Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miscellaneous Company Crossovers (part 3.5)

I forgot some.
I'd let it go...but I had it in the back of my mind to throw these was an intention, so I have to carry it out.
Plus, it's the clincher.

So...picking up from the last one...but ret-conning it just before it, here's these.

Futurama/Simpsons: Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis

So, in a sequel to "the day the Earth stood stupid", the Brain Spawn return, and use the trick of mind-melding someone into the world of a book, and send the Futurama cast into an issue of the Simpson's comic (genius!).
Hi-jinks ensue.

The Simpsons/Futurama: Crossover Crisis II

So, the last one ended with Professor Frink and Professor Farnsworth combining their technology, and know-how, and building a gizmo that damaged the dimensional fabric of the comic, and allowed the Simpsons to come back through into the Futurama-verse.

 With the dimensions in this unstable state, Farnsworth is able to make a gizmo that can slice open another portal into the comic out of an MP3 player, and a pair of scissors.

The scissors run amok, make their way into a library, and set free all of the fictional characters, then true chaos runs free.

The library had a comic section, and the Marvel/DC characters pop up...but in shadow, as it was an unauthorized appearance.

Bart opens a scissor-portal into the "Treehouse Of Horror", comic, to let loose a giant Homer, to capture the fiction characters to portal them back into the book world.

So, this intermingles the "real", Simpsons with their "Treehouse", counterparts, as well as making them aware of that universe, so, the Treehouse episodes count now.
(Or, depending on your point of view, retroactively always did)

Among other things...

Family Guy: Road To The Multiverse

Stewey invents a dimension doohickey, he and Brian visit several wacky universes, including a parody version of the Disney-verse, and seemingly, the actual Robot-Chicken-verse.

Given Seth Green's participation in both shows, I gotta go with it being canon.

So, Robot-Chicken is an actual place to go to in the Family Guy-verse, and vice-versa.

Robot Chicken

Now, this gets a bit tricky, because Robot Chicken does...everything.

Marvel, DC, movies, shows, commercials, old cartoons, video games, you name it.

This would just solve's unauthorized parody versions....

Sooo...what would cancel that out, is authorized versions....

Well, Peter Griffin, and Master Shake popped up one time, voiced by their respective voice actors, and they're both connected via Adult, that's pretty darned semi-official, but, that only gets us far as the Adult Swim-verse which hits a dead end...

Let's try....

Futurama: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

The remaining old Trek cast, as themselves, in the Futurama-verse, done up in the style of a classic Trek episode.

Not canon Trek, one can personally pretend it's a lost Trek episode...but, we're not quite there yet....

Duckman: Where no Duckman has gone before.

The Duckman cast act out a pastiche of classic Trek episodes with a dash of "Wrath Of Khan".
Jason Alexander gets to gleefully wallow in his Shatner impression.

All of this turns out to be a nightmare of Leonard Nimoy's after a bad late night snack.

Okay, we've got real-world Nimoy, Stewie and Brian pop up in live action form in the real world in "road to the multiverse", and Homer warps into the real world in "Homer ³", in "Treehouse of Horror VI".

And, remember, Treehouse counts now, so that happened.

Real-world Nimoy voiced Galvatron, Galvatron used to be Megatron, and Megatron met Spidey in 2 universes.

Now, whichever you choose as "real", that mates up the whole Marvel universe.
And, that connects Marvel Zombies, including "Marvel Zombies vs. Army Of Darkness".

That splices on the Evil Dead-verse, including "My Name Is Bruce", where Bruce breaks the fourth wall into reality.
The same wall broken by "New Nightmare".

And, Ash fought Freddy.

Dream, reality, movie, reality, show, reality.

And that all comic book stuff connects back to the Gen 13 thing, which was a dream, with a dash of parody.

Dream, reality, parody.

Loop that swirling vortex back to the Duckman episode, and dreams count, and parodies count, so, the whole Duckman thing counts.

And Nimoy's voicover appearances in both Simpsons and Futurama count, and those universes connect, so that Nimoy is the same guy.

Also, all of the Simpsons celebrity cameos where they play themselves must count, or why fucking do 'em?

