Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things that don't give me nightmares #5.

The good animated satire shows.

Seems satire has to be in cartoon form for the American public to swallow it down.
Well, fine by me.

Anyway, I'm glad they exist.
Like how stuff like "Unwrapped", jogs my memory that people can and do make good things, and not just horrible and exploitative bullshit, the clever shows remind me there are people left who fucking think, and are out there reminding people "you're not crazy, THEY are".
That's important to the sanity of a nation.
I happen to think it's the most important work there is.

Just imagine a world were this work wasn't being done.

It's easy to, we see a sliver of what it might look like every election year.

Course, thanks to certain channels, we get a look at the delusional psychosis year round.

Picturing being trapped in a world like that makes one want to put a gun in one's mouth.
I'm continually relieved I don't live in that world.
So should you, if you don't already.

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