lot.
Hope I helped people.
Fuck knows I tried.

Anyhoo, to you who only know me from, well, it's where I got my sunny disposition, and debate-fu style. ;)

Well, only other way to flesh it out, is to describe what it was like there, try to paint a mental picture.

Let's say diverse.

Lotta Randism.

Lotta generic libertarianism.

Years worth of religion debates, enough to equal the sum total of Dicky-Pedia.
An argument for every line in that.

Most heated ones involved...well, fuck,they were all heated.
Homophobia, spirituality, nastiness of the Bible, we had a dude who fancied himself a sophisticated theologian, had some "faith in faith", people, I think we covered it all.

In the end, boiled down to this.

Lotta "revolution", types.

Of the best type, and the worst type.

Best type, y'know, dissent, protest, tipping sacred cows, challenging authority...that's how the place got created.

Worst type,'s in the rant, wanna see it all come down in flames, bunkers, weapon stockpiles, all that fun stuff.

Lotta politics of fear.

Lotta ex-military guys, lotta pro-war stuff, especially after 9/11.

You want a more comprehensive list of the types, goes back to this rant.

You want a slice of what the day to day is/was like, check this out.

Which boiled down further again, to this.

Yeah, now you folk start to get a grasp of the source of my prickly disposition in dealing with bullshit.


Round about the elections it got really nasty, and the fear and paranoia got so thick you couldn't breathe, so I took off for awhile to enjoy myself at more, and to build this place.

Can't say whether it's gotten better, or worse, or just different, over there, ain't my home anymore.
I peek in now and then, but, it's not the WF I helped to build in those old days.
That's the place I miss.
Shit, even Cass got banned.
Banned from her own baby.
*Head shake*
Jayzus, board politics....

...anyway, despite all the bullshit and assholes, I made a lot of friends, and learned a lot there.
There was some diamonds in the rough.
Enough to keep me there for over 5 years, so..I'd be a fool and a hypocrite to say it was all lousy.
It was part of my growth, and I don't regret it.

And it got me to here, so...

Heh, it forged me.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Start the revolution without me, fellas.




There's a raging hardon lately for at least one of the above in various circles.

You got your militia assholes, you got your tea party douches, you've got the "going Galt", "movement", you've got the governor of Texas shooting his mouth off...

Oh, and this is hilarious, frothing crackpot, and shitty SF author, Orson Scott Card is threatening revolution if gay marriage is federally recognized.

Ain't that some fun shit?

Fat and priveledged country, and people want to hit the self destruct button because an election didn't go their way, and/or the economy got bumpy, and/or people's loved ones want the same legal rights as everyone else.

Does one laugh or cry?

What is it with these paranoid people, that when they feel cornered, they want to tear it all down, and blow it all up?
And they always feel cornered.
What's up with that shit?
There's never a final victory; they could own the whole fucking world, and they'd still be looking over their shoulder.

But yeah, blowing it all up.
Seems to tie into the whole religious doomsday death wish mentality.

And speaking of militia assholes, didn't one of their big leaders applaud Timothy McVeigh back in the 90's?
I vividly recall this.
Pretty fucking sure I didn't dream it.
Wow, McVeigh, that's the kind of mind we're dealing with.

The sick thing with the militia nuts, is they even use the name "militia", to tie back to the days of the American Revolution....but would these cock-knockers re-install Jeffersonian democracy after they got done slaughtering some kids?
Highly doubtful.
They wrap themselves in American historical imagry,'s cold, empty bullshit like so much else.

None of these fucking "revolutionaries", would restore Jeffersonian liberal democracy after tearing it down, they all seem to just want petty fiefdoms under anarcho-capitalism, pure anarchy, or theocracy.

It's all really about hairless apes with their pulsing egos, who think they got the shit end of the stick, and want the world carved up so they get the bigger piece of the pizza.
Same old shit.

Oh, I'm sure they're not all knuckle draggers who've watched too much fucking Red Dawn, a lot more are just fear mongered.

Either by the batshit media, or the batshit underground media.

Of the few genuinely rational ones out there, they're outnumbered by the nuts, and they'd be spending the next revolution, and the next, and the next, fighting off the nuts.
Civil war without end.

Unless they compromise with the nuts.
Instant fail then.
And fascism for generations.

And some lovely fun anarchy in the preliminary stages for killing the neighbors in front of their kids.
And then killing the kids.
And raping the wife.
And killing her.
Y'know, spoils of war.
Oh, I've heard stuff like this hinted towards in the grumblings of these people.
It's part and parcel with the civilzation collapse fantasies.

