Thursday, February 4, 2016

Buncha stuff revisited.

Was digging through old stuff, walking down memory lane, and a few years have given me perspective.
Here's that.

The four Is.

There's a fifth I that isn't there.
I either lack it, or have a corrupted version of the software.
Intuition thinkers seem to have a smoother and richer trip through life.
Oh well, I just don't get to have that.

But, the intuition thinkers also reflexively see things in terms of hierarchy, and one-upmanship, and all that fevered hierarchy building builds up a big smelly debris pile.
I needed to write the four Is to rip free of that debris to think clearly.

But now that I can, I need to let it all go, including the anger.

What I don't do- The Collection.

Yeah, this is more declaration against the intuition thinkers.
When you aren't one of them, they think you're just one of them with something wrong, and that they can scream it out of you.
Again, gotta let it all go, including the anger.

And in regards to the specific bit about "My So Called Life", if I had a time machine, I'd tell myself, intuition thinkers don't like being called dumb, or having their things called dumb, and when you do, they'll rip you apart with rusty razors.
So, keep it to yourself, and only say it out loud among your weirdo friends.
It's not right, or moral, or logical, but it'll help you survive.
It just is what it is.

There's Nothing To Know- The Collection.
More "There's Nothing To Know", The Collection.

Intuition thinkers like to play off that their intuitions are a magical power, and that you should tremble in respect to their power.
More hierarchy shit.
The spell needed to be broken.
But, now that it has been, I look back at my ranting and raving, and think "meh, whatever, it's human nature, let it go".

I dunno, maybe learning more about the brain and psychology has made this stuff unlock and open up, and I'm able to be easier on people.

So, that's all that then.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy (belated) 16th anniversary, The Krazyfool Show!!

Crap! It was yesterday!
Yeah, I was catching up on "Clone Wars", and "Rebels", cuz Force Awakens re-activated my Star Wars junkie habit, and I totally got amnesia towards checking the calendar.

Um...nothing new to report.
Krazyfool Show episode 5 still happens in QD season 3, and I'm nowhere near close to it.
No fucking idea when I'll get to it.
But, at least I observed it.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Big Winter Movies (Part 3.85).

Yep, it's Star Wars again!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Like I said last time, I love it more every time I see it.
I see more every time.
More Easter eggs, more background details, more performance/character nuances, it's a jam packed flick.
Can't wait to examine the Blu-ray with a fine toothed comb.

I've seen it enough now, it's starting to integrate more and more into the larger saga for me.
I move the original ANH around on the scale as the mood strikes me, but I still like TFA a smidge better than ROTJ.
ESB is still the king.
Prequels are always last, going 3, 2, 1.

I'd discuss spoilers in this one, but....doesn't everyone know them by now?
If you haven't seen this by now, WTF are you doing?

Got my ideal seat, and hardly anyone was there, and everyone shut the fuck up.
Best viewing yet.

Anyhoo, I did it, four times.
I topped my "Guardians Of The Galaxy", record.

Next up, Deadpool for sure!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Elevatorgate, 5 years later.

Someone in a Facebook thread jogged my memory, that this coming July will mark 5 years ago this bullshit started.

So, here's where we are with this shit.

And it's actually pretty good news.

The elevatorgate-ers became Atheism Plus, Atheism Plus became Freethought Blogs, and Freethought Blogs has completely fucking imploded, and people have left it like rats off a sinking ship.

Now, it's just down to PZ Myers, and he's twisted up, and sad, and bitter, and hateful, and increasingly crazier, and people are washing their hands and feet of him in droves, and he seems to be planning to just go down in flames and smoke, spraying poison the whole way down.

Flame out, Peezus.
I'll get the marshmallows.

Their day is done, this shit seems to have a 5 year cycle.

But, the next cycle has started with the Social Justice Warriors going after video games.
The whole Anita Sarkeesian thing started up in about 2012-2013, so....we've got about til 2017-2018 for it to burn out.

Part of me wishes I'd blogged that new saga, but I covered pretty much how I feel about the SJW crowd in this Halloween post.

We've still got some residual atheists who've drunk the SJW Kool-Aid.
Steve Shives is pretty much ruined.
Eli Bosnick from "God Awful Movies", made an asshole of himself on "Cognitive Dissonance", but his show buddies kinda all laughed at him when he came back, and it all kinda blew over.

Mostly, its burnt off.
It's fading out, not building up.

It sure as hell is gearing up in the gamer community though.
But, thanks to the internet, there's a record of their damage, and tactics, and there was a quicker backlash this time.

We'll see in 2018 if their strain of the plague has been crapped out.
Be interesting to see what social group the SJWs try to destroy next.
I hope it's the Republicans.
Or cross-trainers.
Or Lumbersexuals.
Yeah, that'd be good.
SJWs ruining lumbersexuals.
Pick them next, SJWs.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Movies I was waiting for- The Sequel!

The prequel-
Movies I was waiting for in retrospective.

