Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy belated 41st birthday to myself!

Damn, that didn't feel like a year since the last one.
The 40th birthday party is as fresh in my mind as yesterday.

Anyway, it was a usual birthday, company over, gorged on unhealthy junk, shot the shit with people, after everyone left, relaxed with presents, conked out.

Didn't get around to posting yesterday, and I usually do my present haul post the day after, so, let's just do that now...

The Force Awakens (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Fucking finally!
Everything got in my way of getting this.
Got it now.

Batman v Superman 
(Blu-Ray, Ultimate Edition)

See here, and here.

Ahhh, that's more like it.
Much as I liked the theatrical cut, the 3 hour cut is even better.
It's the movie it always deserved to be, and that they should have fucking released.
They might have made that 1.5 billion they wanted.

Deadpool (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Haven't dug into the bonuses yet, but I can only assume they'll be as hilarious as the film.

Ghostbuster 1 & 2 (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Needed the upgrade.
Plus, it has bonuses that the DVD doesn't have.
But, the DVD has bonuses the Blu-Ray doesn't have, particularly the book that comes in the DVD.
SO, if you have the DVDs, save them
You need to keep both around to have everything.

Ghosts From Our Past 

See here.
Also, here, and here.

Loved it.
Have to do a separate review on it, then go see GB16 a third time.
If you saw GB16 and liked it, definitely get this as the companion.

War Machine 64 gig flash drive.

I've had an 8 gig red and gold Iron Man one for more than a couple years now.
Been using it to transport podcasts to my TV to watch in more comfort than my computer chair.
If it's over 20 minutes, into the drive it goes.

Been calling it "the Iron Man channel".
Well, now it'll be War Machine channel, and it'll have all my shit.
Worked out the math, and all my favorite stuff should fit with room to spare.

Won't be bored anymore. :-P

Anyway, this hasn't come yet, but it's supposedly in transit.
Hopefully, tomorrow.

Also, a Force Awakens shirt, and money.

And that was 41. :-)

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