Saturday, November 18, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 3. (Part 5).

At long last, after my whole 42 years of life, it's.....

Justice League (2017)

Previously on the DCEU....
(Chronological order)
As I said way back here...

"So, thus begins DC's phase 1 of playing catch-up with Marvel".

Full circle, thus ends phase 1 of playing catch up to Marvel.
How have they done so far?
That's for the next review after this.

From here...

"If Justice League lives up to the Comicon footage, they'll finally hit as hard as Avengers like they wanted.
I think it will".

Hmmm, I love it a lot, but it's not quite up with Avengers 1.
I'd put it....between Avengers 1 and 2.
Still pretty damned good.

And finally, from here...

"Speaking of pumped, I'm totally jazzed for Justice League now!!".


"Well, there, Justice League remains to be seen, but my gut tells me the problems with the DCEU are fixed, and we're good going forward".

I was right to be jazzed, and we are good moving forward.
Be fucking excited. :-)

Okay, now, traditional rundown mode.
  • Everyone was awesome, the interactions with the heroes were great.
  • Humor is great. Every joke landed for me.
  • Flash steals the movie like everyone says.
  • Loved Danny Elfman's callbacks to Batman '89, and Superman '78.
  • This wasn't just the culmination of DCEU phase 1, but DC going all the way back to Superman '78. We deserved to see all these heroes onscreen way sooner. 
  • Stay for the end credits scenes (there are two), you'll fucking love them.
  • All the criticisms I heard from non-spoilers reviews were blown WAY out of fucking proportion.
  • Steppenwolf's lack of depth and backstory? Marvel does it all the time, and skates by unscathed. Didn't care.
  • Weak CGI? I've seen worse in more lauded films. If you get caught up in the movie, you won't notice or care. 
  • Lines that were supposed to be "clunky", they were little picosecond things that didn't hurt anything. 
  • Jokes that are "misogynist", to Wonder Woman? Paranoia out of thin air. The thing they're complaining about lasts, again, a picosecond. It's nothing.
  • Choppy editing? Didn't care. Didn't care with BvS, and it was more pronounced.
  • "Nothing makes sense!". I followed it fine. Grow a brain. 
  • Batman isn't "too funny". He is funny, but it doesn't take him out of his character, it's all stuff Bruce would do. They don't turn him into Lego Batman. Simmer the fuck down.
  • Fuck Rotten Tomatoes. No, seriously, fuck 'em up the ass with a red rubber dick. The shit they pulled withholding JL's score to force you to watch their shitty new show (and it IS shitty) is the last straw for me. We can disagree on movies, and I can be frustrated with the sway critics hold, but playing games like that proves they are indeed petty arrogant assholes. Every bit the petty arrogant assholes DC fans always said they were. We're done, RT. We're done. 
  • Yeah, I think people had their knives out already for this flick. Nothing but a re-animated Christopher Reeve and Adam West was ever going to make them happy. Fuck 'em. Let 'em be sad. 
  • Also, Whedon may have added his touches, but JL was always going to be a brighter movie than BvS. Snyder said right when BvS came out that "BvS is Empire Strikes Back, and Justice League is Return Of The Jedi". The happy joyous culmination was always the trajectory they were on. So don't let your friends get on that dipshit bandwagon.  Call 'em out on it every time.
  • The integration between Snyder and Whedon was seamless. It's all one movie. 
  • Final ranking for the 5 DCEU movies...WW, JL, MoS, BvS, SS.
  • Can't wait for Aquaman, and Shazam. Especially Shazam.
  • Really excited for Wonder Woman 2. 
  • Really can't wait for the stuff the end credits hinted at. 
  • Another one for the "movies that made me high", list. Hollywood's really figured out how to hit my g-spot. 

So, yeah, if you love any one of these characters, much less multiple, much less all, go see it.
See it right fucking now.
Fuck the critics.
Unless they're your spouse, then stop fucking them.
Like, forever.