Ditto all the head-in-jar ones on Futurama.

If parody counts, then, the sight gag of Peter Griffin as a Homer clone in "send in the clones", in "Treehouse XIII", is a sorta mini-crossover to Family Guy, likewise the drawn out bit of Quagmire banging Marge in the corner ad crawl on Family Guy.

The MacFarlane-verse shows all interconnect, so toss in "American Dad", and "The Cleveland Show".

Now, remember, Stewie and Brian were in the real world, same one as Homer, if they'd've bumped into him, and gotten his dimensional coordinates, they could've gone to the Simpsons-verse, which is connected to the Futurama-verse.

That would make all those vague connections I've rattled off concrete.

But, that they occupied the same world is enough, we don't even need to add the theoretical.

Eh, I coulda cut out all the middle steps, and just gone Nimoy, Stewie, Homer, Fry, but, I had to stop off to get that whole dream power/dimension thing.

But, I also coulda grabbed that offa Groundskeeper Willie from "Nightmare On Evergeen Terrace", from "Treehouse VI", who was a parody of Freddy.

Or, anything from "Treehouse II", which were all nightmares, and if Treehouse is real, then, so is the dream-zone.

There, got that nailed from every angle.

Now, there's two angles I could go after parody on.
If the Brain Spawn mind-melded into the Simpsons-verse, then, double-mind-melded into a Simpsons-verse TV/movie parody, and then Farnsworth cracked it open with his dimension-clippers, then parody would be real, and thus potentially is real, and is real for everything inter-connected to those joint-universes.

Or, going from real world, to Robot-Chicken-verse, to Simpsons/Futurama-verse, parody would be directly manifest.

Or, hook the two options together, and parody itself is a verse.

Indeed, a parallel version of whatever is parodied.
(And Elseworlds count)

Hence the Simpsons/Family Guy hookup.

Then, the Bart Simpsons appearance in South Park works.

The Simpsons/Critic connection.

The Simpsons parody flashback in Duckman.

The Trek Duckman, the Futurama Trek, the Carol Burnett Trek skit, the SNL Trek skit....

South Park, the "Imaginationland", trilogy...

And bam, everything Robot Chicken.

And seeing that world with SOME kind of relevance is the whole point of the "He-Man, Transformers, Thundercats! Yay, those shows existed!", gag.

Chris Griffin ain't excited about guys in suits, that's the characters.

So, intent is enough, and if it is, that was the Marvel/DC guys in "crossover crisis II".

And with all of that, "crossover crisis II", really does cross over everything,

Yeah, maybe this all bends the whole idea of "canon", to the absolute breaking point...but, good.

That was my point.

"Canon", is silly.
This is all make-believe.
Even following its own rules, you can dissolve it down.

Really, it's something thought up by lawyers.
But, our imaginations can go right ahead, and do anything.

Shit, even "canon", going all the way back to its religious context was come up with by politicians.

You gonna let a politician tell you you can't have Sonic and Daffy cavort across the cosmos?

Fuck that, I just imagined it.
Just imagined it again.
Try and stop me, lawyers.

There, this one goes between this, and this, next time, hero flicks, I promise.


hyla2 said...

Wow. Think my brain just imploded. That . . . was thorough.

And I assume with the Treehouse Of Horror being 'real', this includes Homer's 3D adventure, where 3D Homer eventually ends up in the REAL-real world . . . and you may as well throw in the 'it's like that time when' gag from early Family Guy where Peter said he tried drugs, then they show a real guy in a Peter mask freaking out on a park bench . . . SOOO . . . it all connects to REAL-reality . . .

Somebody get Keanu in here for a professional 'Whoa'!

(fun fact: this comment's word verification code is 'warboost'!)

Diacanu said...

*Nods agreement to all of those*

Had to do stretches before tackling that one.

I gotta go have a lie down...

Diacanu said...

D'oh! Forgot "South Park: Imaginationland".

Ah, screw it.

Diacanu said...

Screw it, I Lucas-ed it in between Carol Burnett, and Robot Chicken...

Diacanu said...

Video-linked in the SNL and Burnett Trek skits for the hell of it.

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