Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy 17th anniversary, The Krazyfool Show!!

Well, damn, folks.
I was gonna do that 5th episode of Krazyfool in Quantum Dissolve, but I finished off QD, and didn't do it.

Just as well, I can't recapture the magic.

BUT, as I said on the 28th Harry anniversary, and the 4th Jade-Shade anniversary, I'm merging Harry 5 and QD, and that will contain Krazyfool and it's sequels, so...there's that.
So, since Krazyfool is Harry/JS canon, then the Krazyfool anniversary stuff is going to be bonus features too.

So, all of those (and this) will be your extra Krazyfool content.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Ghostbusters of Christmas future (Part 3)

Part 1.
Part 2.

Okay, so now that I've looked back on the whole "Answer The Call", deal, let's look ahead.

Assuming these things are still coming, next up, is the (untitled) animated movie, and GB: Ecto-Force.

So, let's put our speculation hats on, and dig in....

In this article about "Ghostbusters 101", Ivan Reitman said...

“I’ve always wanted to meld the two worlds....It would be great fun to see them all together for the first time and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.”

The key phrase that stands out to me is...

"....and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.”

The only extant timelines they had floating around were "The Real Ghostbusters", and "Answer The Call", and...

"Ghostbusters Get Real", and "Ghostbusters 101", have spliced them in.

So, if they're aiming towards getting the franchise under one universe, they sure aren't going to undo that by splintering off other new universes.
SO, any new stuff will have to be a continuation of the original movie universe.

Thus, I can pretty well confidently narrow down what the animated movie will be.
I even said here..

I think we can rule out strangers if Reitman is directly involved.
I'm betting heavily on the classic Busters.

This just re-enforces that.

It'll either be animated youth-ified versions of the classic Busters set sometime after GB2, and The Video Game.
OR, a new crew of Busters in the firehouse set in modern day.
OR, a GB franchise in a new city with connections back to the originals.
It could be any of those three, but I'm leaning most towards it being classic Busters.
Possibly even the comic book likenesses.

Especially considering...

...expansion of the Ghostbusting franchises is going to be more Ecto-Force's thing.

And this just sorts out the two animated projects....

...I still haven't a clue what the other live-action movie could be.

That one's more likely to be a new crew in the original universe in modern day.
Probably with an adult Oscar in there somewhere.

But again, this all assumes that it's happening.
Sony is considering selling off their entertainment divisions, and who knows what a shake-up of that magnitude would do to Ghostcorps.
Only time will tell.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Star Wars Episode 8 title!

Last update.
5th Star Wars Day.

The Last Jedi.

So, time to update the info-graphic again.

And, there we go!

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Star Wars info-graphic update.

Last update.
5th Star Wars Day.

(Adding Rogue One poster)
Yeah, it's a dumb little ritual, but it's my dumb little ritual, and I'm gonna do it.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

"Ghostbusters: Answer The Call". The Aftermath.

All right, so I had the gigantic buildup (see the big pile of links here), let's look at it now that its run its course at the theaters, and on home video.

Answer The Call (2016)

My journey with this flick...

Well, verdict is, I loved it, but the larger world didn't.
It made good money, but not enough to make its ridiculous budget back.

I was gonna wait for home video numbers, but the industry keeps those secret, unless someone knows someone, who knows someone, in order to leak it, and people don't seem to wanna be ninja spies for this flick.
So, all quiet on the western front there.
It's coming to basic cable pretty soon.
I think the channels that marathon the other two will have it for sure.
Those will be fun binges.

What about the merchandise?
Ehh, it's doing all right, but studios make a razor thin margin off it, so they'd need to move "Force Awakens", level of units to break even off that, and that ain't happening.
The Ghostheads just ain't enough.

Now, it's not an unrecoverable loss, because Sony had a good year with other movies, so they're okay.
They're not gonna die.
Don't worry.

For me, the flick has leveled off as an 8.
Still better than "Ghostbusters 2", (which I still love, and watched again fairly recently) not as good as "Ghostbusters", which was an accidental masterpiece that can't be cloned.

So, yet another movie I dig that the rest of the world is tepid to.
Like Ang Lee's "Hulk", and "Human Centipede 3", and "Howard The Duck".
Except probably not as unpopular as those last two.

I still think in the long game, it's gonna win, and prove the haters wrong.
I really do.
I'm stubbornly optimistic.
Like Dan Aykroyd was on the buildup to this one.
People will look back in 10 years, and go "what was the internet so bananas over? What were people smoking? This was a nice fun little movie!".
People have come around on "Ghostbusters 2", lately.
It still has its haters, but cable plays the shit out of it, so someone's watching.
And I bet dollars to donuts, in 20 years, they re-reboot, and the girls will pass the torch to the new team. It'll all come together. Speaking of...