Next review, the DCEU list to go with Marvel, X-Men, and all superheroes.

Next theater movie review, THE LAST JEDI!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Some forgotten Halloween stuff.

Facebook does this thing of regurgitating up posts you did on this day years ago, and I did these back in 2013.
This would have been way back at the "hi-jinks ensue!", masters of horror Halloween.

I think I meant to recycle them into the very next Halloween, but they didn't pop up, and they slipped my mind.

Well, here they are, and I'll retro link them back to this Halloween.

Ladies, if you want to survive a horror movie, here's what you should do. Cry. Noisily and sloppily, and with every breath in your body. And lose the ability to walk in a straight line. Wobble around like a drunk because you're crying so hard. Waste lots of time on the crying. Don't try to run. Don't do anything. Just stand there and cry for 10 minutes at a time. Also, when you find the killers stash of trophies, stare at it with a flashlight for 10 minutes. Read the news clippings in detail. Pick things up, and play with them. Make stupid "I can't believe it", faces. Also, cry some more. When you try to steal the killer's car, lose all motor coordination when selecting keys. Cry some more. Piss your pants, and throw up a scent so he can find you. Drop everything you pick up at least twice. Drop something really important, and not notice, and have to run back for it. Cry some more. Don't forget to stand still and not run while you cry. And make sure the crying is loud and sloppy. Don't forget that part. It's important.

How to be the doomed would-be-savior in a horror movie. When a blood soaked screaming woman flags you down on the highway, suddenly lose your comprehension of clearly spoken English, and keep mumbling "I don't understand what you're saying". Do everything possible to stay in that spot. Fight any sensible impulse to get the fuck out of there. Tell the girl to calm down, offer her stupid bullshit, like drinks from your thermos, a blanket, a teddy bear, store bought cookies from the glove compartment, etc, etc. Take 3 minutes to retrieve each item. Fumble them if possible. Expose your back to the pitch darkness from whence she came. Best of all, have something you have to get out of the back of the car, and take your good goddamned sweet time walking around the car to get there. The key here is be slow, and dumb.

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Chicken chips!!!!

As I said in "I don't h8 the 90's anymore (Part 9)", about my 1995 Nova Scotia trip...

They've got better chip flavors up there.
Roast chicken was awesome.
It tasted like stuffing spice, and chicken grease.
They also had a gravy flavor.
Mix the gravy with the chicken, and holy fuckballs!
*Drool, gurgle, splash*

Well, as you can see from the graphic, our local chip company, Humpty Dumpty, just added chicken back to the menu!!
And it's as good as I remember!!

They were bought out by a Canadian conglomerate over 5 years ago, but its taken this long to get their flavors.
Probably won't be getting "gravy fries", cuz that's totally a Canada thing.

Ah well, I'll take chicken.

Now, if we could just get a bookstore within a 5 minutes driving distance, I'll have all the things.
Local places have fish n' chips now, so all I'm missing from the New Hampshire/Shady Dave/Weathervane/Nova Scotia experience in daily life is washing it all down with new comics and movies.

I mean, I can get it all online, but physically having it, I still can't let go of that yet.
That's going to be my one old-fogey thing.

There's Bullmoose, but it's 20-30 minutes of driving, and wondering if this time is the time traffic kills me.
If it were local, and I could just take a couple turns, and I'm there, fucking sweet.

Anyway, yeah, chicken chips.
I'll retro-link this in 90's 9.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Star Wars trilogy 3 news.

Previously with Star Wars...

Well, just as much as Kathleen Kennedy can punish, she can reward!

Rian Johnson was such a good boy on Episode 8, he's getting Episodes 10, 11, and 12!!
He'll write and produce all three, and direct 10 to get it rolling.

Looks like Episode 9 will wrap up the Skywalkers story, because this next trilogy will tell some other story in some other corner of the galaxy.
Johnson will develop it from scratch from his own noggin.


