Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!! Again!!!!

Ahhh, lovely, that time of year again...
That was quick.

So, welcome back to this spot on the Earth's revolution.
One of my favorite cosmic hangout spots.
Thanks for joining me.

It's Halloween again, and the first anniversary of last year's shindig.

That pic?
"Monsters Who's Who".
I own that book. Handed down to me from my uncles.
A treasured childhood possession indeed.

It had all the classic monsters, monsters of ancient myth, some other movie monsters, dinosaurs, some comic book villains, and some Marvel superheroes that were the counter to those villains.'s kinda like my En-Mike-lopedia.
(And, throwing in that link absorbs that in. Full circle)

Anyhoo, this thing was up to date to about...1970...roundabouts.

Latest bad-guy it had was HAL from "2001: A Space Odyssey".

So, this year, I've redone and updated that sucker, haven't I?

Just gotta slap the cover on it, ope, just did. ;-)

Anyway, here's the compilation to make that easy to flip through....

Any one of those would make a great Halloween post, but dammit, I'm giving you the whole thing!
S'how nice I am!

What else did we have last year?
Oh, right, a song marathon.

We had 13 last time, see if we can hit that this year...

Ah, yes, cracked 21 that time, much better!

So, that's more than enough goodies for ya.
You'll likely have no appetite for supper.
Well, don't tattle on me.

So, as I said last time...

Merry Deathmas!
And a happy new candy! :-D

Next year, Masters Of Horror!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


All right, home stretch time...

The original giant monster, in the original giant monster movie! King-Kong!

Aaand...instead of my usual formula of original, remake, next film a year after the original, remake, and so on....I'll just go straight by year this time.

King Kong (1933)

The film-

A pretty gargantuan hit in its day.

Made 2 million dollars, back when movies cost like, a nickel, so...lotta repeat viewing there.
And during a fuckin' depression.

Suck on that, "Titanic".

The history-

Another one of those flicks woven into the DNA of this country.

The Son Of Kong (1933)

The film-

Picks up where the last one left off, the gang that brought Kong to America struggles financially, and goes back to Kong's island for rumored treasure, and finds an albino ape slightly bigger than a man, and assume he's Kong's kid.

The history-

I'm sure I've seen it, but, must be weak-sauce, doesn't stick to my memory.

Anyhoo, a 3-D remake of this is coming next year.
I'm betting on it being shitty.

Mighty Joe Young (1946)

The film-

Is always lumped in with Kong, and, it's made by RKO, who made Kong, so...

Anyway, the effects are far more refined than King-Kong, and, (as far as I know) this is the first big-deal picture Ray Harryhousen worked on.

More or less the same story as Kong, except with a gorilla of slightly more manageable size.
And, a happier ending.

The history-

Ditto "King Kong".
These 2 flicks always seem to travel together, and "Son of Kong", is mostly forgotten.
It's almost as if this is the preferred sequel.

King-Kong vs Godzilla (1962)

The film/history-

See here.

Course, if it were Godzilla vs the 1933 Kong, Godzilla could just pick him up like a ragdoll, and munch his head off like a gingerbread man.

The filmmakers take this into account, and have it be some other gorilla, in proportionate size to Godzilla, that they name after the original movie Kong.

Anyhoo, drugs in me, bugs in me, you know the drill. ;-)

King Kong Escapes (1967)

The film-

A sequel to "King Kong vs Godzilla", with the same Kong from that one.

Here, he fights Mechani-Kong.

Well...shit, now I wanna see Mechani-Kong vs Mechagodzilla!
Don't you?!?!

The history-

I vaguely remember this, but, what I remember more clearly, is the head of that Mechani-Kong was used as a prop in a Bunsen Honeydew skit...why, HERE IT IS!!

Mad Monster Party (1967)

The film/history-

See here, here, and here.

Yep, Kong is in it.
And, back to his 1933 size.

King Kong (1976)

The film-

Updated to modern times, which then, were the cynical 70's.

This time, it's a man in a suit, done by Rick Baker.

He of course, started out doing the Gorilla suit in "Schlock!", just 3 years previously, but here, he had more experience, and money to play with.

