Sunday, August 28, 2016

Movies that made me high (Part 2)

Part 1.

Explained the premise there.

Let's just get right into it.

From the comments section in part 1...

Citizen Toxie: 
The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)

See here.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

See here, here, and here.

The Human Centipede 3
[Final Sequence] (2015)

See here, here, and here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

See here, here, here, and here.

Newer ones not from the comments section in part 1...

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

See here, here, and here.

The whole journey up to and through this one was a fucking buzz.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

See here, and here.

Suicide Squad (2016)

See here.

Have a pretty good feeling "Rogue One", and "Dr. Strange", will end up on the list.
But, I had to cut it off somewhere.
Well, I'll update in comments until I get another batch of 7-8.

Retro-linking this to part 1 in comments.

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41st birthday haul part 2-ish.

And/or Big Winter Movies Part 1 part 1.75.

And/or Big Winter Movies Part 2 part 0.

Okay, got this stuff Tuesday the 23rd, but its taken awhile to view and digest it all.
Here we go....

Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)

See here, and here.

Finally came out on Blu-Ray the 23rd, so rushed right out to Bullmoose to get it.
The cover of the Blu-Ray has that yellow poster, while the DVD has the full photo-manip poster.
The Blu-Ray still has the photo poster on the back shrunken in the corner though.

Binged it in commentary mode, still have to do it again in regular mode.
You get commentary on all 10 episodes!

Season 2 comes out October 2nd.
Can't wait.

Season 1 is half an hour longer than the films strung together, so I'm getting an ED trilogy worth of content every year for...awhile.

Us geeks are so spoiled. :-D

Trick R Treat (2007)

After doing "Welcome to the monster cluuub! (Part 3!)", I was naturally wondering who in the Hell Sam was.

So, I tracked down "Trick R Treat", and gave it a whirl, and here was my quickie review in comments.

Loved it!
Total love letter to "Creepshow".

And it is.
Right down to the first image being a Jack-O-Lantern, to the comics pages in the credits montage.

This is Creepshow 4.
3 being "Tales From The Darkside The Movie".
That godawful fake "Creepshow 3", wishes it were this movie.

With Halloween coming right up, I totally recommend it.
(Trick R Treat, not Creepshow 3)

So, I bought those, and ordered "Tobin's Spirit Guide", to go with "Ghosts From Our Past".
Yeah, you knew I was going to when I mentioned it then, dincha?

So, you know that review's coming.

And that's that.
Retro-linking this to part 1 in comments.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The big summer movie recap. Part 4.

There they are arranged in order of goodness.
It's all good stuff, nothing bad this year.
Nothing let me down.
There was shit that flopped, like "Independence Day: Resurgence", and "The Legend Of Tarzan", but I had no interest in that shit, and dodged all those bullets.
I chose well.

Critics and fans whined about this being a crummy movie summer, but I had a fucking blast.
Sucks to be you people.


Series recap.

Now, the movies....

1. Ghostbusters (First, second, third).

Oh, Kate McKinnon, you've stolen my heart, and run off with it into the sunset.
Damn you!! You'd better come back for a sequel!

2. Captain America: Civil War (First, second).

Holy shit, if this was just the warmup for "Infinity War", then that one's going to melt my fucking face off.
Can't wait!

3. Suicide Squad.

Next year, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.
They'll just have to do, as I wait for that Harley Quinn spinoff.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse.

The future for Fox's X-verse looks bright.
A 90's set sequel in this series, Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2 &3, a New Mutants franchise after mainline X-Men ends, and maybe Gambit.
Marvel's never getting the mutants back.
Don't wait for it.

5. Star Trek Beyond.

Dammit, Simon Pegg. I was out, and you pulled me back in!

6. Sausage Party.

Delivered what it promised.
And what it promised was good.

And, that was summer of 2016.
Despite the teeth nashing, and the rough box-office waters, I thought it was a good one.

Coming this winter, Dr. Strange, Rogue One, and season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead!!

