Monday, October 20, 2014

Slashers update.

I guess this updates both 80's slashers, and Masters Of Horror.

I left off on 80's slashers saying...

I'm sure some cool new retro-80's franchise will come along.
But, for now, we're in a holding pattern.

The following two flicks try to accomplish that, but, well.....

See No Evil (2006)


From WWE pictures, and starring Kane.
It's Jason fused with Francis Dollarhyde with an eyeball plucking modus operandi.

I struggled through it to get to the second one, which is the one I really wanted to see.

And by struggled, I mean I really kept popping up the time counter, and checking the clock.
It had a DMV/waiting room feel to it.

SyFy level schlock.

See No Evil 2 (2014)

I wanted to see this one, because it's directed by The Soska Sisters.

Also, it stars Danielle Harris ("Halloween 5", "Hatchet II", and "Hatchet III"), and Katherne Isabelle ("Ginger Snaps", "Freddy vs. Jason", "American Mary", and "Hannibal Season 2").

Every minute they're on the screen, you're happy, and every minute they're gone, you miss them.

The Soskas do their best, and add their kinky little touches, but...ehhh.
It's a studio picture.

Hopefully, "Vendetta", will be another "American Mary", or better.

Worth watching if you're an insane fan of the starlets, but not worth collecting.
Not even if you're a Soska Sisters completist.
Wait for "Vendetta".

As for the over arching premise of this post, the wait for the next Freddy/Jason continues.
The holding pattern isn't broken yet.

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The Big Romero Dead Series Review (addendum- part 2).

Part 1.

So, I left off last time with....

Barring an absolute fucking miracle, that's going to have to be it.

Get ready to believe in miracles....

Nope, George is still retired, but his son is taking up the mantle, and trying to Indiegogo a prequel to "Night Of The Living Dead".

Here's his site.


That's it, the press release yadda-yadda on the site says the rest.
Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DC Cinematic Universe updates. (part 2)

After acting like it was a "we'll have to kill you", level secret, DC up and exposed their whole slate, so here goes.

Suicide Squad plugs into the August 5th 2016 slot.
But, I care a lot less, because Harley isn't in it.

Wonder Woman is the June 23rd 2017 movie.
So, there was no gap there after all.

Justice League comes AFTER Wonder Woman in November 12th of 2017.
Also, they're calling it "Justice League Part 1".

Scratch the team-up with Green Lantern, the Flash is going solo March 23rd 2018.
Ezra Miller will be playing him.
Never heard of the dude.

Aquaman slips into the July 27th 2018 slot.

Shazam is getting bumped down to the April 5th 2019 slot.

Justice League Part 2 will be in the June 14th 2019 slot.


Cyborg solo movie slots into the April 3rd 2020 slot.

And, finally, a Green Lantern reboot fits into the June 19th 2020 slot.

So, there, all 9 mystery flicks accounted for,

Also, the Man Of Steel sequel and solo Batman flick aren't dead, they just haven't decided where to stick 'em in, but they say it's definitely before 2020.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marvel Cinematic Universe news.

File this under more "I'll believe it when I see it".

So, last night before I went to sleep, the report was...

Robert Downey Junior isn't going to do Iron Man 4, BUT, he'll be in Captain America 3, which will be Civil War.

Now, this morning, comes news that the studio/directors are bouncing between the titles "Civil War", and "Fallen Son".

Also, the Russo brothers (directors of Winter Soldier, and soon Cap3) are being primed to take over for Joss Whedon for Avengers 3 and 4, and Thanos won't show up finally until 4.

Also, its been going around for awhile that the Avengers lineup will be completely reshuffled after Avengers 2, and replaced by Avengers 3.

The roster always rotated in the comics, so it makes sense, but I'll miss the classic all-stars.
As long as the torch gets passed smoothly, I won't mind too much.

Hmm, Spidey was a big element in the Civil War comics, maybe this is (allegedly) why Marvel is trying to snag him for their future plans?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday Off From Work!

The Oatmeal has the final word on this one.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daredevil update.

This updates "Marvel/DC TV update".

So, there's the logo, and the suit.

Of the latter....huh.
They've gone full circle back to "Trial Of The Incredible Hulk".

Never would have guessed that.


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Terminator franchise update.

All old news, but doesn't hurt to scrapbook it.

Obligatory old posts.
Now, new business.
  • T5 is called "Terminator Genisys".
  • No explanation thus far for the hip misspelling.
  • Arnie is another T-800, but apparently, the meat layer can age. 
  • There'll be time travel hi-jinks in the time periods of T1 & T2 like in "Back To The Future II", going back to the first movie.
  • They shot it all back in August. Now, post-production until 2015.
  • Events of this film and its two sequels create a new timeline like JJ Abrams Trek.
  • There's also (allegedly) going be be a new Terminator TV series that will weave in and out of events of this new trilogy.

Man, they've fucked up the timeline.
I gotta work this out with an infographic....

(2 hours of research and grunt work later...)

Ooof, there!


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