The history-

Loved it as a kid.

But...seeing it again recently...
(Imitates the voice announcer from the "Schlock!", trailer)

King Kong Lives (1986)

The film-

The decade later sequel to "King Kong ('76)".

Turns out, Kong didn't die, he went into a coma, and he's been on life support.
They give him a giant fucking mechanical heart, and he awakens.

Linda Hamilton is the new Fay Wray.

There's also a lady Kong they try to get Kong to fuck to bring back the species..

Both of them are people in suits like in '76.

Not as good as the description.
Boring and shitty.

The history-

Basic cable.

Mighty Joe Young (1998)

The film-

A remake of the '46 version, updated to modern times (like Kong '76) and once again, stop-motion is replaced by guy-in-suit.

Rick Baker is back, and he's massively improved the tech of the suit, and really nailed it this time.

His next (and final?) stab at gorilla suits was in the "Planet Of The Apes", remake.

So, like John Landis, he came a long way from "Schlock!".

Anyway, critics panned this for being too saccharine.
Well, it's Disney, waddaya expect?

The history-

It's circulated on cable, but I've never worked up the will to sit through it.
Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm being a poop.

King Kong (2005)

The film-

Bloated, bombastic, sensory overload, doesn't give you time, or a reason, to give a shit.
And way too fuckin' long.

Makes the '76 one look like a trip to Disneyworld.

The history-

Rented, never touched again.

Okay, let's have some Kong songs...there were many to choose from, I narrowed it down to these three...

And yes, I'm familiar with Garrett Morris's King Kong dirge.
You think that wasn't the first one I tried to get???
You can't get it, I tried, I really fuckin' tried.
These will have to do!

Done! (8-D

Tomorrow, HALLOWEEN!!!

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Happy belated 19th anniversary, The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Yeah, that was yesterday.

Stupid hurricane Sandy...

Review/memory here.

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Godzilla-gala (Part 3)

Okay, let's see if I can pull off an entry with the 2 hour dose of generator power afforded me...
(Thanks, Sandy *finger*)

So...the Millennium series..

...but first...

Godzilla (1998)

The film-


Shiny, arrogant, ka-ka-doodie.

Like "The Phantom Menace".

But, it's okay, the Japanese fixed it later, stay tuned.

The history-

Outraged fanboys almost on the order of "Phantom Menace".
Fuckin' 90's....

Godzilla: The Series (1998)

The show-

Well...they tried to throw us a bone by adding the canon monsters, like Mothra back in. didn't have Godzuki this time...

Still, Godzilla was pretty much broken.

The history-

Ditto "Godzilla '98".

Godzilla 2000 (1999)

The film-

NOW Millennium series.

So, first order of business of washing The Emmerich Disaster out of everyone's

So, this series, unlike Showa, and Heisei, doesn't have a continuity, every entry is a mini-reboot.

Hey, kinda like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

Anyhoo, here, "Godzilla Raids Again", and "Godzilla 1985", are both ignored, and in this universe, he's been in continuous operation since "Godzilla ('54)".

Saucer-men try to harness Godzilla's healing factor for themselves, and in the process, create an imperfect Godzilla clone, Orga, which Godzilla creams.

The history-

Haven't seen these, sadly, just gonna have to wing it.
The rest are gonna be dittoes, so, screw history.

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)

The film-

Godzilla fights an ugly Mothra ripoff, from an egg, from another thing, from a wormhole.

It bombed, even in Japan.

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: 
Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

The film-

That's a mouthful of a title, innit?

Title almost says it all, but here, Godzilla's origins have a mystical element, him being the embodiment of the betrayal/rage of ghosts from sunken WWII carriers, thus connecting the series back to its pacifist roots in the first 1954 one.

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002)

The film-

Yet another reboot only acknowledging Godzilla '54.
(So were "Megaguiraus", and "All-Out Attack".)

Here, Mechagodzilla is called "Kiryu", in the film to distinguish it from the 70's, and 90's versions.

Also, "Kiryu", is built around the skeleton of dead-Godzilla from Godzilla '54.

