Friday, September 19, 2014

Marvel/DC TV update.

Okay, let's start with Marvel...

S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming back. Duh.
Lucy Lawless, and Patton Oswalt are joining as full time cast members.
Crusher Creel, The Absorbing Man, is going to be a guest villain.
Mockingbird will be a guest hero, played by almost-Wonder Woman.

Agent Carter (2014)

A sequel to "Captain America: The First Avenger", and prequel to "Iron Man".

Starring Peggy Carter from "The First Avenger", "Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter", and "Winter Soldier", Howard Stark from "First Avenger", and featuring Edwin Jarvis the butler, who was the basis for Jarvis, Tony Stark's computer (who in turn will become The Vision in "Age Of Ultron").

Daredevil (2014)

Starring Charlie Cox, the dude from "Stardust".
No images of him in-suit yet.
Placeholder pic there for now.
Also, Vincent D'Onofrio will be The Kingpin.

The first of the Netflix shows that'll merge to form The Defenders.

Powers (2014)

A cop show set in a world of superheroes, where human cops solve superhero/villain related crimes.

Based on a comic made by one of Marvel's spinoff lines.
Close enough.

Now, DC....

Of course, Arrow is coming back.

This season, Brandon Routh will return to the DC universe as Ray Palmer, The Atom.

Then, there's...

The Flash (2014)

John Wesley Shipp the original Flash, and Amanda Pays, the original Tina McGee as the NEW Tina McGee will guest star.

Rumors are strong Firestorm will pop up.
The human identity of Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond, for sure is going to be in it.

Gotham (2014)

The Batman prequel with no Batman.
People are scoffing, but they have a short memory.
They watched 10 years of fucking "Smallville", with no actual Superman in it.

Anyhoo, looks interesting.
I'll check it out.

Constantine (2014)

They've nailed the tone and the look.
Let's hope they can deliver the goods.

The producers have said they want to involve every Vertigo character.

*Crosses fingers* come oooon, Swamp Thing!
Come ooooon, Swamp Thing!!!

izombie (2014)

From here.

"iZombie", based on a fairly new comic, a crime thriller about a female mortician who's a closet zombie, who when she eats a brain, gains the memories of the person, so she uses it to solve crimes. Also, eating brains makes her pass for human for awhile.

Nothing more than the pic.
Stars the sister of the dead girl in "The Lovely Bones".

Supergirl (2014, or 2015)

Another placeholder image (see Daredevil above)

No word on casting, or anything.
DC just pulled the idea out of their asses a week or so ago.

No casting or pics for "Preacher", but Seth Rogan and Evan Golberg ("This Is The End") are producing.
AMC has picked it up for series.
"Son of a preacher man", will be the theme.

No word at all on "Hourman".
That looks dead, but you never know....

So, that's way more than last time, when everything from DC was just talk.

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X-Men cinematic universe update.

Based on fan reaction to the "leaked", test footage, the Deadpool movie is a go!

See the comments/discussion threads here, and here for the development before this.
Which wasn't much but talk, really.

And see here, for all the accumulated X-flicks up to now (2014).

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cornetto trilogy news.

  1. Shaun Of The Dead.
  2. Hot Fuzz.
  3. The World's End.
So, here's the new business.
Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have hinted that they want to do a sequel.
A whole new trilogy with a new connecting theme.

That's it.
Just wanted this one to get the originals together, and as the seed towards that new trilogy fleshing out over the next few years.
I like making time capsules. :-)

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All the Human Centipede 3 news that's fit to print. (updated)

Last time.
Masters Of Horror! (Tom Six)

  • There's a poster. (See above)
  • Poster's been out for awhile, but only a photograph of a standee was available, and it took forever for there to be a good view of it. 
  • There's a preview image (see below)
  • There's going to be a behind the scenes book of the whole trilogy afterward, so, add that to the books list. What the hell, count this whole thing as a sequel entry.

That's the accumulation for the past year and some change. Its been a thin trickle.

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Double anniversary.


The 30th anniversary of Transformers the series (A.K.A. "Generation 1").

And, the 18th anniversary of "George Carlin: Back In Town".

Both life changing events in my life to say the least.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Speaking of horror TV series...

Hannibal season 2 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray today!

Bryan Fuller says this one has more commentaries and goodies than season 1, so, buckle in.

Also, he's mashing the ideas for season 3 & 4 together into season 3.
So, here's how the arc looks now.
  1. Garret Jacob Hobbs.
  2. Mason Verger.
  3. Flashback to "Hannibal Rising", then "Red Dragon".
  4. Silence Of The Lambs.
  5. Hannibal.
  6. Hannibal sequel.
And, he might just mash 5 & 6 together, we'll see.

I guess this updates "Masters Of Horror! (Thomas Harris)".

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Documenta...uh, books.

All right, so I sorta opened a door here, (concerning "Women Aren't Funny").

I consider this Aristocrats 3.

Aristocrats 2 being "Satiristas".

Well, if the sequel to "The Aristocrats", and prequel to "Women Aren't Funny", can be a book, then here's some more documentaries in paper form.

As You Wish:
Inconceivable Tales From The Making Of The Princess Bride

The big book of "Princess Bride".

At last!
Can't wait!

They really needed to do this before anyone else friggin' died.
We miss you, Fezzik and Grandpa. :-(

Phantasm Exhumed (2014)

The "Never Sleep Again", and/or "Crystal Lake Memories", of "Phantasm".
On paper.

Takes it right up to previews of "Phantasm Ravager".

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry:
A Hulk Companion (2011)

Kind of a NSA/CLM of Hulk (the 80's series), combined with an episode by episode guide *cough, cough*.

Very pricey....ouch...still want it though.

There are doubtless tons of others of these, but this is a good starter kit for now.

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