Lucasfilm said they were going to plot out Star Wars for the next 10 years.
Add these ones up with the Boba/Yoda/Jabba anthologies, and that takes us out to 2026.
That about does it.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 3. (Part 4).

At long, long, LONG last, after horrifying weather, a week long power outage, family health shit, and everything on Earth trying to physically and psychologically destroy me before I got here, it's....

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Previously on MCU phase 3....
And previously with Hulk and Thor...

And now the rundown.
  • Fucking loved the shit out of it.
  • Sweatlessly the best Thor movie.
  • Felt like Thor meets Guardians, meets "Heavy Metal".
  • A fucking comic geek dream come true!!
  • Lots of deep cuts for longtime comics fans buried in there.
  • I no longer crave a movie of "Hulk/Thing: The Big Change", this was better.
  • Mark Mothersbaugh's score was liquid drugs pouring right onto my exposed brain.
  • On the Marvel list, I'd put it somewhere between or alongside Guardians 1 and 2.
  • Everyone in it is awesome.
  • Thor? Awesome.
  • Hulk? Awesome. Best Hulk/Banner ever in fact.
  • Hela? Awesome.
  • Loki? Awesome.
  • Valkyrie? Awesome. In fact, she may be the breakout star.
  • Grand Master? Awesome.
  • Dr. Strange!!!! Yes!!!!
  • As I said here about "The Dark World","also, so far, it blends into continuity second least of them all. Maybe "Ragnarok", will tie it in better". It did. It tied all three Thors, and both Avengers all up in a nice bow.
  • Two hours, 10 minutes, but it flew by.
  • The first time EVER, everyone stayed through the credits!! 17 movies in, and FINALLY the dummies stopped walking out!!!
  • "Infinity War", can't come fucking fast enough!!!!!
  • Well, all that's in-between now and then is "Black Panther", and that looks like a ground shaking epic too, so I don't mind at all.
  • Traffic was smooth, hit all the green lights.
  • Got my favorite seat.

I don't just recommend it, I'd say you MUST see it.
Not only is it just a damned good film, it's a vital puzzle piece towards "Infinity War".
See it!!!

Finally, the good post-summer flicks are coming out.
In two weeks, Justice League!!!!!!
Then a month later, THE LAST JEDI!!!!!!!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Star Wars future movies info-graphic two.

Previously with Star Wars...

Yeah, I know, I haven't finished evolving the original one with the movies we've got lined up until 2020, but it's never too early to get prepared for the second batch.

Rumor is, the Boba-Fett movie still isn't off the table, and the other ones they're considering for the anthology interquels are Yoda, and Jabba.

When this whole thing started, Han, Obi-Wan, and "Death Star plans heist", were rumored, and they're all coming true, so I believe it.

So, tadaa, there's that lineup.

I'm getting that ready, because I don't think we'll have to wait all the way until 2020 until we start to hear word on these.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Krazy For Decades 2: Wasted! Youth! (THE END!!)


Krazy for decades.

Damn, when I started out with this, I really just wanted to do animations to comment on how good 90's was for animation.
Somewhere along the way, I wanted to expand it out to the best of the best movies, thinking it would be 10-20, but I kept thinking of ones I'd let slip by before, and it grew, and grew, and grew.
And once it got growing, more categories popped up, and then it was off to the races with no finish line in sight.
But, I realized, all these categories were ones I wanted to do in one form or another over the years, but couldn't think of an excuse to do them. So, a lot of back-burner-ed stuff was cleared out by this.
I'm glad I did this, and got it out of my system.
The demons are exorcised.
I feel better.

And, here it is...

I don't h8 the 90's anymore.
I don't "meh", the 00's anymore.

Part 1 (Summer Of Dune!!)

The rest. 

Now, I just need to add it to biographyarchives, and retro-link it in the Halloween brew review.

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