Coming next year, Star Wars: Episode 8, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Alien: Covenant, Wolverine 3, Kingsman 2, The Dark Tower, The Mummy (re-reboot), Ghost In The Shell, Bladerunner 2, and Lego Batman.

If that isn't enough to make the critics cum, we'll just have to fucking kill them.

So, stay tuned, and see you again in November!

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Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 7)

It ain't "The BFG". ;-)

Sausage Party (2016)

We get two great comedies with Kristen Wiig this year! :-D
And, a trailer for "Office Christmas Party", with Kate McKinnon, so two Ghostbusters!

Now, to the flick.

I really dug it. :-)

It's got everything you'd want out of a movie like this.
Profanity, innuendo, sex, murder, drugs, mocking religion, social satire, ethnic stereotypes that leave no one unscathed, and scads of celebrities.

And holy shit, a song by Alan Menken!!
The guy that did fucking "Aladdin", "Beauty And The Beast", and "Hercules"!!!
Talk about raped childhoods!!

Go out and see it, it's a blast.

No rundown, it's a fast movie, and everything I could delve into would be spoilers.

The ending leaves it wide open for infinite potential exploration wise.
Hope there's sequels.
It's making good money, so there probably will be.

Don't wait through the credits, there's nothing.

So, that's it.
Next up, the big summer recap!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 6)

It ain't "Pete's Dragon". ;-)

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

The franchise so far....

Yeah, I know I said here I wasn't gonna see it, but I did, and I'm glad I did.

So, rundown time.
  • They finally nailed it. 
  • This felt the most like Trek of the three now known as "The Kelvin timeline".
  • Better than "Into Darkness", easily.
  • Best Trek movie in a LONG goddamned time.
  • Yeah, best since "First Contact", so best in 20 fucking years.
  • If you were trepidatious like I was, just go see it already.
  • Chock full of Easter eggs all up and down the Trek timeline.
  • That "sabotage", trailer that pissed everyone off? That song becomes justified, and you'll love it.
  • Sofia Boutella as Jaylah was quite possibly my favorite new character.
  • Can't wait for part 4 now!
  • Every character was note perfect.
  • There were two black girls behind me that kept blurting out comments, and the movie had me so sucked in, I didn't even care.
  • The drive home was a nightmare. Everyone wanted to just dive out of their driveways without looking. Or else come to a sudden 15 second dead stop in the middle of a 50 MPH zone to make an easy turn. Or, no one knew whose turn it was at the light-less 4 way intersections. Is the heat making everyone fucking crazy? It was like playing a fucking Mario game getting home alive. Like, one of the hard dungeons. Kee-rist!
  • But, I'm alive, so, a good day. :-P

Summer's almost done!

Next, and probably last, Sausage Party!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 5)

It ain't "Nine Lives". :-P

Suicide Squad (2016)

Previously with the DCEU...
So, we're into movie 3 of this universe now.
How are we doing?
In my opinion, fucking great.
I've been steadily entertained.

I think MoS and the Ultimate Cut of BvS are outright fucking masterpieces.
I marathon-ed them a few days ago, and they're even better back-to-back where you can see all the little ways they connect.

