Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 6).

Part two of today's Batman two-fer...

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Previous wide-release big-screen Batman franchise media....

Now, to this flick...
  • Well, everyone's saying it, if not the best Batman movie ever, best one since "Dark Knight".
  • That's right, this is a good Batman movie! To make light of him best, you have to really know the character and the world, and the writers of this are clearly big time Bat-fans!
  • Definitely the best Batman movie that gets into the head of Batman since "Phantasm".
  • Funny as Hell.
  • Its got tear-jerky moments too. That's right, you'll cry at the goddamned Lego Batman!!
  • Loooooaaaded with Easter eggs!!
  • Billy Dee Williams finally gets to be Two-Face!!
  • As mentioned way back here, they do indeed reference or show every incarnation of Batman ever. Even shark repellent makes a cameo!!
  • They even take a couple jabs at "Suicide Squad".
  • They moosh all the other movies into one continuity.
  • Villains from other movie franchises pop up in the third act. You'll squeal with delight at these.
  • Voice cast is excellent, no one drops the ball.
  • Batman finally confronts his effed up relationships with his weird little family, and with Joker.
  • In fact, all the little things that have nagged at us about the Batman character and story are dragged out and addressed. This is truly a fan's movie. 
  • That's the best part of this, by finally observing all the elephants in the room, things aren't back to normal like they always are, at long last, some changes happen to the Batman-verse.
  • Well, I'll say it, they joyously embrace the Bat-family. "Batman & Robin", tried to do it, and fell flat on its face, here, they finally nail it, and make you love them, and regret all the loner-Batman stories.
  • ...too bad it's in the Lego world, live-action Batman ain't gonna change shit. 
  • At least we have this one.
  • I'm definitely adding this to my DC collection.
  • Go see it now!! 

And that's that until Logan.

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Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 5).

A Batman two-fer today.

Justice League Dark (2017)

Previous DC animateds....

And now to this flick!
  • Loved it.
  • They (the producers, and marketing) go on and on how "this is the DARK side of DC!! These are the EDGY heroes!!",, this one was FUN!
  • I mean, yeah, there's violence and cursing, but with the witty banter between the characters, and Constantine being the arrogant prick of the group like MCU Iron Man, well, this was FUN more than anything!
  • You'll have a blast with this!
  • It feels like that first time you saw the original Avengers.
  • Not for tiny little kids, but 13 and up you're good to go. 
  • My only gripe, not enough Swamp Thing.
  • The scenes he's in though, they make him count.
  • Still, if/when they do the live-action one, I want more Swamp Thing.
  • With the magic battles, we get a taste of what Avengers will be like with Dr. Strange on board.
  • "Assault On Arkham", led to "Suicide Squad", let's hope this helps get the live-action JLD made. 
  • Definitely one to check out.

So, that's that one.
Next, Lego Batman!!

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The shit on my walls (Part 20).

Part 19.

And it's a true sequel to 19 because....


I already had Ghostbusters 1 &2, I bumped them back up to where they were, and threw out the horror documentary mosaics. I took down the Weathervane menu* and replaced it with Ghostbusters The Video Game, replaced Ghostbusters (2016) with the one that says "Answer The Call", and surrounded it with Ghostbusters Get Real**, and Ghostbusters 101***.
So, that's roughly chronologically****.

  • *They're out of business except for in Kittery@ and New Hampshire. :-(
  • ** Which I happily got the graphic novel to yesterday. :-D
  • *** Which I'm currently awaiting with as much excitement as Answer The Call.
  • **** So, GB1 happens in 1984 in real time, GB2 happens in 1989 in real time, GBTVG happens in a  fictional 1991, and all the comics happen in a fictional 1993-1994. GBATC happens in 2016 in real time, but because of the timewarp crossover with GB101, it technically comes before. GBGR happens before GB101, and came out in 2015 before GBATC came out in real time, so I put it before that. SO, if we accept that these adventures are retroactively going back to the 90's, while I was languishing in depression and boredom in those times, there were lost Ghostbusters sequels I couldn't see because of the Temporal Prime Directive. Heh, I kinda like that. Also, by the time Extreme Ghostbusters came out in 1997 in real time#, all this stuff had happened.
  • @Which may as well be New Hampshire. :-(
  • #Shit, I have to remember, September 1st is the 20th anniversary!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Elevatorgate, 6 years later.

