Monday, July 22, 2013

The freshest batch of crossovers!

Previous batches...

Okay, what with other stuff, haven't been keeping up on this...

Worlds Collide: Megaman & Sonic (2013)

Ahh, well, that cuts through a lot of bullshit.

Before, to get from Sonic to Megaman, I had to go Sonic to Smash Brothers, Smash Brothers to Link, Link to Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur to Tekken, Tekken vs. Street Fighter, Street Fighter to Marvel vs. Capcom which has Megaman.

Now, bam, all one connection.

And coming soon...

Simpsons meet Family Guy.

I shit you not, this is happening.

It's going to happen on Family Guy, in an episode called "The Simpsons Guy".
Not parody versions, the real Simpsons cast.

I guess the Seth MacFarlane guest spot on Simpsons paved the way.
They reran that just yesterday to remind us.

This helps a lot, before to get from Simpsons to Family Guy, I had to point to the ones where Homer came to the real world in an old Halloween episode, and Stewie and Brian came to the real world in "road to the multiverse", and then do a lot of contorting to justify that.

Now, bam all one move.

Simpsons meet Futurama

Again, I shit you not, this one's happening too.
On Simpsons after Futurama is over.
So, a retroactive bonus episode for Futurama.

This on top of their prior crossover in the comics, but, what the hell, now it'll be "official".

So, wow, Simpsons also crossed over with X-Files, and The Critic.
And Family Guy naturally crosses over with Cleveland Show, and American Dad.
And Family Guy also crossed over with Robot Chicken.
And Robot Chicken had Peter Griffin and Grand Master Shake cameos.
And Aqua Teen Hunger Force interconnects with Sealab 2021, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, and The Brak Show.
So...that's every big time cartoon series there.
(Except Boondocks, Venture Bros, Black Dynamite, Bob's Burgers, Home Movies, Archer, South Park, Duckman, okay, never mind...)
And nevermind cross-referencing all the celebrity guest stars across Family Guy, Simpsons, and Futurama.
That would split my head open.
And my Modok pumpkin can hold a lot, so that's saying something.

Aaaanyway, if they can just do an official crossover with anyone and South Park, I can get the "Imagination Land", episode to do the rest.


Diacanu said...

"The Simpsons Guy", will air September 28th, and "Simpsorama", will air November 9th.

Diacanu said...

Details and first pic of "Simpsorama", here.

Four minutes of "The Simpsons Guy", here.

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