How does this one stack up?
Rundown time!
  • Loved it. It's fucking great.
  • As with BvS, the issues some are crying about didn't bother me one microscopic little bit.
  • Fuck the critics, they're being dicks again. Oh, I'm not buying into conspiracy theories, or any of that stupid horseshit. I'm just saying, if you wanted to see this, go see it, and ignore everything else. It's noise.
  • Is it perfect? Nah. Is it the greatest movie ever made? No, but it's not supposed to be. It's just a fun time at the movies, and if you let yourself, you'll come out entertained.
  • People are complaining about the songs. Didn't bother me, in fact, can't wait for the soundtrack.
  • People are complaining about the villain, I thought they blew it way out of proportion.
  • Is the central plot the best? Nah, in fact, I can see a lot of similarity to "X-Men:Apocalypse". But, SS does it better than XM:A. IMHO.
  • The cast is great. You'll love them all. Harley, Joker, and El Diablo are the standouts.
  • Captain Boomerang was a standout too, but we didn't get as much of him. Everything he did mattered though. 
  • Will Smith really brought it!! Hey! Wow! Fuckin-a, man! *Thumbs up*
  • Box-office has been good, so for sure, we're getting Suicide Squad 2, and Harley spinoff.
  • Stay for the mid-credits for a Justice League teaser.
  • Yes, this picks up right after BvS. They're going chronological until Wonder Woman.
  • I hope there's an extended cut for Blu-Ray, but if not, I could totally live with this cut. 
  • Could use the deleted Joker stuff though.
  • I'd rank them so far- BvS, MoS, SS.
  • I'd rank the Jokers- Ledger, Leto, Nicholson.
  • Theater going experience was smooth. Got my favorite seat, no one was a dick.
  • Weather sucks though. Oppressive heat, air you could cut with a knife.
  • Um...that's it!

Yep, go see it.

Unless you felt burnt by the previous two outings, then....I'm not sure if this will turn you around.
It might, I dunno.
Give it a shot.
Don't be a pussy.

I think Wonder Woman will be the one to stick the landing with critics.

Not that I care intellectually, or morally, but their fat yappers did take a bite out of BvS, so they still have power.

If Justice League lives up to the Comicon footage, they'll finally hit as hard as Avengers like they wanted.
I think it will.

I think their plan to do the crossovers and team-ups before the standalones was misguided, but it'll even out after JL anyway.

Here's to WW and JL next year!

I'm fucking jazzed for it!

Next time, Star Trek Beyond!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 4.75)

It sure ain't "The Secret Life Of Pets". ;-P
And it never will be. *Finger*

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

1st time.
2nd time.

Yeah, the title pops up in the credits, I'm finally giving in, and going with it.

Still no Ecto-Cooler. B-(
Gonna have to go out hunting for it, I guess.

Rundown...(with some mild spoilers)
  • I love it better every time.
  • This was my favorite time, both in how it hit me, and my viewing experience.
  • I was in the theater with the best sound, and best air conditioning, so no sweating, or struggling to hear lines.
  • Still laughs in the theater. It's fucking funny.
  • Still want a sequel.
  • "Ghosts From Our Past", definitely augments the experience.
  • Caught some Easter eggs, and they are as follows...
  • When the girls go to the firehouse for the first time, there's a woman standing on the street corner holding up a baby. That's Harold Ramis's daughter, and grandson.
  • When Rowan goes to the metal concert, a guy runs up, slaps him five, and says "Ozzy rocks!!", that's Harold Ramis's son.
  • When Holtzmann re-holsters her proton pistols, a digital readout on her proton pack says "1984", which is the year the original GB came out.
  • When Time's Square morphs, for a brief instant, I saw an 8-bit animated version of Flo from the Progressive ads. Just above the Twinkie ad. Progressive had an advertising tie-in to the film. That one's probably something everyone saw, but I finally caught it this time.
  • All the "controversy", bullshit has blown over, so none of that was in my head. I could just enjoy it full tilt.
  • You know, the Bill Murray cameo didn't even bother me this time. In fact, you could even read Melissa McCarthy's dialog as goofing on how pointless the scene and his character was, so the movie was in on the joke.
  • When I said last time Kate McKinnon's performance was cartoony? Fuck that. I saw footage of her way before she was even on SNL as a sidekick on a lesbian talkshow, and that's really her. She's always been Holtzmann. Some complainers said "who acts like that?". Kate McKinnon, motherfucker. Kate McKinnon.
  • Thought it would go down at least half a star, but nope, I'm keeping it at 9 out of 10.
  • Favorite movie of the summer so far. (Loved Civil War, didn't see it 3 times)

Alright, big time spoilers now.

Here's all the cameos.
You've probably either heard them, or seen them by now, but in case you missed even one.....