Beware the fucker who creams over it all falling apart.

Oh, but these fellas are gonna save America, and restore liberal democracy.
Uh huh.

But yeah, don't you just feel so "patriotic", hearing all this revolution talk?

Don't you just see those glazed batshit dilated eyeballs, and go "oh boy, I can't wait, it's gonna be like George Washington!"?


Don't ya just get that sense?

Don't the fat faced loons in their fatigues, and the weenies with the teabag hats just fill you with that level of nobility and hope?

Ah, but I shouldn't be antagonizing these people.

I should be kissing up to them, in case their batshit fantasies come true.

Y'know, like how I should buy meteor insurance when I see the "the end is near", sandwich board dude.

Nah, I'll antagonize.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

War: serious fucking business.

A little Lord Of The Flies kid (probably Todd Junior) wants the other Lord Of The Flies kid's territory, and/or stuff.

So, naturally, he smashes his head in with a rock.
Thus, he gets his territory AND stuff.

Thus is born banditry.

Multiply the bandits, make them "grown up", and you've got war.

Draw lines where the bandits get tired of fighting each other, you've got countries.

Clump enough countries together, you get a superpower.

Draw new lines on the map where the superpower wants some more stuff, you get colonies.

Draw more lines where the colonies "expand", you sooner or later end up with a new country.
Given enough time, another superpower.

Rinse, repeat.

So, war is the serious fucking business of putting the lines on the maps for the Atlas people to color in with their crayons.

They never use blood red though, that'd be too on the nose.

Every now and then, you get a "good war", and those are "sacred", and hands off.

Y'know, like when you have to topple a monster dictator, who became a monster because his country was too decimated to keep proper track of its mentally ill, because some dopey Archduke no one really liked was shot by a guy with syphilis.

Y'know, serious fucking business. Read More......

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dicky-Pedia: The Rant.

Well, this one should theoretically be easy, since good ol' Dicky-Pedia should do all the heavy lifting.

Well, I constructed that little beut as a Swiss army knife of arguments, that I think are handy, and need to be kept at the ready.

And, as I sort of explained in a previous post, by having them all inter-linked, and linked to a bunch of my earlier rants, and thus interlinking a bunch of those, it's now a sort of Swiss army knife of Swiss army knives.

Very handy.

And very handy to never have to type them sumbitches again.
I was really tired of having to answer the same shit every time a new theist pops up on, (or any other forum for that matter) who thinks they've just got this killer knockdown argument that I've never heard before....when of course, I've heard every theist argument that ever was.

And aside from a couple (none spring to mind, but I'm being generous) they're mostly quite rancid.
Another reason it's a pain to answer them anymore.

Anyhoo, religion.

The whole religious mess starts, when people confuse the transcendent with the supernatural.

Then their mind locks in on the thing, and it becomes sacred, or holy, and from there, one can't seem to talk 'em down from it.

And you either get the knee-jerk shit of "blasphemy", this, or "you're going to Hell", that, OR you get the mind-numbing deluded shell game that is "sophisticated theology".

At least the former first two are honest in their irrationality, the smugness you get from the "sophisticated theology", crowd is just fucking baffling.
They think this horseshit is logical, and it's really infested with fallacies from top to bottom.
It's an ordeal to engage these people.

Whether it be the knee-jerk type, or the pseudo logicians, the argument pattern really boils down to my little illustration here.

I can't decide what's more irritating to debate, the full-blown theists, or the "spirituality", types.
Like, okay, you've seen the God of the desert is a nasty customer, so you've abandoned Judeo-Christianity, so now you want to "be spiritual".

Which would be fine, if it stayed as vague and waffly as that, and sometimes it does.
But no, sooner or later, you start to get the pseudo-certain smugness that you get with "sophisticated theology", and it morphs into "sophisticated spirituality".

And with nothing to back either up.

Okay, okay, you maybe had some numinous experience, and that sent you down the whole transcendent/supernatural fork in the road, okay.

But why that always leads to the embrace of either an ancient orthodoxy, or self-made smug solipsism, I don't know.

Hey folks, have your numinous experience, and just be happy with that, why can'tcha?

No, it's got to become an orthodoxy, and the orthodoxy has to spawn a little club, and the club has to get political, and then all the nasty shit starts.

Just because someone went to trip-out city one night.

