Thursday, April 11, 2013

The shit on my walls (Part 2).

Part 1.

(From there)
And that's that.
Fun little journey.
I plan on a sequel when I get another ink cartridge.
Got the files all ready, and rarin' to go.

Well, here we are.
So, I got fresh printer ink, and filled in all the gaps with new stuff quite awhile ago.
Not long after that post, actually.

But...well, you'll see what held this post up.

Let's start with the big grid on the far wall...

Top row, just before "Goonies".

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
See here, here, here, and here.

Then, "Goonies", then....

Some Guy Who Kills People.
See here.

So, there, I told the whole story about how that one should have gone with my original reviews of "Kick-Ass", "Super", and "Defendor".

And, how I had amnesia level forgetfulness about the whole thing, and had even had the graphic loaded and ready until the last minute.

Well, there's the graphic.
I can see why the DVD art goes another way, and showcases the actors, but, I like that one a lot better.
Anyhoo, both that art, and the flick, were worthy for the wall.

Then, "Freddy vs. Jason", then "The Dark Knight Returns", then....

Tom Jane Punisher.
See here, here, and here.

Then, "Creepshow", then....

God Bless America.
See here, here, and here.

Okay, that completes a row, next row down, "7th Guest", then.....

American Psycho.
See here, and here.

Then, "Toxic Avenger", then....

See here, here, here, and here.
Yeah, I really like this one. :-P


The Avengers.
See here, and here.

Then "Transformers The Movie", then....

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

See here.

Then, "George Carlin: Jammin' In New York", then, that completes another row, then, next row down, and "Megadeth", then.....

Hard Candy.
See here.
This, and "Super", are essentially "The Ellen Page vigilante duology".
Or, just "Boltie 1 & 2", as I call 'em.

Then, "Vice City", then "MAD", then....

Batman vs. Hulk.
See here, and here.

Then Lou Ferrigno Hulk issue cover, and that completes the grid.

Then, ROM, and then the next wall.

So then, we come back to the wall in front of me, and "George Carlin: Back In Town", then, just above that now, I've got...

Some more comedy heroes.
Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Kathy Griffin, and Dave Attell.
They were too numerous to do individually, so I made grids.

Then, right next to this one, and above the "teach the controversy", thing, which is above Bill Hicks...

Louis C.K., Kristen Schaal, Sarah Silverman, and Lewis Black.

All together, they're the only standup comedians still doing standup worth a damn today.
Okay, Patton Oswalt is good, but there was no more room.
Oh, shit, Ron White coulda gone in too.
Katt Williams showed promise, until he went insane.
Anyway, those, and the rest are riff-raff.

Then, next to that whole macro-grid of comedians, is "Ranchy Hulk", "Freddy Mail", Movies Unlimited cover, then, the window right in front of me (see fall, winter, spring), then....

When Worlds Collide!! (in color!)

See here, and here.


See here.

Yep, that was the holdup.

I couldn't do this post until I premiered the mask, and I couldn't premiere that until I did chapter 8, and chapter 8 is stuck good and tight in my head, and I finally said "fuck it", and made the chunk with the mask it's own chapter, and premiered it as chapter 7.5, and here we are.

Then, right next to that, is...

A merged image of the prototypes.

Then, right under that...

Mask Mark 1.
See here.

Then, next to that, and underneath the big Mark 2 mask...

Paladin's Jade-Shade.
See here.

Then, next to that, and under "When Worlds Collide!!", is "In The Finich".

Then, next to the Mark 2 mask prototypes is Harry & Spruce, then, under them, and next to the Mark 1 mask prototypes, is Omneron & Horseradish, then, on the other side of Harry & Spruce is....

Zoria & Captain Redundant.
See here.

Then, right under them, and next to Omneron & Horseradish is...

Moomin & Harry's Ex.
See here again.

And, that completes the Zone Dweebies.

Then, a 2 inch gap I couldn't close, and then, lined up with Zoria/Redundant....


This was my first video game I ever owned.
Long before I even got the Atari 400, I had the portable LCD game of this.
Happy times, happy times...

Got this on Dingoo now.
Full circle.

Next to this, is Captain Beeble, under Beeble is the cats sitting in the window, next to kitties, and under Burgertime, is....

The true story of Pac-Man, and what a Space Invader really looks like in one merged image.

Then, on the other side of Captain Beeble is...

Swamp Thing issue #21.
See here.

Then, under this, and next to the cats, is...

Ambush Bug issue 3.
See here for Ambush Bug.

Why 3?
Okay, so, it's like this, it's summer of 1985, I'm freshly 10, me and my folks are over my mother's friend's house, and her abusive ex-husband is late bringing the kids home from weekly visitation, and we stay there to be with her, and the moronic asshole finally drags his ass in at 10 at night, and then my mother's friend has a total meltdown, and smashes his truck into a soda can with a baseball bat, and releases all that pent up abuse energy.

Her terminally ill mother was on the couch going "I wish I could be out there helping her!".

Me, I sat in the rocking chair, and calmly kept reading Ambush Bug.
And, this was the issue.
I think of that every time I look up at the wall now.
Ah, good times, good times...

Okay, right next to Swamp Thing 21, and above the Lows menu, is...

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.
See here, and here.

Then, the window, then, the Star Wars montage, then, next wall, and my bookshelves, my bed, then my stereo, and then, above the stereo...

A miniature version of the big grid on the far wall!
Ayep, that's the whole thing.

Now, when I'm sitting in my stereo corner, I can see it there too, and get ideas.

Then, under that one...

A miniature version of the grid between my two windows.
Under that is the comedian grid before the window, and the FvsJvsA and menus grid, and SW, and Movies Unlimited to fill that last little bit in.

Then, next to that, is the Star Wars rock band, and then, above that, and next to the first grid, is....

Star TREK rock band!

Then, next wall, and the grid with Ghostbusters, Heavy Metal covers, menus, and oh yeah, Westbrook Hoggy's went out of business.
So...that's a piece of nostalgia now. :-(

Then, my door, my other bookshelves, Suicide Girls nudies, my closet, and back to the grid.

Oh, and one more thing.

Taped to my file cabinet, and this was there all along, but I forgot it last time...

See here, here, and here.
*Sigh* yep, my file cabinets, and my blog memories are all that's left of 'er.

And, that's that.
It goes all the way around now, pretty much.
Couple spots I could probably add to, but, I think I'm good.

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