Thursday, March 7, 2013

The shit on my walls.

I knew if I got hard up enough, I'd do this one.

Okay, so, here's the junk I've got up.
All computer printouts.
My walls were bare for a couple years, and I was going bug-fuck crazy staring into the gloomy blandness, so, I burnt through a couple ink cartridges, and went all wallpaper crazy.

Starting with the wall right in front of me....

George Carlin: Back in Town.

Had its 16th anniversary here.
My favorite comedy concert ever.

Self explanatory.
I hate much.

Raunchy Hulk!!!
Damn right Raunchy Hulk goes up there.


So, ages ago, one of my younger relatives had a dream that the mailman was Freddy, and it was one of those weird dream rules that you automatically understand that make no sense that "the Freddy-mail comes on Wednesday", and, you're not supposed to make eye contact with him.
Course, he did, and Freddy started to fly up at him, and he woke up.
At least, I think that's how it goes.

Fast-forward, and I was tearing apart the internet for stuff on the comics section of the Freddy reviews, and, lo and fucking behold!

So, yeah, that's freaky, that's in the same league as Raunchy Hulk, up it goes.

Bill Hicks!
Well, YEAH, if I've got Carlin....

His 51st birthday was in December.

Movies Unlimited!

From here...

Movies Unlimited catalog

Don't know what caused us to get on the list, but my family got one of these out of the blue.
It was pure Heaven.
Basically, a movie catalog as thick as a phone book, with every single movie that was out on VHS that could ever be had.
This was shortly before DVD, mind.
I call it "paper Amazon".
They're still around, except now they deal solely in DVD.
Also, they've partnered up with TCM.
You see ads on there all the time.
It was hard for me to remember exactly what year we started getting these, but I remember ordering Evil Dead 2 in high school, so it had to be '93 or thereabouts.
We started getting stuff out of this immediately.
And the beauty of the book was, you could use it as a paper IMDB too, the write-ups were good, and you could cross-reference by actor.
Between this, and "Incredibly Strange Film show", I became an adept film geek very quickly.
The former was the match, this was the dynamite.
Now, there's IMDB, and Amazon, but this is how we did it in the old school.
I still wish these came, they're still cool, and you don't have to boot-up a catalog.

Okay, that's all on the left side of the window, now to the right...

When Worlds Collide!!

From here.

Yeah, ran out of color ink, so went with the b&w version.
Next cartridge I get my hands on, that goes to color.

In The Finich!!

From here.

So, yeah, a dream from my head up onto my wall, about a yard or so from where I dreamed it.
(Bed used to be in a different spot)
That's eerier than Freddy Mail.
I love it! :D
Thanks, Hyla!

From here.
Don't worry, printed scans, no way I'd thumbtack the originals.

Captain Beeble!!!
From here.


Lows menu.

So's I can just walk over to it, and pick something, and call.

See here for Lows.

Then, a speedbump of another window.
The one from the cat pic, actually, then...

This mosaic of favorite SW books.

See here.

Then, next wall, my bookshelves, my bed, then my stereo, and just above the stereo.....

Fuck yeah.

Then, next wall....

Hoggy's menu.
Same reason as Lows.

See here for Hoggy's.


Weathervane menu.
For both convenience, and nostalgia.
Ditto Hoggy's.

See here for Weathervane.

Three mosaics of favorite Heavy Metal covers.
I couldn't settle on just three, and I was running out of ink.

From Hoggys, to Heavy Metal, is the stuff I face while listening to the stereo.

Then, the door, then, bookshelves, then....

...a couple Suicide Girls.

Hidden by the bookshelves, I promise.

See here for "Suicide Girls vs. Hack/Slash".

Okay, then the closet, and then the next wall, and this behemoth.....

All right, this is the wall I stare at from my bed, so I really had to go all out, and it still even needs some filling in.
First row in grid....


See here for the big Goonies story.

Freddy vs. Jason.

Dark Knight Returns issue 2.
That cover disturbed me as a kid.
That image comes from here.

Now, there's finally the movie.
See here, and here.

I like the comic cover better than the movie poster.

Next row....

The 7th Guest.

From here.


And yep, this is when this one came out, but again, it'd take a couple years for me to find it.
Another wonderful CD game.
I think it still holds up as a classic.
This used full motion video in its cut scenes.
Think it was the first to do so...
No biggie today, but that was really something for the time.
And as a horror story, it does a good job of establishing a spooky atmosphere.
You don't see that much anymore.
Horror movies today go straight for the torture porn, and as for the novels...shit, ARE there even horror novels since King semi-retired?
Even the stuff he writes anymore is essentially sci-fi.

Nice game, full of memories, gave me funky dreams, one of those ones where you feel like you've actually been to the place, and if you go back, it's like a literal memory lane.
Vice City does that to me too.
I never played the sequel "The 11th Hour", I heard a lot of people say it sucked, crummy computer couldn't handle it.
Bare minimum was Pentium, I was 486 for the longest time.
By the time I bumped up to my second computer, it had swept out of the stores.
Which was weird, because you could still get 7th Guest for ages.
Eh, doesn't matter, 7th Guest is the one I fondly remember.
I peeked at 11th Hour cut-scenes on Youtube...meh.
Didn't miss much.
Anyway, like I ranted about KQ6, this was another push of the edge of a frontier, and it was exciting.
I'm so glad I was there for it.

Oh, and here, enjoy the opening, and some of the music.


Chapel Pain.

The Game.

Skeletons in my closet.

See here.

Transformers The Movie.

George Carlin: Jammin' In New York.
My second favorite Carlin concert, and his favorite.

The one with "the planet is fine".

Next row...

Mosaic of "Youthanasia", and "Countdown To Extinction", my favorite Megadeth albums.

From here...

Megadeth: Youthanasia

Ah, yes, a metal band who paid no heed to the rest of the music scene.
They plowed right ahead pretty steadily.
Fell in love with this, and "countdown to extinction", at Toys R US.
Had to go out and buy them immediately after.
Still have 'em, still play 'em.
Youthanasia is my favorite.
Everything on that one is gold.
Geez, I gotta catch up with their newer stuff...
..or, maybe not, maybe the magic of this album is that it takes me back to my only good work experience.
Anyway, great metal group.
They're pretty much the real Dethklok.
Well, personality wise, musically, they're better.

Vice City!!!
Best game ever.
Close down the game stores.
See here.

My first issue of MAD.
See here for my reminiscence on that.

The issue after "Raunchy Hulk".
The very last DVD slim-case of the big Hulk box-set has the photo that that painting's from.
'Nother of those freaky coincidences.

Okay, and that's the grid, then my DVD file cabinets get in the way, then....

An oil painting of that image.
Couldn't get it into the scanner, so, at least you can kinda conceptualize it.
That's been up there forever.
See here for my reminiscence of ROM.

And then, next wall, and full circle back to George Carlin: Back In Town.

And that's that.
Fun little journey.
I plan on a sequel when I get another ink cartridge.
Got the files all ready, and rarin' to go.

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