Fine, go to trip out city, kiddies.
But keep the numinous numinous, and the transcendent transcendent.

There's nothing numinous or transcendent about an abortion clinic bombing.
Or waving "AIDS kills fags", signs at a funeral.

That's just the same old petty human bullshit.

But it all hides behind faith.

And faith has been made a virtue somehow in our culture.

So much so, you have some secularists and/or atheists espousing "faith in faith".
Those people are as frustrating to debate with as the "sophisticated theologians".
No, worse.
At least the "sophisticated theologians", are consistent in their position of trying to will their invisible friend into existence by an act of throbbing human need with the instrument of wordplay.
That can be practically understood.
The "faith in faith", person has no excuse at all.
Yet they'll fight you tooth and nail.
I can't figure out what their investment is.
I think it's fear.
They abandoned their old superstitious ways, but they've kept the fear.
And the fear makes them distrust their fellow man, and that distrust makes them buy the "they need to be herded", arguments.
And once they go that far, then they usually buy the whole "we need bullshit!", package.
And then of course, they swallow the ideology of "we need bullshit!", which is this grim fatalist flavor of conservatism.

Which is funny, because it's the fatalist brand of conservatism you almost always see Christians buy into also.
Atheist conservatives with "faith in faith", I guess isn't too far a leap given that perspective.
They're both in the "people who hate people", club.

Ah, but the liberal branch of "faith in faith", that's a whole other ball of wax.
Seems to be a mutated strain of political correctness.
They think it's tolerance, but it isn't.
It's kind of an insult to the religious when you think of it.
"Oh, I don't believe this silly stuff, but you poor little things, you need it, don't worry, I'll protect you".
How condescending.
They won't fight you as nastily as the conservatives, but they'll make as much noise.
Screeching victim-y noise.

Faith in faith.

A nasty bit of business.

But yeah, faith.

No matter what nastiness it attempts to justify, you're supposed to respect it.

Never understood how that was supposed to work.
Because it doesn't.
It's one of those mindless "just because we say so, now shut up", things.

Neat trick that.

Like goulsies in freeze tag.

Gave you immunity, like a force-field if you stood on goulsies.

And that's what faith is in our culture.

Organized religion
is that annoying kid who always hovered two feet away from goulsies, and ran to it and stuck out his tongue, and dragged tag out for three fucking hours.

And all this annoying destructive shit, because some people have trouble parsing their transcendent life moments from the supernatural.

Or, to hit it more squarely on the head, reality from make-believe.

It's kooky.

And tiresome.

Hence Dicky-pedia.

And hence this rant to tie it into a final explanatory narrative.
And now it is done.

(Audio version available)

(Click here for prequel)

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

They need to be herded.

Given the mindset undeniably exists that people need to be made to be afraid, and given that this is essentially herding people, and given that people do in fact fear monger, then these fear mongers clearly do think they have the need, and the right to herd people.
And given that such people exploit religion among their tools, then they are herding people with religion.
And given that people defend a system that does this, they too (whether they're aware of it or not) think people need to be herded by religion.
Even if they don't happen to believe in it.

That "people need to be herded with religion", offends people as a phrase doesn't change these essential facts.

What would you rather I call it?

Animals aren't exactly herded with rational debate, and clear arguments for sane ideas that they agree and consent to.

And using something as primal and raw as fear to manipulate people for a desired result isn't exactly along that level of clearheaded honesty.

So, it is fundamentally treating people like animals.

It is herding.

If you have trouble thinking that process is a-okay while calling it that, that's your problem, not mine. Read More......

Fear: The Rant.

A little red car pulls into the driveway.
It's Todd, and he's pissed.
Rough day at the salt mines.
"That bitch had better have dinner on the table", he thinks to himself.

Thankfully, she does.
After two black eyes, she's finally learned to listen.

All the same, Todd glares at her from across the table as he shovels processed meats into his gullet.
"...and that fucking Anderson out doing yard work, and you sipping your lemonade, watching him, and...and...I bet you'd just love it!!", goes his twisted train of thought as it rattles past.

Ah, yes, Todd is a delightful grab bag of insecurity, why not this one too?

But no, don't worry, no beating for her tonight.
It's his son's turn.

Todd loves his son.
That's why he's got to have his beatings.

And Todd's reptilian hind-brain is squeezing out all the right juices for it to happen.
Ah, yes, that sweet, sweet, fear and anger gravy.