I was rereading that one, and I couldn't help noting that all the ones that didn't happen, have happened since, or are happening soon.

So, let's go back through that list.
For those that didn't click the link, these are films the internet of the late 90's promised me, and delivered on way late.

Star Wars

The Force Awakens finally gave me the Star Wars I was aching for back in the 90's.
Only 16 years late.

It's all good, I'm getting one a year until I die now.

Freddy vs Jason.

Came out 10 years late, and now it's old enough that it's already time for a remake.
Instead, we're getting re-remakes of Freddy and Jason separately.
Ah, well.
Lucky I got this one.

Alien vs. Predator

As I said last time, meh.
If they used the original Peter Biggs script, and put Prometheus level money into it, the concept could really be something.
Ain't gonna happen.
We're stuck with these.

Superman 5

"Superman Returns", was 5, "Man Of Steel", was 6, even though it's a reboot.

And from last time...

Batman vs. Superman, never happened.
Justice League, never happened.
They were never gonna happen.
Why did they fuck around with 'em?

Well, they're happening now.
And "Man Of Steel", was the retroactive prequel.

Oh, and the Tim Burton/Kevin Smith/Nick Cage one from the 90's that was supposed to be 5?
The debris field from that has been recycled into a documentary.

Also, the polar bears and caveman skull from that actually made cameos in "Man Of Steel", that I never noticed until recently.

And the mechanical spider ended up in "Superman: Doomsday", with animated Kevin Smith snarking at it.

Evil Dead 4

Finally happened as a TV series.
Season 2 is already lined up for next year.

20 years late is better than never.

Batman 5

So, in the 90's, Batman 5 was supposed to have Scarecrow and Harley Quinn, and Joker was going to come back as a fear gas hallucination.

"Batman Begins", had Scarecrow, "The Dark Knight", had Joker, all three Nolans had the human identity of Scarecrow, and "Suicide Squad", is finally gonna have Harley and Joker.
And the prequels to that are "Man Of Steel", and "Batman v Superman".

And the lost story for "Batman Triumphant", is going to be a comic book.

So, it all came together in the end.
20 years late.

Tron 2

It happened.
But we ain't getting a part 3.


It happened, I've got the ultimate cut in my file cabinet, I'm good to go.

Now, Zach Snyder is directing "Batman vs Superman", and the two Justice League films.

Ghostbusters 3

The final outing of the reunited cast ended up being in the video game.

As far as the film went, Bill Murray resisted, then Harold Ramis died, and that really killed it.

Now, we're getting a female casted reboot.
Which I'm actually excited about, because the director has a proven record of bringing the funny, the cast has a proven record of being funny, and everyone minus Ramis and Moranis are going to be in it in cameos, so it's a reunion anyway.

Also, the director is as much a Ghostbusters geek as I am.
It's in good hands.
It could still suck, but everything I've seen so far gives me hope.

Twilight Of The Dead

Nope, it wasn't Twilight, instead we got Land, Diary, Survival, and the final one will be Empire, and be a cable miniseries.

Predator 3

It happened.
I've cooled to it since that original review.
I keep hearing about 4 coming, but I'll believe it when I see it.
I'm not exactly chomping at the bit.

Godzilla remake

Just garbage.

So, 15 years later, they re-remade it.
*Wavey hand* ehh.
It made money, so this version is going to fight Rodan and Ghidorah, and then King-Kong.
That I'm excited to see.

A sequel to King-Kong vs Godzilla is only umm...60 years late!!!

Toxic Avenger 4

Happened 14 years ago.

A Youtube trailer a couple years ago said part 5 was going to happen when Toxie's children became 14 years old.
Well, *checks watch* come on, Lloyd, it's time!

All righty then.
That's the time capsule for 2016, following after the first in 2010.
I'll update this in another 6 years.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy 3rd birthday, Jade Shade!

Year 1.
Year 2.

All right, year three now!

2015's milestones...

Most proud that I finally cleared the Freed Radicals recruitment drive chunk of the story.
I knew that was gonna be hard.

Now, like the Eidolon, Dr. Herbert, and Chokecherry anniversaries, let's do origins.

The origin of Dusty Irwin.

So, it's either 2012, or 2013, and I'm watching "Tales of the Rat Fink", on Ovation, and the origin of Rat Fink was, Big Daddy Roth hated Mickey Mouse, and all the cloying cute-ness he stood for, so he doodled Rat Fink on a napkin as the radical antithesis of every trait Micky had, and boom, a mascot of a mini empire was born.

I was stuck for ideas, so I followed the same process.
"Twilight", was at its height, and I hated it with a seething passion, so I took Edward, and made his anti-matter opposite, a fat, old, slovenly, surly, unkempt Ghostbuster/Vampire Killer.

Then, I needed a name,
So, among my favorite characters are Ambush Bug, and Ash.
So, Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Dust. Dusty.
Ambush Bug is Irwin Schwaub. Irwin.
Dusty Irwin.
Bam, there you go, it was that easy.