Also, also, it becomes possessed by dead-Godzilla's ghost, which is how it becomes sentient this time around.

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)

The film-

A direct sequel to "Against Mechagodzilla", here, Mothra joins the fray.

Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

The film-

Another reboot after the duology of "Against Mechagodzilla", and "Tokyo S.O.S.".

It's "Destroy All Monsters", all over again, with upgraded versions of...everybody.

The Emmerich Godzilla shows up as "'Zilla", and finally gets punished.
Here's the clip.

Told you the Japanese fixed it. ;)

Aaand, that's it, no more Godzillas since then.

Whelp, Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolfman ended with songs, can't leave this one out...

Up next, (hopefully) tonight, King-Kong.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Godzilla-gala (Part 2)

All right, NOW Heisei series.
(Sorry for the fake-out last time).

Godzilla 1985 (1985)

The film-

A reboot that ignores everything after the original 1954 "Godzilla".

Here, as with "Godzilla Raids Again", we have another replacement Godzilla, since, again, the original was Alka-Seltzer-ed by the oxygen destroyer.

Godzilla smashes Tokyo again, this time with more badass affects, and a scarier animatronic head for the suit.

The history-

HBO when it came out.

Godzilla vs Biolante (1989)

The film-

After a four year absence, in which I almost forgot Godzilla, they finally churned this one out.

So, here, Nu-Godzilla fights his first monster.
And, it's a fuckin' doozie!

Think Audrey II on steroids and crack.

Yes, some nutjob/idjit splices Godzilla's immortal regenerating cells with a flower, and creates a giant pissed off Godzilla-plant.

Godzilla gets messed up pretty bad by this thing, it's kind of disturbing if you grew up on this character.
Like seeing Big Bird get mutilated in an official sanctioned Sesame Street episode.

The history-

We didn't get this for awhile in the states, I rented it the first time, and watched it with Hyla and the gang in oh.. '95/'96, I think.

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991)

The film-

Godzilla fights Ghidorah for the first time in this new universe, and he's got quite the origin this time around.

Time travelers from the future offer to get rid of Godzilla, so, go back in time, and prevent the Godzillasaurus from being thawed out and mutated by H-bomb tests in the 50's.

But, they leave behind little genetically engineered cutesie one-headead teddy-bear sized Ghidorahs, and they get mutated instead, and fuse into the 3-headed Ghidorah, so, Ghidorah takes Godzilla's place in history, and the (now revealed to be evil) time travelers have Ghidorah as a terror weapon, and Japan's lost Godzilla as a defense.

So, the Japanese government simply nukes Godzillasaurus with a modern nuke weapon off a submarine, and creates an even stronger and nastier Godzilla!

Godzilla fights Ghidorah, and kills his middle head.

But, the time travelers dig up his carcass in the future, graft on a bionic middle head, and put a cockpit in his chest to work it, and send him back moments after his defeat.

Godzilla wins again anyway.

The history-

Okay, this is messed up, but everything after "Biolante", was never released on home video in the states until the early 00's to cash in on the '98 Emmerich disaster.

I had nooo fucking knowledge of them, until stumbling upon, and buying, a paper-book Godzilla guide that had 'em all up to '95.

And, until the 00's, I had no hopes of them coming over here to our shores, so, I just pined away at the posters and descriptions in that book.
Now, you can get them on DVD, and Spike TV marathons them once in awhile.

I've seen them all now.
They're fucking great.
Would've worshiped them as a kid.

Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth (1992)

The film-

Mothra is back!

And...she hands Godzilla his ass like the first time....

The fairy girls are back too.

The history-

See "King Ghidorah".

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II (1993)

The film-

Godzilla's greatest villain returns!

A special anti-Godzilla UN taskforce is formed, and they salvage the tech from Mecha-King-Ghidorah, and use it to build Mechagodzilla.

Rodan shows up, and a baby-Godzilla hatches.
(They don't name it Minyah this time)

The government tries to bait Godzilla with Baby-G, but Rodan foils their plan, and heals him with some of his radiation, which also upgrades his flame to even stronger.

Rodan and Godzilla fight Mechagodzilla, and even an upgraded transformer-merged Super-Mechagodzilla.