And beat his son Todd does.
No, no, not with fists, with a belt, with a belt, settle down.

You don't punch a kid around the kitchen, that's for wives.
Mommy's a big girl, so she needs bigger spankings.
In the face.
Of course in the face, let's be logical here.

Anyway, back to beating Todd's kid.

What a glorious beating it is.

And when Todd's done, his son will run up to his room, and go read Ender's Game, and plot his revenge.
Which will involve becoming an asshole like his dad.
But he'll feel bad about it.

Until the day he's beating his son with his belt, and suddenly he "understands", and "oh, daddy, you did love me, it was for my own good, just like in Ender".

And Todd's son becomes another convert to the Cult Of Daddy.

Just like Todd already is now.

"It's for your own good", and "this hurts me more than it does you", are its daily mantras.

Of course, this is Todd's home life, tomorrow, he'll be back on the road, with his little red car, and meeting up with Eric at the place, and telling old stories about going to the place with Keith, and...

And Eric and Keith will go back home in their little red cars.
And maybe they'll punch their wives around the kitchen.
Or maybe not.
Maybe they'll just watch some TV, and get pumped full of fear.
Maybe by Glenn Beck.

Fear of atheists, fear of liberals, fear of the gays.

The queers, they're out to get ya.
And they want....your ass....hoooooole!!!

Ah, if only there were someone at hand to whip with a belt, or punch around the kitchen.

Oh, Eric/Keith would feel awful after, but it'd be for their own good.
The victim isn't the victim, the victimizer is.
Just like daddy.
Just like daddy.
Daddy did love me.
Of course, Eric/Keith can't quite swallow this load, so it needs to be washed down with some strong whiskey.
But not too much.
Got to be straight enough to drive.
To drive their little red cars down to the single's bar, to find someone to punch around the kitchen.
And to squeeze out a fine son.
A masculine son.
To carry on the name.
And the belt.

So all this swirls around, the beatings, the insecurity, the victimized victimizers,....and the slogans.
The patriotic slogans.
Because on top of being in The Cult Of Daddy, you need your nationalist bullshit.
Can't fight wars without that shit.
And you can't churn out soldiers without The Cult Of daddy.

And you can't stir up both of those without fear.

Fear of an enemy, fear of yourself, fear of your body, fear of,...fucking everything.

And when those aren't enough, make shit up.
Pull it out of your ass.
Then you've got superstitions.

Superstitions are excellent for keeping people under control.

Especially the religious ones, nothing beats Hell.
Hell's a really good one.
That's some time tested bullshit.

You've got your Cult Of Daddy, you got your nationalism, you've got your superstitious boogeymen, and you've got the reptilian hind-brains of a couple hundred million ya-fucking-hoos squirting fear.

And the ya-fucking-hoos need to be made to be afraid, because dammit, the people in charge are scared shitless of them!

More fear!

So they've got to be made scared of what the people in power are scared of!

So the ones not on board the nationalist drumbeat need to be vilified!

Branding critics "elitist", and making that a dirty word, that works too.

Whatever it takes.

Just so long as everyone's afraid of each other.

Unless they hop on board the right cults, of course.

The Jesus cult, the Daddy Cult, the flag cult.

Gotta have the "cult", in "culture", as Pat Buchanan once said.

And you use fear for that too.

And the cults need their myths.
The Jesus myth, of course, but also the economic myths, and the war myths.

Gotta have your war myths.
How else you gonna get the drumbeat for new wars going?

And you've got to have wars, the world's governments are all scared of each other.

More fear.

Course, when we drop our bombs on some kids, we feel bad about it.

"This hurts me, more than it does you".

"It's for your own good".

Countries are bigger girls, and need bigger spankings.

From Todds, Erics, and Keiths.
In little grey planes.
At the place.

It's tough love.
There's a lovely slogan.
God bless whomever invented that one.
And God Bless America.

Of course, you're not to criticize any of this behavior.

Why, that might be elitist.

And people "get their backs up", when you confront them with such notions.

And you don't want people to "get their backs up".

They'll start punching someone around the kitchen perhaps.

Ever notice when you're over someone's house, and someone's getting punched around the kitchen, there's always a baby crying?

More fear.

Say, I bet if that baby had a way to release that rage, if they had a bigger stronger body say, why...I bet they'd punch someone around the kitchen.

What? You say I'm implying punching someone around the kitchen is the behavior of a psychological infant?