Next up, we have the "Ghostbusters 101", comics that'll crossover the two casts.
So, that retroactively makes "Answer The Call", Ghostbusters 3 once and for all.
(Thus making the '09 Video Game 2.5)
That makes marathon-ng them feel smoother.
I'll be following this series issue by issue.
Dunno if I'll blog it like "Ash vs Evil Dead", episodes though.
We'll see....

And the comic crossover means "Tobin's Spirit Guide", and "Ghosts From Our Past", are in the same world, and thus make up one perfect Big Book Of Ghostbusters.
Which was my perception of it anyway.
Now it's just confirmed.

AND, all the people that whined about "I wanted a torch pass!", well, now it's happening, and all the people that whined "the trailer made it look like a sequel!", well, now it is.

We've got 1-2 years to wait for the animated movie, and "Ghostbusters: Ecto-Force", if they happen at all, so IDW is going to have to carry the torch for us GB fans for awhile.
And they're up to the task, they've said "GB 101", is just the beginning, that more is coming, and they have big plans for 2017-2018.
If nothing else, we've got that.

Million dollar question, is WILL those other movies/shows happen?
Ivan Reitman seems to think they will.
(It's Dan Aykroyd with Ghostbusters 3 all over again)

We'll see there too.
With the exception of the comics, the future of the GB franchise is up in the air, and top secret.
I'll keep it updated as we go.

Now, would I die if no other films come?
Nah, I can happily live off this trilogy for quite awhile.
I got by with two movies and the cartoons for 27 years.
BUT, for comparison, a world with "Force Awakens", and "Rogue One", is better than one without.
Can't lie about that.
I could have lived off the classic trilogy 'til the day I died, but it's pretty fucking cool not to have to now.
It'd be nice to have that for Ghostbusters.
That ain't bad to want.
Not one damned bit.

And with that, I think I'll sign off now.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy 4th birthday, Jade Shade!

2016's milestones...

Since I want this to be the last bonus feature for the book, I'm not doing the other character birthdays this year.
And since I'm not, I'll do their annual updates here...


Well, I finally had her turn out to be the most important character after all in season 2, chapters 21-30.

Dr. Herbert-

Eh, he got short shrift in the final act, I won't lie.
But, he was important to the overall tapestry, and served his purpose.


She was the biggest winner at the end of it all, if you saw season 2, chapter 30.

Jadey himself-

He took a little bit of a back seat to Harry, but everything that came together was set in motion by him, and he reaped the benefits at the end.
So, chapter 30 was his win.

Everything else I needed to say, I pretty much said on Harry's 28th birthday.

Books are on their way.
Stay tuned.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday The 13th Part 13!! (2017)

Well, shit, here we are, and no Friday The 13th The 13th movie.
Am I shocked? Hell no.
Its been bumped to Friday the 13th in October.
You'd better get your shit together, Paramount.
You've had 8 years since the remake, and 37 years overall to map this shit out.
Get a fucking plan together.

*Sigh* well, see you in October, folks.

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Happy 28th birthday, Harry Hembock!


Previous birthdays.

Stuff that happened after the 27th.

So, "Quantum Dissolve", is done, and Harry ended up being pivotal to how it ended.
(See season 2 chapters 22-30)

Last year, I said there'd be a fifth Harry book after QD is done, and as you can see in the last couple links above, I'm merging that with QD, and QD is now "Jade-Shade/Harry Hembock: Quantum Dissolve".

After the Harry/QD hybrid book, I wanna do a compilation book of rants and humor from Krazyfool's, Shmegalamonga, and Facebook.
Thinking the title will just be "Krazyshmegalabook".
Maybe "Mike Meggison's Krazyshmegalabook".
Of course, I'll probably have character cameos to make it canon.

As for the big plans after the books I mentioned last time, where I used crossover connections to build QD, and then fold it back into Harryverse, I'm thinking of experiments that'll crossover-connect reality, and build books and other media that way.
Not quite sure how it'll manifest yet, but once I can get it going, then I can connect it to all the other ideas I want to do.

Anyhoo, this'll be the last Harry bonus feature until the book.
Hopefully, next year, that shit'll all be done, and I'll be talking about that.

Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy Calender Day!! (2017)

Whittling even more out of this one....


  • Harry Hembock's 28th birthday (13th)
  • Jade Shade's 4th birthday (14th)
  • The Krazyfool Show 17th anniversary (29th)


  • Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion 17th anniversary (2nd)

  • Star Wars day. (4th)

  • Hembooks 5th anniversary (21st)
  • Shmegalamonga 9th anniversary (29th)

  • Harry Hembock: Dark Designs 9th anniversary (10th)
  • My 42nd birthday (30th)

  • Halloween marathon starts (30th)

  • "Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", 12th anniversary (2nd)
  • Halloween (31st)

  • Thanksgiving (24th)

  • Christmas. (25th)

January 2018
  • New Years (1st)
  • Pre-Calender Day (10th)
  • Calendar Day. (11th)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quantum Dissolve title announcement.