A victorious Godzilla adopts Baby-G, and all is well.

The history-

Again, see "King Ghidorah".

Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994)

The film-

Okay, so, at the end of "..vs Biolante", Biolante dissociated into a cloud of pollen, and floated out into space.
(Course..the timewarps in "King Ghidorah", should have erased that, but, whatever)

Well, those Godzilla cells encountered a blackhole that mutated and cloned those cells into SpaceGodzilla, a giant blue Godzilla with glowing crystalline horn things, who immediately teleports himself back to Earth.

Godzilla, and a new robot, Moguera, team up against SpaceGodzilla, and ultimately prevail.
It's sort of an echo of the Jet Jaguar teamup in "vs Megalon".
Exept, Moguera looks more like a transformer type thingy with a beak face.

Baby-G sits this outing out frozen in SpaceGodzilla generated crystal, but is freed at the end.

The history-

Another ditto for "King Ghidorah".

Godzilla vs Destoroyah (1995)

The film-

Brings it full-circle back to the 1954 "Godzilla".

Turns out, the oxygen destroyer mutated random sealife into these spidery crab things, that merged, and grew into Destoroyah.

I'll spoil it, Godzilla dies.
But, we learn of his looming bad health from the start of the flick.

His heart, it turns out, is like a nuclear reactor, and, all the injuries, and regenerations, and over-powered recharges, from all the previous fights, have finally sent it into meltdown.

So, Godzilla faces his final fight, with his ultimate villain, doomed anyway.

In the end, he does melt down, but releases his energy to heal Godzilla-Junior, and turns him into the next Godzilla, rising pheonix-like from daddy's ashes.

The history-

A final ditto for "King Ghidorah".

Yeah, these were pretty good.
I dug 'em.

A shame I didn't get to enjoy them in the 90's.
I dunno what was up with that.
Did we have a falling out with Toho, or, Japan in general?
What was the deal?

Eh, whatever, it was resolved, whatever it was.

Up next, Millennium series.

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Godzilla-gala (Part 1.5)

Okay, let's see if hurricane Sandy will let me complete these....

Yeah, last time, I said I'd be doing the Heisei series, but, before I get to that, I feel I gotta fill in the middle years between Showa, and Heisei.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters  

The comic/history-

From Marvel.

From here.

Godzilla and Marvel.

So, the Godzilla toy was somehow connected to the Shogun Warriors line, and he came with the package.

Godzilla toy


The toy-

1977? That can't be right, I got mine at 6 years old...
Well...I guess he hung around that long...

The history-

That spring loaded punch was pretty fuggin' powerful.

Had a whole dramatic incident where I fell into the open bulkhead of the cellar of the house from the top of the foundation (it was just being built).

So, I was all cut up and bloody from that, and all the crying and drama had just simmered down...and then my uncle punched me in the face with Godzilla.

Shit like that makes for a Youtube moment nowadays....
I can laugh at it now.

Anyway, I didn't hold a grudge, this was one of the best toys ever.
He could defeat any action figure ever, he was 2 feet tall, and he could really take a pounding.
Thick plastic, a baseball bat couldn't crack it.
They really don't make toys like this anymore.

Here's the commercial.

The Godzilla Power Hour  (1978)

The show- 

From Hanna Barbera.

The history-

Intro says it all.

So, with all those goodies, Godzilla stayed in the public consciousness up until the 80's reboot.

Up next, Heisei series.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Godzilla-gala (Part 1)

After all those Universal monsters, you really didn't think I was gonna skip this guy, didja?

Hmm, I kind of bemoaned in the long intro to this one, that the 60's didn't have a famous monster.
Well, I think Godzilla carries it through pretty well.

Yep, that bridges the gap.

Anyway, The King Of The Monsters, Godzilla.

The Showa series...

Godzilla (1954)

The film-

A.K.A "Gojira". A.K.A. "Godzilla, King Of The Monsters".

Black and white, Gojira is a mix of man-in-suit, puppets, and stop-motion.

And, Gojira represents...The United States.

Very dark and moody, quite possibly my favorite.

