Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ghostbusters- Passing The Torch. (One year later!!)

Last year.

Okey-dokey, last time, I found enough connections to make the Kimmel show an official crossover.
All to try to shut up the "Waaahhh! I wanted a torch pass!!", people.

Well, now we've also got THIS!

See here, and here.

"Waaaah!! That's not canon!!".

Yeah, it is, dummy.

First of all, Paul Feig gave it his blessing on Twitter.
That canonizes the GB:ATC half.

Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman have given the comics their thumbs up over the years by doing introductions to the graphic novels, and the idea to merge the continuities in the comics came down from Reitman himself.

If they don't consider the comics canon, why bother?
They're fucking canon.
They're considered canon by everyone in the Ghostbusters creative food chain that matters.

The only way they get un-canon-ed is if they're contradicted by a new movie.
BUT, where the Ghostbuters comics universe has access to alternate timelines, they can just make that movie an alternate universe, and then merge it back in.
They're deletion proof.

Star Wars wasn't as lucky.
Star Wars doesn't have timelines and time travel.
All their old-canon stuff had to be purged to make way for Disney's movies.
They've cherry-picked Thrawn back into new-canon, but still...

Also, a sneak preview of GB101 #4 came out, and those pages show the ATC girls suddenly recognizing Ray, Winston, and Peter as the cabbie, Patty's uncle, and Dr. Heiss.

So, the cameo characters are indeed alternates of the classic Busters.
The crossover retroactively already happened onscreen.
GB:ATC truly is GB3.

"Waaahh!! Only MOVIES are canon!!".
Why? Because you say so?
Go burn your Marvel and DC movies then.
They come from comics.
They can't be the "true canon", of something that doesn't exist.
That's a paradox.

I can dig deeper into how the title "Ghostbusters", came from the crappy old Larry Storch TV show, but I think my point is made.

You've got your torch pass, enjoy it, be happy.
Tack it on to the end of GB:ATC as Ghostbusters 3.5.

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