Come now, that'd be elitist.
And elitists hate America.
And American hating elitists hate our freedoms.
And people like that need to be feared.

How dare they criticize this wonderful culture we've got going?
What, they think they've got freedom of speech or something?

Pound the bastards.
For their own good.
Because we love them.

Like Jesus, with his special place full of fire.

The ultimate spanking.

For questioning an invisible being who apparently is jealous.

Sexual insecurity, and superstition, a two-fer.

Now that's putting the "cult", in "culture".

You've got to be taught to be afraid.

How else can you run a planet?

Honesty? Please.
Don't be a damned hippie.

Now what shade of red do you want your little car to come in?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sophisticated Theology

A meaningless term, once one ponders whatever the fuck "UNsophisticated theology", might be.

How basic can the arguments get?
"I believe it, because I believe it, SO THERE!!"??

Would that even be "theology"?

Therefore, it's really plain old theology with an important sounding name.

Used as a term of smugness, mostly against atheism.

Sometimes used as a term of smugness against theism, but seemingly only in its most overtly and undeniably violent/perverted excesses.

Or, if the person in question is cornered in a debate by being faced with the ludicrous/contradictory/abhorrent notions of theists texts.

"That's a straw man! That's not the God I recognize/worship! Clearly you haven't read any books on sophisticated theology!".

Thus of course, divorcing themselves from of any theists in the vicinity who take a mainline literalist interpretation of said texts.
Yet they'll turn right around and seek backup from them.

Similar on the surface to "sophisticated spirituality", but unlike the vague boogedy of "spirituality", those who bring "sophisticated theology", into the discussion are either directly defending the God of theism, or (as a debate construct only, it seems) a vague fuzzy Deist God, who only seems to exists as some sense of "the supernatural", camouflaged as "the transcendent", which somehow morphs back into the God of theism via the Bible being "psychologically true", or some such.

So, again, it's the same old theology with a pretty name.

Which makes it just another tool in the bag of tricks of old time theology.

And like old fashioned theology, it all boils down in the end to faith.

(See here for how the Bible itself pops the bubble of these twits)

(Also see "Religion", "organized religion", Holy", & "Sacred") Read More......

Even more random audio foolishness.

Worst ones yet!!
*Idiot grin of sarcastic enthusiasm*

Pancreas! - Me

Sun and moon - Me

Clown in the sky - Me

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The religious argument.

Once you nitpick away all the "sophisticated", defenses, it pretty much boils down to this...

(With Apollo playing religion, the temple representing "the sacred", and The U.S.S. Enterprise representing logic)




...that's pretty much it...
Correct me if you think I missed a finer point... Read More......

Friday, May 15, 2009

Audioblogs triple play!!

Consolidating. :)

Meaningless slogans 2- advertising!

The biggest bummy in the world!

Movie rules!

Enjoy! Read More......

Meaningless slogans 2- Advertising (audio version)

Text version.
(Meaningless slogans 2- Advertising)

Advertising - Me Read More......

The biggest bummy in the world!! (audio version)

Text version..
(The biggest bummy in the world)

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Movie rules (audio version)

Text version.
(Movie rules)

movies - Me Read More......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why was I born?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Metaphysics Of Pussy.

This one's rather raunchy, no kids allowed.

Okay, this is another old one, I'm pasting it in mostly as is, with minor edits for formatting, typos, etc.

Okay, guess I'll write down my whole thought process on this topic to get it out of my head.

*Rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles*

Alright, masturbation isn't cheating.

Masturbation to porn isn't cheating.

Your woman using a toy isn't cheating.

Ah, but what if the toy is hooked up to an inflatable dude?

Still not cheating?

If not, you can have a love doll too.

What if you both bang your lovedolls in the same room together?
Spicing things up?

What if it's better than inflatable lovedolls, but sex androids?

Still masturbation?

Dancing the edge of cheating?

Bear with me and say it isn't.

Okay, last step, banging two other humans together.

You're still using them as sex dolls, and they're using you as sex dolls.
No love is exchanged.
Just raw fuckery between four consenting adults.

Seems to be the way swingers process the whole thing.

Or, come at it another way.

Masturbation to porn ain't cheating.

Okay, but think of the mental leap you have to make to even masturbate to porn.

George Carlin put it in a funny way.
"I don't like porn. I mean, think about it. A sexy girl comes in, takes off all her clothes, masturbates for you, and for a little while, it's like she's your girlfriend. Then a guy with a big dong comes in, and fucks your girlfriend. It's not nice".