Godzilla destroys Tokyo.
What more did you need for the first one?

The history-

Grew up on these, along with the Universals, and Hammers.
Man, I miss the USA and Channel 56 creature-features.

Godzilla Raids Again (1955)

The film-

Since Godzilla/Gojira was dissolved by the oxygen destroyer in the first one, this is a second member of the Godzilla species, and this is the Godzilla that carries through until 1975.

Here, Godzilla fights his first monster, Anguirus.

And, Tokyo is flattened again.

The history-

Ditto "Godzilla".

King-Kong vs Godzilla (1962)

The film-

The first color Godzilla, and the first crossover battle since "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman".

Hmm, "King-Kong vs Godzilla", happened straight away as Godzilla 3.
Could've sworn it happened much later in the series.

The US version is cut so it looks like King-Kong won.

All the drugs in meee! All the bugs in meee! How caaan I liiive without yooouu?
Bada badda dada bah-dah dadada!!

The history-

I made this tussle the central metaphor of my weird failed stab at...I dunno, a pop-psychology book, or something.
Covered this in "The Crumple Shit".

Although...if I pretended the suckage was intentional...I could package that bullshit up as a parody of a pop-psychology book.
Hell, what am I saying?
I could probably sell it as the real thing...hmm...

Anyway, also, double-ditto "Godzilla".

Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)

The film-

These two would be joined at the hip forevermore.

Mothra is Joker to Godzilla's Batman.

Peanut butter to his jelly.

Anyway, this!

The history-

Triple ditto "Godzilla".

Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster 

The film-

The first one where Godzilla switches from monster, to hero.

Here, Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan team up against Ghidra/Ghidora.

The history-

Quadruple ditto "Godzilla".

Godzilla vs Monster Zero (1965)

The film-

Aliens control Godzilla, Rodan, and Ghidorah, and their name for Ghidora is "Monster Zero".

The Japanese military breaks the control, and Godzilla, and Rodan fight Ghidorah again.

The history-

Quintuple ditto "Godzilla".

Godzilla vs The Sea Monster (1966)

The film-

Godzilla fights a giant lobster thing, and Mothra shows up at the end.

The history-

More ditto.

Son Of Godzilla (1967)

The film-

A buried egg hatches out a baby Godzilla, Minyah, and Godzilla adopts it, and teaches it monsters skills.

They fight some giant mantis's and a giant spider that comes to eat the mantis carcasses.

The history-

More ditto.

Destroy All Monsters (1968)

The film-

Aliens intervene again, and all the monsters ever up 'til this point fight.
It's a muthafuckin' cataclysm.

No, those white things aren't image-file glitches, they're little name scrolls in Japanese of all the monsters.

The history-

More ditto.

All Monsters Attack (1969)

The film-

A.K.A. "Godzilla's Revenge".

The shittiest one of this series, and possibly one of the worst movies ever.

A clip show of other sequels, especially of "Son of Godzilla", and "Destroy All Monsters".

The monster fights are all daydream sequences of a little boy who gets picked on at school.

Minyah shrinks down, and speaks to the boy.
It's really stupid.
Words can't describe.
Even taking into account it's meant for kids.

The 60's go out on a whimper.

The history-

More ditto.

Godzilla vs Hedorah (1971)

The film-

A.K.A. "Godzilla vs The Smog Monster".

Here, Godzilla becomes Woodsy Owl, and fights the embodiment of pollution.

The fight is very much like "Godzilla vs Destoroyah", 24 years later.

Hey, with almost 30 of these fuckin' things, some shit was bound to repeat. they need to update this one where Godzilla fights a giant radioactive climate-denialist. ;)

The history-

Ditto all those other dittos.

Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

The film-

A.K.A. "Godzilla On Monster Island".

Godzilla, and Anguirus (from way back in "Godzilla Raids Again") team up vs Ghidorah, and Gigan.

Again, controlling aliens are to blame.

Godzilla communicates with Anguirus, and we hear them in English.
The only time Godzilla is heard to speak in the whole series.

The history-

Ditto that last ditto.