Harold Ramis- As a bust at Erin's college.
Bill Murray- Dr. Heiss. Can't miss him.
Annie Potts- Desk clerk at the Mercado Hotel practically playing a Janine clone.
Dan Aykroyd- As a cabbie toward the end. Erin talks to him to try to get him to take her back to the GB headquarters just before the final big fight.
Robin Shelby- She played Slimer in Ghostbusters II, and here, she voices Lady Slimer.
Ernie Hudson- Patty's uncle towards the very end.
Sigourney Weaver- Holtzmann's mentor during the credits.
Harold Ramis's kids- See Easter eggs section in the rundown.

For an extra treat, here's all the music videos.

So, that's it, that completes my Ghostbusters journey until the Blu-Ray comes out.
I think...
Something else could happen, you never know....

Next time, Suicide Squad, then Star Trek.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy 30th anniversary, Transformers The Movie!

Shit, hope I haven't missed it!
I think I have until 3 am on Google's clock before it counts as a day late...

So, where were we last year?
Oh, shit, yeah, the famous "writer's room", that gave everyone false hope.
Yeah, Michael Bay just wiped his ass on that with a bored yawn, and is cranking out another turd in his crap-iverse called "Transformers: The Last Knight".

Well, we're getting a 30th anniversary Blu-Ray of Transformers '86, anyway.
That's something.

I missed out on the 25th edition, so I'd better get moving on grabbing this one.

By the time we get to the 35th, physical media will probably be gone, so this is probably my last chance.

Oh, yeah, and as revealed here, and here, there's that whole Hasbro Cinematic Universe thing.
I'll take that as tentatively as the Magic Writer's Room.
I'll believe it when I see it.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Literature Review #10

Let's get right to it....

Ghosts From Our Past (2016)

See here, and here.

Loved it.
Great companion to the movie (GB16).

Both a manual for ghostbusting, and a biography of Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, that gets more into how they met, and got obsessed with paranormal investigating.

The central ghost manual stuff is set in the 90's when they wrote the original edition, then the wraparound and supplemental stuff happens now, right after the movie happens.

Like the movie, a lot of little lines and references from the '84 movie get snuck in.

My big take away for the book overall, I find my self loving Abby (the Melissa McCarthy character) way more.
Her personality was plucky and unflappable from the beginning, and you see where she came from, and it all makes sense.

If you're a misfit nerd, her unbreakable self esteem in the face of shitty people will make you feel great.

The Erin stuff will just make you go "aww, you poor little bitch :-(".
You get a taste of that in the movie when she describes her first childhood ghost encounter, but the book dives into the details.

I would have loved to have seen flashbacks in the movie to this stuff.

Something the book illustrates more that the movie couldn't quite get into as much, was the how and why of Abby and Erin's obsession with long-winded technobabble, including Erin calling Ghostbusters "Conductors Of The Metaphysical Examination", before the media just calls them "Ghostbusters", and it sticking.

There's even a dictionary in the back for the babble.
And that's got babble in it.
Then definitions for that babble.

BUT, real ghost hunters like their jargon, and have since the 1800's.
Which, the book also gets into.

The paranormal investigation history stuff is all real life stuff with some snarky commentary thrown in, not made-up BS.
Well, real, as far as the real life people involved, not that ghosts are real.
You know.
It's all stuff Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis knew and researched for Ghostbusters '84, so it's cool to see this book make it all canon.

Patty, Holtzmann, and Kevin pop in to add their perspective in quick little bits.

Holtzmann's was the best, cuz she tosses in the PKE meter, proton pack, and ghost trap blueprints that have been floating around online, so you get that in dead-tree form, and in canon.

Yeah, if you're a GB fan, and liked the new movie, give this a whirl.

Fun read, I devoured most of it in the first day.
Finished up the last 20 or so pages today.

Might even read it again.
Something to keep me busy until the GB16 Blu-Ray comes out, anyway.

I'm craving more....
Maybe I'll grab "Tobin's Spirit Guide", which is set in the universe of GB1/GB2, and has all the monsters from the first two films, plus some of the best ones from the cartoon.

Well, we'll see.
Next up, probably a third visit with the film.

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