Sunday, November 17, 2013

A new batch of crossovers.

Picking up from En-Mike-lopedia 2.5...

These are all this year, and all by Dynamite, and IDW.

Codename: Action

Dynamite has the licenses for all of the Golden Age characters, and they're going to town with them.
As you will soon see.

Just by the cover, you've got Green Hornet and Kato, and The Spider, who are also in "Masks", by Dynamite.
You've also got Black Venus, Green Lama, American Crusader, and Daredevil (not the marvel one).

Tying the team all together, and giving the book its title is Captain Action.

 The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights.

Self explanatory.


With Miss Fury, The Black Sparrow, and The Shadow.

Miss Fury was a female created character from the 40's that was forgotten, Dynamite has revived her, and used her all over the place.
She's also in "Masks", and was on one of the alternate gag covers for "Mars vs IDW".

That's not her on the cover, that's Black Sparrow.
Miss Fury looks like Catwoman with a cape, but she came before Catwoman.

Project Superpowers

Has every lost and forgotten golden age super powered superhero that isn't a Marvel/DC guy/gal.
They're all there.
It's a shitload.

Here's the whole lineup at Comicvine.

Kings Watch

Flash Gordon, Mandrake The Magician, and The Phantom.

They've teamed up before in the 80's as "Defenders Of The Earth".
So, that team is re-incarnated after almost 30 years.


A steampunk alterni-verse with Victorian era versions of Vampirella, the Phantom, Flash Gordon, the Green Hornet, Red Sonja, and The Bionic Man.
That's for starters, there's supposed to be more as the series progresses.

Lords Of Mars

Tarzan and John Carter.
Course, they've met before, under the Dark Horse banner.

Rocketeer & The Spirit: Pulp Friction

Okay, now we switch to IDW for these guys.

Now, all along, Rocketeer has alluded to knowing the other golden age guys, but because of rights issues, the creators had to be sneaky about it.

Whelp, The Spirit has met Batman, and Batman has met The Shadow, and the Shadow now regularly hangs out with everybody, as can be seen above, so, Rocketeer officially co-exists with the golden agers, canonizing all those references, and the copyright cops ought to leave Dave Stevens alone.
Oh, shit, he died.
Um, well...

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

It took me awhile to register this wasn't an alternate cover to Mars Attacks IDW, but is its own real spinoff series.
Especially, since this idea was one of the gag covers.

But, nope, it's happening.

Army Of Darkness/ Re-Animator

Back to Dynamite.
This is another one that almost tricked me.
I thought it was a re-packaging/re-issue of the old Ash/Re-animator series, but nope.

It's a one-shot, where Ash goes back in time to the 1920's, and meets the original Herbert West from the novella!

Now THAT'S an obscure fucking idea for a comic!

So, that's all of those.
And that's all caught up.

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Diacanu said...

Now, for phase 2, Dynamite has to crossover with Marvel/DC to get all those lost golden age characters back into the fold.

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