Godzilla vs Megalon (1973)

The film-

Somehow, this one is in the public domain.'s everywhere.
You can download it without getting in trouble, I'm sure it's on Youtube, toward the waning days of VHS, you could buy it for a penny, it's well.. everywhere..

I even had a copy of it kicking around for awhile.

MST3K did this one, and did jokes about it being public domain.

It's a good one.
Damned good entry point for new fans.

Here, Godzilla teams up with an android, called Jet Jaguar (who can grow to giant size) against Megalon (a sort of scarab beetle looking thing) and Gigan.

You got everything going on here that makes a Godzilla flick fun.
Even a deliciously corny song at the end.

The history-

Yeah, ol' Jet Jaguar was in my "crumple shit", rants too.
Again, so, so sorry.

Also another ditto for "Godzilla".

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1974)

The film-

King Ceasar, a dog/lion sort of thing based on Japanese legend is revived by a prophecy, and Godzilla suddenly goes bad, and hurts Anguirus, but then, the real Godzilla shows up, and burns off Bad-Godzilla's flesh, to reveal Mechagodzilla.

Then, King Ceasar and Godzilla manage to break Mechagodzilla.

As usual, by now, it's all an alien plot.

By now, Godzilla is totally Japan's superhero.
Quite a turnaround.

The history-

Yet another ditto for "Godzilla".

Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

The film-

Picks up where the last one ended.

Godzilla takes on Titanosaurus, and Mechagodzilla in separate bouts.

In the human b-story, intrigue, and treachery are afoot.
As is usually the case.

But, did you ever really pay attention to that shit as a kid?

Anyway, the 70's fared better than the 60's.
Mechagodzillas were pretty kick-ass.
They went out on top this time.

The history-

"Godzilla", ditto #15.
And, bam, I was finally born, and in 6-7 short years would be able to appreciate these.

So, there's that big 50's to 70's stretch.

Up next, Godzilla: The Heisei series.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beelzebub-blowout! (Part 4)

All right, back on schedule...right, right, Devil in animation.

Fantasia (1940)

The film-'s FANTASIA!

Anyway, the Devil bit, is of course, "Night on Bald Mountain".

Here, enjoy.

*Heart flutters with joy*

Man, 1940, and it still holds up.

Fantasia, in hindsight, is the first batch of music videos strung together, and as a music video, for my money "Night on Bald Mountain", is still one of the best, if not the best.
(Frankly, I think it dwarfs "Thriller").

Indeed, I flat out think it's one of the best things ever. :D

The history-

Disney used to rerun an annual Halloween special that had "Night...", as a closer.
Loved, loved, loved it.
Glad to see I haven't outgrown it.

It's still awesome.

Wish the Disney company of today would have the balls to make a whole movie that dark.
Or, had in the past.
Like, maybe they could have gotten in on Bakshi's "Lord Of The Rings", and with their money, and resources, it could have been done right, and we wouldn't have had to wait for Peter Jackson to exist.

Y'know? The mind boggles at the paths not taken.

Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (1973)

The film-

Mazinger Z will no doubt be familiar to my fellow X-ers, as "Tranzor Z".

And Devilman.

He can transform into a Devil-ish kinda thing, and has flame powers, and it turns out later in his series, the source of his powers is in fact, Satan.

So...Tranzor/Mazinger did indeed fight a by-proxy Satan.

Said it before, but...aren't you so fucking glad the Japanese exist?

The history-

Sad to say, I haven't seen this.

Hey, you wanna get really depressed?
Look up how Devilman's series ends.
Dark, dark, darketty...daaaark.

The Looney, Looney, Looney
Bugs Bunny Movie (1981)

The film-

A clip show of a bunch of the very best Looney Tunes shorts.

Well, remember, before things like Boomerang, or the collector's DVD sets, flicks like this were the only way you could get the old Bugs.

So, don't exactly sneeze at these.

Anyway, act 1, "Satan's Waitin", has Yosemite Sam killed by a safe, and re-incarnating into various old Yosemete Sam shorts, going back to Hell in between. Sam even says "Hell", in it.

The history-

Okay, so, in that, Sam repeatedly goes down to Hell in a  really long winding escalator.