I was gonna base a whole book around him, but couldn't muscle up enough ideas, so it went into the "for later", pile.

Later on, I needed a secret identity for Jade-Shade, so boom, Dusty Irwin was pressed into service.

Then, I didn't wanna lose that character, and JS/Dusty wasn't that original guy anymore, so I took Dusty's original body, and gave it to Captain Descrambler in "season 2, chapter 9".
And, he can be seen here.

SO, the real significance of that chapter, is that it's the two Dustys meeting each other.
Nothing goes to waste with me.

Origin of QD's overall structure.

This also goes back to about 2012/2013, I came up with the idea to do a radical reboot of Harry when the 25th anniversary rolled around, where Harry would ACTUALLY be 25, and start over in a real world with no supernatural or sci-fi elements, and place him in a world like my hometown.

Well, that fell by the wayside, but I re-absorbed it into Quantum Dissolve.
I made Dusty 25, and I started the story the day after Harry's birthday, so they'd be right next to each other, so I'd always remember, and realistically age JS accordingly.

Then, I crossed JS over with Harry, and more Harry-verse stuff is on the way.
So, that all worked out anyway.
Again, nothing goes to waste.

The origin of QD's overall idea.

Again, about 2011/2012/2013, I was totally lost in a blizzard, blind as a bat, had no idea what to do.
So, I just started writing about shit that I like just to make myself happy, and de-stress my brain.
First, Freddy Krueger.
Then, all the genre slashers.
Then, to segue-way, the crossovers between horror characters, and superheroes.
Then, all the crossover comics period, which exploded forth huger than I could have possibly imagined, but I had fun making the puzzle fit together.
And in putting the giant puzzle together, a pattern emerged, and a plan emerged from the pattern.
If I could be like Witchblade, or Vampirella, I could create a character solely out of crossovers.
BUT, you need copyright permission to officially crossover with established characters.
BUT, Evil Ernie crossed over with parody versions of the heroes, and Superman crossed over with a parody version of Popeye.
SO, if I built my universe out of parody crossovers, and got my little universe to snowball, maybe someday, I could crossover with the real characters, and integrate myself into the universal cosmic canon.
But, I had to get that first fucking book done.

And then Jade-Shade emerged, and then I made him Dusty Irwin.

The origin of Jade Shade.

Okay, the bit where Dusty sees the mask at the grocery store, and it calls out to him?
That really happened to me.

But here's the backstory to that.
The Green Monster was a real thing done by some teenagers, and it ended up in the paper, and my mother showed it to me when I was a teenager.

So, when I saw that green mask, it resonated for me, and I almost bought it, and if I had, I would have done the Green Monster sequel.

But, I chickened out, and regretted it, but the adventures I imagined having with that mask turned into the first couple chapters of QD.

I had the 25 year old Harry reboot idea, I had the parody crossover idea, I had Green-Mask-Guy idea, and I had Dusty Irwin, and the pieces all came together.

BUT, "Green Monster", was too generic sounding, so just as I wrote it into the story, I just ran it through a thesaurus a zillion times until "Jade Shade", just kinda popped out.

Bam, there it all was.

And of course, I had Hyla do up the mask differently, so it wasn't a total ripoff of the store one, and then Paladin's version built off that.

The origin of Quantum Dissolve.

I was always obsessed with two things, and you can find my writings on the subjects without too much fuss, so I won't even link it.
Those two things, the Star Trek transporter, and acid.
And, they both break things down.
Just one can rebuild, and the other can't.
But, the one that can't is real.

So, I wanted to get artsy fartsy with the title, and I wanted it to be a metaphorical image that applies across my whole life, and has personal significance, and after trying a LOOOOOT of word combinations on a  HUUUUUGE list, "Quantum Dissolve", finally stumbled out, and it was just fucking right.

And, I think I broke down the meaning of it all pretty well in "season 2, chapter 18".
Everything's getting written into this canon.
Nothing's getting left out.

Anyhoo, I think that covers the whole story pretty well.

As mentioned with the Harry 27th anniversary, this stuff counts for the bonus material in QD the book just like the Harry stuff will be in Harry book 5.

So, that was this year.
Stay tuned for more.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 27th birthday, Harry Hembock!


Previous birthdays.

Stuff that happened after the 26th.

Like I said in "The (third) YEAR Of Hembock!", I want to cobble together a fifth Harry book.
It'll come after "Quantum Dissolve", is done.
It would be cobbled together from the online story content on the Harry page, and all the anniversary stuff, and "other stuff", will be the bonus content.
Plus, there'd be exclusive-to-the-book bonus material to make you shell out your shekels.

So, since this counts towards that bonus material, I ought to think of something.

Well, I've got big plans after QD and Harry book 5 are done, but I can't talk about them.
They'll either work or fail, and if they work, they'll change the universe.
Which is why I have to hide it under my hat.

But big things are coming!
I just gotta get these pesky books done.
They're the seeds from which will grow the mighty redwood.

Stay tuned!

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