Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A newer batch of crossovers.

Last time.

They just keep coming....

Robotech/Voltron (2013-2014)

Well, I never knew I wanted this crossover, but now that it's happened, I have to say, it's about damned time!

Predator/Dredd/Aliens (2014)

Dredd has fought Aliens and Predators separately, now, at the same time.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up, 
featuring Batman and Robin (2013-2014)

Happened before on the show.
But, here's a sequel, I guess.

2 Past Midnight (2014)

With Ghost, and X from Dark Horse, and Captain Midnight, a golden ager.

Captain Action #1 (1968)

I missed this one somehow.
Yep, Captain Action met Superman.

Last time, in the comments, I said...

Now, for phase 2, Dynamite has to crossover with Marvel/DC to get all those lost golden age characters back into the fold.

Well, there it is.
Captain Action has met Phantom, Green Hornet, Honey West, a legion of golden agers, Obama, and Superman.

Everyone's integrated in now.

All caught up for now.

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