Friday, March 23, 2018

Ghostbusters: RGB references in ATC.

As I said here....

There's no longer any doubt in my mind Katie Dippold binged the first couple seasons of RGB when she wrote "Answer The Call". Once you refresh your memory, there's RGB Easter eggs all over ATC.
That just makes me love both things even more!!

So, its been a couple months since I burned through the marathon of RGB, my brain has re-solidified, and now I'm ready to post this.

I kept a notepad file of the stuff that matches up as I went through the episodes, and arranged them in the order they happen in the film.
Since I've seen ATC in the neighborhood of 20 times, I know it like the back of my hand at his point, so keeping it in sequence was easy.

So, here that is.
The event in ATC with the name of the RGB episode it can be found in next to it.
The parallels start when they go to the rock concert.
Up until then, it's a mix of classic movie callbacks, and original Katie Dippold & Paul Feig stuff.
  • Everyone is wacky, no one is normal (the whole show)
  • Busters disguised as wig heads (Flip side)
  • Busters at a rock concert (Banshee bake a cherry pie?)
  • Busters fight a winged gargoyle with jutting rib-cage (look homeward, Ray)
  • Trap mounted on the pack instead of clipped to the belt (the whole show)
  • A disgruntled loser human is the villain (Chicken, he clucked & Ragnarok and roll)
  • Disgruntled loser human was rejected by a girl (Ragnarok and roll)
  • A bad guy copies the Busters technology (Robo-Buster)
  • A machine built by the bad guy causes ghost disturbances (you can't take it with you)
  • A ghost grows out of a person's body (doctor, doctor)
  • Magic mirrors (Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster)
  • A Buster is in an awkward repressed crush with the secretary (the whole show, but the biggest hints are in "Ragnarok and roll" "Ghost busted", and "Janine, you've changed")
  • A Buster has a traumatic past encounter with ghosts (the Boogieman cometh)
  • A Buster was picked on and bullied as a child (look homeward, Ray)
  • The media turns on the Busters, and skeptical reporters poke around in their business, and a beast is let loose (Egon on the rampage)
  • The secretary wants to be a Buster, but stinks at it (Janine's genie)
  • A Buster is possessed (Mrs Rogers neighborhood & Egon on the rampage)
  • Proton grenade!! (the Boogieman cometh)
  • Hypnotic dancing (play them ragtime boos)
  • Localized time travel transformation of a place (play them ragtime boos)
  • Male and female blobs driving a car (when Halloween was forever)
  • Possessed parade balloons (the revenge of Murray the mantis)
  • Stay Puft as a balloon (the revenge of Murray the mantis)
  • A Buster quotes "Wizard Of Oz", before firing proton stream (Elementary, dear Winston)
  • A ghost manifests as a giant corporate mascot (station identification)
  • A ghost becomes the logo (the copycat)
  • Logo-ghost marching down the street (every episode, title animation)
  • Busters dodge Stay Puft's stomping foot in an alleyway (Mr. Sandman Dream Me A Dream)
  • Busters taunt a giant to lure it (cold cash and hot water)
  • Using an Ecto vehicle as a bomb to close a porthole (ghosts R us)
  • Busters reverse a porthole into a giant ghost trap (knock, knock)
  • A Buster jumps into a porthole with a rope connected to save another Buster (Egon on the rampage)
  • The world in the porthole is a formless void of swirling energy (Venkman's ghost repellers)
  • A Buster comes back with white hair (the hole in the wall gang)
  • Localized time travel repairs city damage (Ragnarok and roll)

Now, some of those could be coincidence, but all of them?
Tsh, no.
No fucking way.
Especially the parade stuff.
And I KNOW they got Rowan's Ghost's movements tracked from the RGB logo ghost, because it's in the behind-the-scenes.

ATC is a big sloppy French-kiss to RGB.
No doubt about it.
And it doesn't bother me.
Like I said above, it enhances my enjoyment of both.
It plays even more into that original GB, RGB, and ATC are parallel dimensions of each other.

Anyway, now that list is handy.
I'll retro-link it back to my RGB DVD review.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ghostbusters 101, a year later.

Ayep, Facebook reminded me, been a year since issue #1 of this came out.
Good time to re-assess things...

All the issues came out, and I reviewed it as a series.
Loved it.
Also, finally nabbed the graphic novel.
(Along with RGB on DVD)

The sequel "Answer The Call: What Dreams May Come", is one issue away from completion.
Loving that so far.

The threequel "Crossing Over", started last week.
Also loving that.