So, to be able to masturbate to porn, you've gotta be thinking opposite, and imagine you're the dude doing the fucking.

So, what's the difference if it's in 3-D in a swinging situation?

Imagine you're the dude fucking your lady, while getting off with her mouth or another lady.

And she's getting off on you fucking the other lady.

And on top of that, you're all getting off on just getting off, and all this getting off is telepathically magnifying on itself.

And indeed, that's how swingers seem to process it.

So, why isn't everyone swingers?


Is he better than me? Does she like his size and girth better? Are his moves better? Why won't she do that with me? Why doesn't she ask for that move from me? Look at the look on her face. Why don't I ever see that look? You bitch!

And alright, not everyone's had an orgy, and if they did, they might not have gone through that, but that's gotta be an anxiety movie in the head of any guy who's been cheated on, or feared being cheated on.

Or, any guy who even looks at a porn like George Carlin does.

So, cheating is all in mind and emotions, and not the body parts.

And how about those body part/performance anxieties?

What IF she liked the other guy's size and girth and moves better than yours?

What does it mean if you did lose her over it?

What does it mean if she stays with you?

Doesn't the latter mean cocks don't really matter, and thus the former means she's a shallow bitch you're better off without, and best you find out now?

Or, come at it another way.

Say while masturbating, by a fluke, everything was just right, you'd emptied your clip from wanking before, the weather was right, the grip was right, the stars were in the right position, and you had a mind blowing orgasm you'll never have again.

Would you quit masturbating?

Wouldn't you love all your other normal sized orgasms?

So, substitute hand for pussy, wouldn't you still love your girl, and her pussy, even after if for an experiment one night you swapped, and dipped into a super juicy creamy skinned super pussy with a cape with an S on it?

And wouldn't you be a shallow asshole to dump your girl for the super pussy?
Especially if the woman attached to it was a high maintenance psycho douchebag?

So, just switch the body parts around, and that's how you should process the whole "oh no, she's been all tore up by Johnny Holmes, how could she want me inside her?", head-trip.

And okay, swinging ain't your thing, but switch the time sequence around, and that's how a guy has to process a woman's past.

And yeah, you're gonna say "yeah, no shit, child", but thing is, a lot of guys, supposedly mature adults CAN'T process that.

That's why you have all this damned virgin obsession.

I'm not saying everyone lose their hangups to the point of being orgiasts, I'm just using that as matters of degree to illustrate a point.

That it's all in the head, these hangups that get in the way of things.

And people don't talk about it, they just stay hungup, and get all twitchy.

It's sad. Especially in a country that's supposed to be so friggin advanced.

(2nd pass)

Oh yeah, and some side thoughts I lost track of.

Why won't she do that with me? Why doesn't she ask for that move from me? Look at the look on her face. Why don't I ever see that look? You bitch!

Yeah, why wouldn't she do it with you? Isn't that a communication issue?

What's up with these bitches that won't tell you what they like, and go get it from the millkman?

No communication. More damned hangups.

Does she like his size and girth better?

Ah, but this fear stems from the male-ego-centric logic that her orgasm is at the end of a guy's dick.
It's not.
It's in her pussy.
Therefore any dick can unlock it.

But there has to be communication from her of what she likes.

Well, any dick, unless it's some freak tic-tac dick.
But then there's fingers and tongues and toys.

"*Whines* toys?? But then it's not MEE fuckin her!".

Well lesbians have seemed to get over that. *Smirk*

But see, more hangups.

Where's it all coming from?

This stupid society ain't helping.
Friggin media throws at you "yes better bodies DO mean better sex, buy our stupid junk, or no one will fuck you!".

And people go along with it. *shrug*

Then, the drug companies get to sell antidepressants out the other end.

But that's not all of it, but it's a decent sized chunk.

(3rd pass)

Does she like his size and girth better?

Ah, but this fear stems from the male-ego-centric logic that her orgasm is at the end of a guy's dick.
It's not.
It's in her pussy.
Therefore any dick can unlock it.

Oh, and one more thing that should knock down that insecurity.

Dudes, they have BABIES come out of there.

Read More......

People are fucking boring.

So much so, It intruded into my dreams once.
Wrote it down at the time, dug it up just now, here's how it goes...