Got digging around, and its been about a week and a half past a year after last time I updated this.

Well, I wondered what the next horrible thing would be after SJWs, and we have our answer.

The anti-SJWs went too far, turned into honest to goodness genuine textbook Nazis, and got Trump elected, and now the clock is ticking towards doomsday.

I had to unsubscribe Thunderfoot, Sargon Of Akkad, Armored Skeptic, and Amazing Atheist/Drunken Peasants.
They suck now.
Their Hillary hate helped Trump, blood is on their hands forever, they're ruined.
There's no coming back.
They're villains now, hate them.

Jesus, and to think of the hours I wasted watching Drunken Peasants.
I could have written 10 Quantum Dissolves.
Well, I always learn the hard way.

And, Jack who commented last year hates my guts, so he's gone.
Oh well.

So, who knows if there'll even be a 2018 to look forward to.
Be nice if there were, the movies are supposed to be good.
Infinity War, Han solo prequel....

The only thing to hope for, is if the SJWs wake up, snap out of it, become real heroes, and defeat Trump somehow.
....yeah, we're fucked.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy 17th anniversary, The Krazyfool Show!!

Well, damn, folks.
I was gonna do that 5th episode of Krazyfool in Quantum Dissolve, but I finished off QD, and didn't do it.

Just as well, I can't recapture the magic.

BUT, as I said on the 28th Harry anniversary, and the 4th Jade-Shade anniversary, I'm merging Harry 5 and QD, and that will contain Krazyfool and it's sequels, so...there's that.
So, since Krazyfool is Harry/JS canon, then the Krazyfool anniversary stuff is going to be bonus features too.

So, all of those (and this) will be your extra Krazyfool content.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Ghostbusters of Christmas future (Part 3)

Part 1.
Part 2.

Okay, so now that I've looked back on the whole "Answer The Call", deal, let's look ahead.

Assuming these things are still coming, next up, is the (untitled) animated movie, and GB: Ecto-Force.

So, let's put our speculation hats on, and dig in....

In this article about "Ghostbusters 101", Ivan Reitman said...

“I’ve always wanted to meld the two worlds....It would be great fun to see them all together for the first time and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.”

The key phrase that stands out to me is...

"....and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.”

The only extant timelines they had floating around were "The Real Ghostbusters", and "Answer The Call", and...

"Ghostbusters Get Real", and "Ghostbusters 101", have spliced them in.

So, if they're aiming towards getting the franchise under one universe, they sure aren't going to undo that by splintering off other new universes.
SO, any new stuff will have to be a continuation of the original movie universe.

Thus, I can pretty well confidently narrow down what the animated movie will be.
I even said here..

I think we can rule out strangers if Reitman is directly involved.
I'm betting heavily on the classic Busters.

This just re-enforces that.

It'll either be animated youth-ified versions of the classic Busters set sometime after GB2, and The Video Game.
OR, a new crew of Busters in the firehouse set in modern day.
OR, a GB franchise in a new city with connections back to the originals.
It could be any of those three, but I'm leaning most towards it being classic Busters.
Possibly even the comic book likenesses.

Especially considering...

...expansion of the Ghostbusting franchises is going to be more Ecto-Force's thing.

And this just sorts out the two animated projects....

...I still haven't a clue what the other live-action movie could be.

That one's more likely to be a new crew in the original universe in modern day.
Probably with an adult Oscar in there somewhere.

But again, this all assumes that it's happening.
Sony is considering selling off their entertainment divisions, and who knows what a shake-up of that magnitude would do to Ghostcorps.
Only time will tell.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Star Wars Episode 8 title!

Last update.
5th Star Wars Day.

The Last Jedi.

So, time to update the info-graphic again.

And, there we go!

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