Now that QD is done, and I'm arranging the materials for the big compilation (see here), it occurs to me that technically, it's retroactively a Harryverse book, so I'm changing the title to...

Jade-Shade/Harry Hembock:
Quantum Dissolve.

Nice. huh?
Even sounds more comic book-y.

Then, the Harryverse compilation book will be "Harry Hembock: Shmegalamonga", then the compilation of HHS and JSHHQD will be "Harry Hembock: The Internet Adventures (1997-2017)".

THEN, I wanna do a compilation book of all my best rants and humor stuff from Krazyfool's, Shmegalamonga, and Facebook.
No title yet for that, but I'm tinkering with ideas.

Now, to link this to both the Harry Hembock and Jade-Shade pages.

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Happy pre-Calendar Day!! (2016)



  • Nothing










January 2017

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0.76).

Updating a previous thing....

Okay, in the comments section of "Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0.75)", I added extra little details and observations, and one of them was this...

AND!!! It resolves what timeline the IDW comics are in.
If the crossover is with cartoony stylized versions of the girls that are intended to represent the live-action versions, then the cartoony stylized versions of the BOYS are the live-action movie characters, SO the comics pick up after GB2 and the video game.

So, here's an updated version of this info-graphic, so you can see more clearly.

There you go, all of Ghostbusters is canon now.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 4.5).

Again, no dicking around, it's Star Wars.

Rogue One:
A Star Wars Story (2016)

Okay, this pass will get a bit spoiler-y, but I gotta assume you've all seen it by now.
If not...what the fuck are you doing?
I mean, really, I've got scary and depressing shit going on in my life, and I found a window to go.
Bust your ass.

  • Liked it even better second time around.
  • Caught The Ghost from "Rebels", at the end.
  • Missed the "Captain Syndulla", line, and I listened for it hard. Meh, I'll catch it on Blu-ray.
  • Caught Bail Organa's lines better this time.
  • Caught on that Vader's castle was on Mustafar better this time.
  • I'm keeping my ranking from last time.
  • That being 5,R1,4,7,6,3,2,1.
  • Tarkin didn't bother me as much. I just went with it.
  • Leia never bothered me. Tiny tinge of sad with Carrie Fisher gone though.
  • Liked the score better.
  • Loved the Vader attack even more.
  • None of the nitpicky shit mattered to me.
  • Really, outright haters of this are just being hipsters and snots. Fuck 'em. Their loss.
  • Hipster haters said they didn't care about the characters, eat shit, I teared up in spots.
  • Got to see it at daytime. I just prefer it. 
  • Got my favorite seat.
  • No one was an asshole. Quiet as mice.
  • Traffic was pretty smooth.
  • Only unlucky thing, a button came off my stupid coat. @#$%^!!! 
So there, there's my twice.
Force Awakens was a rare fluke, I'm gonna limit future SW to twice, unless I bad-luck into bad screenings with assholes that need antidote-ing.

So, next up, finishing off winter, Logan.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!! (...I guess)

Yet again, I'll update last year's list...

Finished off Jade-Shade!!
Shorter than I planned, but it ended when it had to.
Jade Shade turned 3.
As did Chokecherry.
Eidolon turned 2.
Dr. Herbert turned 5.
The Harry books turned 4.
Dark Designs turned 8.
NLHH turned 11!
I turned 41!
Big Summer Movies expanded to year round.
Finally saw Ghostbusters 2016. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, digital, blu-ray, comic sequel)
Seen "Rogue One", once so far.
Saw "Ash vs Evil Dead", season 2.
Shmegalamonga turned 8.
And, I covered in there all the depressing shit going on. :-(
I dunno why people are glad this year is coming, things are actually looking to get way worse.
But, hey, will there still be movies in the apocalypse? Then, I'll watch 'em.

And, by finishing off Jade-Shade, I fulfilled last year's resolution.
So, this year's will be to compile everything needed for the printed book, and get that the fuck out the door and done.
Hope I'm not waylaid by unspeakable horrors.

And as is the motto of everyone, fuck you, 2016.

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Year 9 logo answers.

I got digging around for stuff for the new years post, and found the year 9 logo post, and I forgot to tell everyone the answers.


S = Star Wars.
H = Heavy Metal.
M = Masters Of The Universe.
E = Electric Dreams.
G = Ghostbusters.
A = Amazing Stories.
L = The Last Unicorn.
A = Aliens.
M = Manhunter.
O = One Crazy Summer.
N = A Nightmare On Elm Street.
G = Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.
A = Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.

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