I'm back at the cafeteria in high school, but I'm the age I am now, and everyone there is mid-20's early-30's.
And I pull up a seat, and it's like there's this speed-dating thing going on, and me and this dorky looking/acting dude are working on the same chick, and I get her attention away from the dork, and then all of a sudden, I've got this sheet of notebook paper that's like a cheat sheet of conversational rules, and they're a mix of really lame, and really obvious, but they seem to be working, and the chick doesn't seem to care that I have them lying right on the table, and I look around, and all the guys have their own sheet of notes they're using, so that seems to be the "rules", of this dream.
Anyway, the girl gets sick of me, rudely gets up, and sits next to this guy with no paper who's telling some "interesting", story, and me and the dorky guy get up in mutual disgust.

Then, the rest of the dream is me wandering around aimlessly, and gradually, everyone leaves as couples.

Anyway, I woke up depressed, and then I got thinking about the dude's "interesting", story, and it wasn't anything of the kind.

One of those "I went to the place, and Todd was there, and we went over to Jeff's, and we tried his snowmobile, and then we went to the place, and saw some people, and then some of us went with some of them and went to the other place...".

And nothing ever actually...HAPPENS!!

He just keeps going to places, and meeting Todds and Erics.

But, chicks think it's "interesting", cuz he keeps steadily flapping his yap, and makes it sound really important.

And I guess that's how my brain had that to draw on for the dream, was hearing that shit at school and jobs.

Well, anyway, that was the dream, I wrote it down at the time, thinking when I looked at it again, there'd be some new mystery I figured out about people that would make this all my fault somehow, and I'd fix whatever this problem with myself was.

But no, it's not me, people are fucking boring.
And awful.
And it hasn't gotten any better.
It's still a bunch of Todds and Erics flapping their dumb liver lips.
*Grumble, head shake*

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Meaningless Slogans (audio version)

My best yet! :D

Text version.
(Meaningless Slogans)

Slogans - Me Read More......

Little Red Cars. (Audio version)

Another audio blog!

Text version.
(Little Red Cars)

Little Red Cars - Me Read More......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh for crying out loud (part 2)

Did some curious Googling to see what I'm linked to....and I seem to be on the list of Virginia blogs at NetRightNation.

Course, you'll have to do a page search, I'm low on a loong list.

Um...yeah....if you're reading this having come from NetRightNation,'m neither from Virginia, nor conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

Hmm...maybe this is some kind of capricious monkey business in return for me mindlessly answering that "do you like Obama?", poll that was linked on, and finding out after I had taken it, it was run by WorldNetDaily, and then in turn having myself taken off their spam list.

I seem to recall one of the spams mentioning the impending creation of this NRN atrocity.

Anyway, now you know, NRN is a WND front.

And that I don't dislike Obama.

Anyway, lesson of the day, don't take polls. Read More......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Given the meaninglessness of "supernatural", the only meaningful definitions would be 1a, 1b, and 4 from Merriam-Webster.

Given the sloppy Kantian sense of the word, it's no wonder it's relentlessly confused with "the supernatural".

Deliberately and stubbornly so by many of "the spiritual", and the religious. Read More......


A meaningless nonsense term.

From Merriam-Webster...

Note "beyond the visible universe", and "transcend the laws of nature".

If something is "beyond the visible universe", and therefore undetectable in this universe, then it can't truly be said to exist in any meaningful fashion, and one is under no obligation to entertain the notion that it does.
The only way to do so is on faith.

If it is detectable in this universe, then it is part of it, subject to scientific inquiry and therefore part of nature.

Likewise, if one "transcends the laws of nature", and this event can be observed and studied, then this becomes part of scientific inquiry, and thus is part of the laws of nature.

Thus, any attempt at defining "supernatural", defines itself out of existence.

It's quite literally meaningless.

(Also see "transcendent") Read More......

Monday, May 4, 2009

More consolidated updates.

Tackled "the spiritual", and its offshoots "spirituality", and "sophisticated spirituality".

Dived head first into examining "faith", and its wishy-washy cousin "faith in faith".

And I topped it off with a sober estimation of "religion", its brutish bludgeon "organized religion", and their mutual waste product, the concept of "blasphemy".

And, as with the last consolidation, I retro linked all these terms into my previous rants for a nice little cross-reference effect.

Which is why I actually wrote all these as mini-posts in the first place, to have a kind of "Devil's dictionary", thing going on.
Sort of a fragmented rant scattered all over the blog. Read More......


To take the existence of the object of "the sacred", and/or "the holy", on gut feeling.

Gut feeling of course, being the basis for "the sacred", and "the holy", in the first place.