So, Ghostbusters is thriving quite well in comics.
If they're doing the entire multiverse crossover this year, I can't imagine what they're going to do next year for the 35th anniversary.

Anyhoo, this entry saves me having to chase links around for the 34th anniversary this summer.
Got 'em all in this nice little batch.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Black Panther hits 1 billion!!!

From here.

"I hope this makes a billion worldwide".

And, boom, that just happened.
After only 4 weeks.

*Nods smugly at half-assed sorta-prediction*

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Star Wars the series.

Dammit, this dropped right after my last thing, or I would have lumped it in.

The writer and producer is going to be John Favreau, who you may remember as the director of Iron Man 1-2, and as Happy Hogan in Iron Man 1-3, and "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

No word yet on title, premise, timeline, casting, directors, etc, etc.
Just that it's going to exist, and be on the Disney streaming service.

So, that's this thing, the Rian Johnson trilogy, the Benioff & Weiss trilogy, it's looking less and less likely that that second anthology trilogy is going to be a thing.

Hell, I haven't heard anything about them even finishing the first anthology trilogy with Obi-Wan.
But, I didn't hear anything about Solo while Rogue One was doing it's buildup and run, so.....

Anyway, that's that for now.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Couple other random pop culture updates.


Fango lives!!!

I don't do a constant flow of entertainment news anymore, indeed I've taken great pains to whittle that shit down to next to nothing, but these two items seem relevant to two of the three franchises I do do updates on...

Ghostbusters World (2018)

An augmented reality phone game.
Basically, it's Ghostbusters "Pokemon Go".

It's supposedly going to merge franchises by having every ghost from every scrap of Ghostbusters media.
Movies, comics, other games, toys, and even theme park attractions.

Right in that poster, you've got that purple eyeball thing that was a toy, next to him, you've got Slimer, and the Sandman from the cartoons, above Slimer, you've got Gertrude Aldridge from "Answer The Call".
And....I dunno who those other two are....
Anyhoo, movies, cartoons, and toys are represented just in the poster.

Erik Burnham who draws the comics says he worked on it.

He's already incorporated the '09 game, and "Sanctum Of Slime", into the comic, so I bet this gets integrated.
Hell, I bet the "Ghostbusters 101", premise of ghostbusting students was a setup all along to canonize the players as characters.
Just my theory, anyway.

We'll see how this works its way into canon (or not), and if the game is a hit.
Hell, if they can make a fucking Emoji movie, then why can't this be a nudge towards the GB animated film?
Again, we'll see.

Oh, and y'know those Solo posters?

Totally stolen from album art.
The artist is lawyering up, and I think he's got an open and shut case.

Disney better hurry the fuck up, and release their Drew Struzan style one already.
And never use that poster making company again.

Both of these are pretty old news by now, but I wanted to time capsule it for later.

Might be handy.

Anyway, that's those.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fango lives!!!


I don't h8 the 90's anymore (Part 7.5).
(Magazines/Comics part 2)


Krazy For Decades 2: Wasted! Youth! (THE END!!)
I don't h8 Twin Peaks anymore.

From here...

Rest peacefully in your grave.
Hopefully, one day, to rise again, rested and strong.
And hungry for brains.

Well, it happened!
It is risen!!

Indiewire story.

Now bring back Wizard!

As with last time, I'll retro-link this into "I don't h8 the 90's anymore".

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

I don't h8 Twin Peaks anymore.


I don't h8 the 90's anymore (Part 4.5).
(Regular-ass TV part 2)


Krazy For Decades 2: Wasted! Youth! (THE END!!)

Twin Peaks (1990-1991, 2017)

My brief snotty comment on the show coming back here.
My bitchy review of "Fire Walk With Me", that makes me want to punch my past self in the face.
My larger review of the career of David Lynch, who I liked even then, and always liked, but with still a bitchy swipe at "Twin Peaks".

So, I've seen it all now, in the proper order.
That order being, the original show, "Fire Walk With Me", then the new ones.

I loved it.
I loved the shit out of it.
I don't know what the fuck was wrong with me.
I really don't.
Well, I'm cured now.
This is Lynch's masterpiece.
Don't know how or why I couldn't see it.

Maybe I'll attempt X-Files again sometime.
There's a lot of that to chew through though....

Anyhoo, I discuss TP more in depth in comments with Billdude here, and here.
Anything I wanted to say in a long rambling review, I said there.
And Billdude said it even better.

I'll retro-link this into "I don't h8 the 90's anymore".

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