Friday, February 16, 2018

Big 2018 Movies Part 1.



The big 2015-2017 movie recap.

And we start 2018 off with...

Black Panther (2018)

Previously on MCU phase 3....

And now the rundown.
  • HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You thought the trailers were awesome? It surpasses them. They did it.
  • You thought Black Panther kicked ass in his little scenes in "Civil War"? Just you wait!
  • Best of the standalone origin movies, hands down.
  • Best Ryan Coogler movie.
  • Best sympathetic villain.
  • Best MCU villain.
  • Everyone brings it and nails it acting wise.
  • Effects are top notch.
  • Black Panther is going to be your new favorite MCU hero. If not, at least in your top 5.
  • It's unavoidable to wade in to the politics, so I'll say it, the world needs this movie. Particularly America. This is the cultural moment for this movie to exist.
  • I'm a dumb white guy, and it made my eyes well up in places. 
  • I don't know where it sits on the Marvel list yet. Definitely way up there. Maybe even in "Civil War", territory.
  • I hope this makes a billion worldwide.
  • I can't picture you not liking this movie. It's statistically possible, but if you hate this movie, it's one of those ones where I don't want to know you.
  • Stay tuned for 2 after credits scenes.
  • Traffic was smooth. For a change.
Can NOT fucking wait for Infinity War now!!!!!!

Go see it.
Multiple times.

Next time, Ready Player One.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Star Wars trilogy...4???


This news has been out for awhile, but its time I caught up.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, showrunners on "Game Of Thrones", have signed up to do their own series of Star Wars films.

These would be on top of the Rian Johnson trilogy, and the (alleged) next three anthology films.

They'll write the overall story arc, and produce, and hand 'em off to other directors.

No word on what this, or indeed the Johnson trilogy, are going to be about.

If they're gonna do all 9 of these, they're gonna have to ramp up to 2 or 3 movies a year, like Marvel is doing.

I'll call this "the Benioff & Weiss trilogy", or "Benioffenweiss", as I've heard some pronounce it.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ghostbusters: ATC: What Dreams May Come, Issue #3.

Right here.

Issue #1.
Issue #2.

Overall review.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story update.


So, here's the Superbowl teaser.


And here's the post-Superbowl "Good Morning America", full trailer.


And here's the first 4 character posters.
I say first 4, because Woody Harrelson's character isn't in there, and he's supposed to be important, so we'll probably get him, and an alien, or a droid, and maybe the villains next time.

And, here's an update to the infographic with the Han character poster as a placeholder until we get the final full poster.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Last Jedi: Second viewing.

Right here.

First viewing.

The big 2015-2017 recap.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Happy 5th birthday, Jade Shade!

Previous years.

Since I want this to be the last bonus feature for the book...

Hahah!! That didn't work out!!

Anyhoo, here we are back to January 14th.
Now I can look back at it all properly.
From seeing the mask at the grocery store, to wrapping the whole thing up last year, and being free of the monkey on my back.

It was a journey, and I'm glad I went on it.

As I mentioned in the 29th Harry anniversary, I ended up taking a year break, and not 100% of my own choosing.

But, I'm glad I did that now too, to clean my head out.

Now, I not only have the next book idea lined up that I mentioned on New Year's, but a new Harry story popped into my head yesterday that'll make the JS/Harry hybrid compilation better, and feel more complete and resolved.

It'll be a final episode of Harry, and will come out on the 30th anniversary.
THEN the book will be finished, and THEN I'll compile it.

Whether I'll start work on the new book before or after that, I don't yet know.

My muse is slow and stubborn, but it always delivers in the end.
It'll all reveal itself to me.
I'll get there.

I repeat last year's message.
Books are on their way.
Stay tuned.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy 29th birthday, Harry Hembock!


Previous birthdays.

Stuff that happened after the 28th.

Anyhoo, this'll be the last Harry bonus feature until the book.

Haha!! Wrooonng-guh!!

Well, like I said on New Year's, I slacked off due to existential crisis.
Details in there.
It'll be in the book too.
If I ever build the thing.

I technically missed this day too, but Google's midnight is 3 am, so I've got a bit before the rollover to tomorrow, and have to add a "belated".

Hmm, y'know, I think I'll wait 'til next year to compile the book, then I'll do the big 30th anniversary thing, and I'll get to include that too.
Yeah, that's the way to go.

"Anything that let's you slack off, huh, Mike?".


Anyhoo, happy year-before-the-big-3-0, Harry!!

When I started the blog, you were old enough to drink, now you're old enough for a mortgage, and an SUV!

Okay, NOW I feel old.
When your high school cartoon character is old enough to be a dad, time to say "ouch!".

Anyhoo, see you next year for the big one!

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