If you doubt it's just gut feeling, see the problems with "the transcendent", and "the supernatural".

(See this rant for a deeper contemplation on the subject)

(Also see "faith in faith") Read More......

Organized religion.

Religious folks gathered into a political bloc.

(Also see Religion) Read More......


When mythology and/or spirituality decays into orthodoxy.

(See here for a more thorough dissection)

(Also see "organized religion", & "sophisticated theology") Read More......


To violate "the sacred", by merely not finding it sacred.

(See here for a more thorough dissection)

(Also see "holy") Read More......

Faith in faith.

Also known as "belief in belief".

Practiced by the "spiritual", and hypocritical atheists.

Basically, they've rejected mainline religion for themselves, yet feel the need to defend it.

Sort of a by-proxy sense of "the sacred", on behalf of an imaginary other.

In its nastier incarnations, will play the "it's bigotry!", defense, or nastiest of all, the contempt-for-mankind riddled "they need to be herded!", argument as displayed by types like Vox Day and Leo Strauss.

(Also see "faith") Read More......

Sophisticated spirituality.

"Spirituality", without the nastiness, but still the hurt feelings if you don't find their stuff "sacred".

Also used as a term of smugness against organized religion, and/or the atheists who bash it.

Ex. "I agree with (insert outspoken celebrity atheist) about organized religion, but he makes no accommodation/acknowledgment to sophisticated spirituality".

(Also see "sophisticated theology") Read More......


When a person practices "spirituality", or "sophisticated spirituality".

And/or to confuse the transcendent with the supernatural.

And/or to have "faith in faith".

(Also sometimes claimed as an adjective by so-called practitioners of so-called "sophisticated theology") Read More......


When a person rejects mainline religion, but doesn't want to let go of "the sacred", and "the holy".

This is known as "being spiritual".

Won't sue or kill you as when the organized religions get offended over what they find "sacred", but they'll still get verbally nasty.

At the very least, pissy.

In pissy mode, they'll likely attempt to show that "science is a faith", and call other disciplines that bear no relation to spirituality "woo-woo", and "mumbo-jumbo", and have no trouble whatever applying those labels to other religions and spiritualities.

(Also see "sophisticated spirituality") Read More......

Consolidating today's updates.

Broke down the bullshit surrounding "the sacred", and "the holy".

Said all that needed to be said about the whole "pro-life", deal.

Gave a quick capsule review of "Red Dawn", in anticipation of the upcoming remake. Read More......


Same as "sacred", as far as I can tell, except this flavor is specifically for religion.

(Also see "blasphemy", & "faith") Read More......

Red Dawn.

Piece of shit. Read More......



Case closed. Read More......


Nearest I can figure, this is how this whole "sacred", idea works.

A person arbitrarily picks an object, or idea, or set of ideas, decides it's not only very special to them, but that it should be very special to you, and if it isn't, they get to have hurt feelings.

And if society backs up their special feelings, they get to sue you, hurt you, or kill you over it.

Neat trick.

(Also see "faith", "holy", and "blasphemy") Read More......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Song of the week 3!!

Read More......

Friday, May 1, 2009

"The Irrational Atheist"

"The Irrational Atheist", by Vox Day.

Someone sent me a free e-copy of this yesterday.

Spent 4 hours half reading, half skimming it.
Was hoping for some morbid chuckles.
It didn't disappoint.

What a nasty piece of shit.
My atheism is stronger because of it.

Basically, the gist is this.
Atheists are irrational (the bulk of the book is nitpicky bitchy reasons as to why) but ultimately, they're irrational, because humans are fundamentally irrational, therefore all beliefs are bullshit, so pick your bullshit wisely.

Oh, and the bullshit you should of course pick is some religion, preferably Christianity, since the worst thing to be is an Atheist.

The deeper gist is, since humans are irrational, rationality is irrational.

Well, ain't that nice and hopeless?

Batshit, bullshit, and horseshit.

Vox Day claims to be a Libertarian, yet somehow he squares this political ideology with the radically fatalistic view that people need to be herded like sheep with superstitious nonsense.

Don't see much liberty in that.

Oh, right, I'm trying to be too rational....

Oh, and Vox Day is a failed game designer.
As if I didn't already have a bleak estimation of that profession...

Anyhoo, zero out of 5 stars, avoid.
Head still swirling with the nasty thoughts this piece of bleak hopeless garbage put there.
Maybe some Sagan will help.
Read More......

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