Well, one time, in 3rd grade gym, they had us mindlessly walking around, and around, the line of the big square of the basketball court lines on the floor.

Not running, walking.
Walking laps.

I pretended, the loop was going downward, like that escalator, and I blurted out "we're going down, down, down into Hell...", and I got in big fucking trouble.

...least I got out of that weird death-march.

Fuck you people.
Neverending chain of overreactions from squares my life has been.
Oooh, said a word, real fucking crime.

...I gotta own this flick now.

The Adventures Of Mark Twain (1985)

The film-

Best thing Will Vinton studios ever made.
It's their "Fantasia".

Anyway, the Devil in this is from "The Mysterious Stranger". ...another one of the best things ever.

..that look on his face when the Earth is swallowing everything up...I...often feel this way...

Guy after my own heart, Twain. ;-)

The history-

I didn't see this scene until much later.

They always cut it out of the kiddie versions on cable.
Shit, even HBO.
Wouldn't be surprised if it was cut from the VHS tapes.

They would never even be able to make this film for kids now, Satan scene, or no. Really glad it exists.

The Powerpuff Girls (1999-2005)

The show-

From here...

Yes, I liked the Powerpuff Girls.
It was funny.
You wanna fight about it?

The episodes with "Him", in partular were actually pretty sick.
Yeah, I dug that shit. If you could get past the outer candy shell, there was a lot of subversiveness going on. Delightfully messed up little show.

Who are we kidding? "Him", is PPG-universe Satan.

And a daaamned good one.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut  (1999)

The film/history-

 See here.

The God and Devil Show

The show-

One of the very first web-based flash cartoon series.

Here, The Devil is effectively Kathy Lee Gifford.

Her and God have a Regis & Kathy Lee style show, and interview a different topical celebrity each episode.

The history-

*Watches about 3 or 4*
*Winces with discomfort* was the 00's, we were just excited to see something coming out of the computer back then....

  Futurama (1999-2012)

The show-

Robot Devil!

Y'know, I think a lot of people think of Robot Devil when they think the Devil now.

Well, he is pretty awesome....

Robot Devil and his Hell-army play a pretty big role in "The Beast With A Billion Backs".

For my reviews of all the Futurama movies, and by association, the show, look here, and here.

The history-

The above covers it.

 God, The Devil, And Bob (2000)

The show-

I...didn't care for it.

I dunno, how to describe it...too "hipster cutesy", for my tastes.
Yeah, "hipster cutesy".
If that term doesn't exist, I just invented it for this.

The history-


Dante's Inferno (2007)

The film-

Pretty much Dante's Inferno, except updated to modern times with current celebrities/politicians so that the references make sense.

Animated in this weird paper-puppet style, that oddly works.

Think pop-up books on a much grander scale.

I dig it a lot. Fully intend to get his on DVD.

The history-

Saw this on Ovation, they still rerun it from time to time.

Lucy, Daughter Of The Devil (2007)

The show-

You like "Home Movies"?

Well, this is pretty much more "Home Movies", minus Brendon.

Melissa is now Lucy, and Coach Mcguirk is Satan.

Sadly, there's no more of this, but, just hop on over to "Bob's Burgers", and you're good to go.

The history-

Another DVD collection for the list...

And, that's all the standout Devil cartoons.

What's left?

Ah, yes...

Like the classic Universal monsters, Satan has also been a product pitch-man.

Except, instead of sugar cereals, he went right into canned meat!

Underwood Deviled Ham

The food-


Fuckin' MMMMMM!!!!!!!

A little on the gout-tastic side for me though..:-(

...fuck it, worth it. :-P

The history-

Yes, some Christians over the decades have thrown a hissy over this mascot.
Meh, good enough for 'em.

Also, it's pig meat, so that gets the Muslims and the Jews.
This product upsets all three major religions.


Um...anything else?

Oh, right, should have squeezed this into comic books, but, Hot Stuff the little devil was a childhood hero of mine as well.

All these Devils of mine...wonder why I didn't become a Satanist.

Oh, right, that pesky Atheism.
Still, if it had gone another way....

And there, that's really it this time.

Up next, Godzilla.

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