Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ghostbusters- Passing The Torch.

Okay, 21 days to go until GB16.
To keep myself from climbing the walls, I'll do three more GB posts for each week until we get there to give myself a chore to focus on.
I have no idea what the other two will be, but I came up with this one last night.

In "In defense of the Ghostbusters reboot", I picked apart the "Waaahhh!! I wanted an original cast reunion!!", argument.
A variation on that is "Waaahhh! I wanted a torch pass!!".

You got both.

The Jimmy Kimmel reunion was the torch pass!

Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Bill Murray even touched the new cast's craniums like they were passing their power to make it ritualistic.

See here and here for the complete reunion.

"Waaahhh! That's not canon!".

*Sigh* oh, for chrissakes, I'll make it canon......

Okay, the GB1/GB2 cast and the GB16 cast were on Kimmel....

The GB1/GB2 cast were on Today Show interviewed by Al Roker, cuz he's a big time Ghostbusters fanatic, and it was the 30th anniversary at the time.

Then, Al Roker did a set visit to GB16 last summer, and it was released a couple months ago, after an embargo.

..and, Al Roker, as himself, on The Today Show is in GB16, and even made it to the trailer.

Al Roker and Today Show are canon, the set visits are canon, so Kimmel is canon.

"But not original 2 films canon! Only reboot universe canon!".

Oh, son of a bitch.....

All right....

In the music video for Ray Parker Junior's "Ghostbusters", the guys in character dance down the street with Ray Parker.

In Ghostbusters 2, Ray and Winston dance to the song at a children's party.

That makes the song canon, and thus the music video canon, probably fitting in after the end of GB1.

Ray Parker Junior played the song on Kimmel, and both casts danced to it.
That's an even more powerful mojo ritual than the cranium touch.

Boom, canon, done.

There's your torch pass, it happened.

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