Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The shit on my walls (Part 21).

Part 20.

Big upgrade to the big grid....
Actually did this a month ago, but stuff kept getting in the way of posting this.

Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2.

Best Evil Dead anything since Evil Dead 2.
Best poster of the series so far.

Replaces Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

The Mist.

I like to play "six degrees", with these when I'm bored, and this flick gets me all sorts of connections.
Frank Darabont directed it, and went on to produce "The Walking Dead".
Melissa McBride went on to play Carol in "The Walking Dead".
Jeffrey DeMunn went on the play Dale in "The Walking Dead".
Laurie Holden went on to play Andrea in "The Walking Dead".
Thomas Jane played The Punisher in the 2004 Punisher flick, and all of the TWD alums connect this to TWD, and John Bernthal from TWD played (and still plays) Punisher in the Marvel-Netflix-verse.
Lotta ways to go with that.

Replaces Manhunter.

The DC-CW-TV-verse.

Like "The Mist", lotta actor connections I can get to and from this.

For example, Flash's adoptive dad was in "Rent", with Rosario Dawson who's the Nick Fury of the Marvel-Netflix-verse.

Replaces Creepshow.

Stranger Things.

Because, c'mon, it's Stranger Things.

Replaces "God Bless America".

Next row down....

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2.

Comes out in a  couple weeks.
Come on, we all know it's going to be good.
Even if by a one in a billion shot it sucked, the poster is still pretty.

Bumps down Guardians 1, which bumps down Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which bumps down Super, which bumps down Toxic Avenger, which replaces Kickass 2.


Because, c'mon, it's Logan.

Replaces "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

Next row down....


See DC-CW-TV-verse.

Replaces American Mary.


Replaces Batman vs Hulk.



(Highlight to see)
It's a secret sequel to Unbreakable.

Replaces Hulk painted magazine cover.

And finally...

Updated mini version of the grid for my boombox corner.

And, done!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Journey through Star Wars info-graphics part 1.

All right, I was gonna wait for all 6 to be complete, but it's the half way mark, and I've got 12 of the damned things, so let's do it multi-part...

Anyhoo, here it is, a timeline evolution of the Star Wars film resurgence from Disney deal, to Last Jedi in info-graphic updates.

0. Okay, so when this all started, when Disney bought Lucasfilm, we only knew about the sequel trilogy. So, I just slapped question marks onto the Thrawn covers.

1. Then, it was announced we'd get a standalone every other year, so we'd get a movie every year.
I slapped the Han Solo books between the Thrawn books, cuz they've got pretty colors. No other deep reason.

2. Then, finally, we got the title of episode 7. "The Force Awakens".

3. Then, the first standalone got its title. "Rogue One".

4. Then, the standalones got re-titled "anthology", and I really wish they'd stuck to that. But, whatever.

5. Then, "Rogue One", got a logo, and they were still sticking with "anthology", for awhile.

6. Then, we finally got word the other two anthologies would be Han Solo, and Boba-Fett. Josh Trank was supposed to do Boba-Fett, and it was officially confirmed after "Fantastic Four", flopped, and he was fired, that it was going to be Boba-Fett, but now it's shelved. And Han Solo is filming right now, so that's real. I'm still not counting Boba-Fett out yet.

7. We finally got the first teaser poster for "Force Awakens", and anthology got turned to "A Star Wars Story".

8. "Rogue One", got a newer logo, and it became clear that the "Star Wars Stories", would be phrased "_____A Star Wars Story".

9. We got the final "Force Awakens", poster.

10. The Final "Rogue One", poster came out. I didn't bother with the teasers this time.

11. Episode 8 got a title. "The Last Jedi".

12. "Last Jedi", got a teaser poster.

So, there, that's the first three of the six solidified into reality.
We're half way there now.

December is "Last Jedi", next year is Han Solo.
By then, we'll have a clearer picture of the third anthology.
See you then.

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Post Star Wars Celebration stuff.

Last update.
5th Star Wars Day.

We got a Last Jedi poster.

And a trailer.

Season 4 of Rebels is the final one.
Hopefully, it comes right up to the battle of Scarif (in Rogue One).
Warwick Davis will play Rukh, Thrawn's bodyguard.
(Fans of the old novels will know immediately where this storyline goes)

And some video game stuff I don't care about.

Aaaand, that's it.
No word on the Han Solo prequel title, or what the 3rd anthology movie really is.
Word is, Obi-Wan standalone, and an ensemble Bounty Hunters are both eventually getting made, but no official confirmation.

And Carrie Fisher's brother said Leia would be in episode 9 via unused footage being edited in, but Kathleen Kennedy (the new boss of Star Wars) ripped that away from us.
*Sigh* Meanie.

Anyhoo, 'nother infographic update.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy belated 18th anniversary of Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

Shit, this was April 2nd.
2016 was such a bummer, and then winter was so gloomy, and depressing, and oppressive, and my anxieties were flaring up, so I was off in la-la land watching on-demand movies and blu-rays to try to drown my sorrows, and I just let this place go to seed.


  • 2013 (saga of the site)
  • 2014 (saga of Krazyfool Show)
  • 2015 (TFA was coming soon)
  • 2016 (Rogue One was being whispered)

Seen Rogue One (twice) the blu-ray is out, I just gotta get off my duff and go get it.

I finished off Quantum Dissolve, so no Krazyfool sequel is coming, sadly.

Well, there'll be other opportunities someday....
Stay tuned.

Two more years to twenty!!
Almost there...

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