Sunday, May 28, 2017

Top 25 superhero films, period.

In doing the top MCU and Fox-Marvel flicks, it occurred to me that when I do reviews, I also often try to place a new flick in the top ones of all time, which made it occur to me, I should actually know what those are.

So, here was my criteria for whittling this down, and building it back up.
I broke it down into Disney-Marvel, Fox-Marvel, Sony-Marvel, DC, and off-brand.

Then, I just shaved off the top 5 for each of those.

Disney and Fox I already had.
Nothing pre-MCU outside of Fox and Sony cracked a top 20 for me, so that was easy enough to sweep away.
I bumped up Iron Man a notch, cuz that had to be in there.
That was my only kinda cheat.

DC was easy, I just tossed in the Dark Knight trilogy plus two more, and sacrificed "Dark Knight Rises", in favor of "Watchmen".
Nothing DCEU cracks a top 5 for me yet.
Top 10, different story, but, well...
Maybe "Wonder Woman", will change that.

There are only 5 Spideys minus "Homecoming", and I haven't seen "Homecoming", so I can't rank it yet.
The bottom 2 of the 5 Spideys don't belong in any top 20, so that was easy to sweep away.
Killing those gave me an extra 2 for the off-brand list.

So, having those, I just kept each top 5 (or 3, or 7) in its order, but wove them together.
And here it is.

1. Logan

2. The Dark Knight

3. Captain America: Civil War

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

5. The Avengers

6. Deadpool

7. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

8. Guardians Of The Galaxy

9. Iron Man

10. Batman Begins

11. Watchmen

12. X-Men: First Class

13. Spider-Man 2

14. The Incredibles

15. Batman Returns

16. Superman The Movie

17. Super

18. X2: X-Men United

19. The Crow

20. The Amazing Spider-Man

21. Spider-Man

22. Robocop

23. Dredd

24. Hellboy

25. The Toxic Avenger

Bada-boom, bada-bing!
Honorable mentions go to "Chronicle", "Swamp Thing", "Big Hero 6", "Defendor", "The Punisher (2003)", "Punisher: War Zone", "Blade", and "Kick-Ass".

Another baseline to make future reviews!
See you next time for "Wonder Woman", and "Spider-Man: Homecoming".


B. D. said...

I'm surprised "RoboCop" is so far down there.

It does usually seem like when you do a new review or something you're typically interested in ranking something as the best ever. But I still have to see "Logan," so's.

Now do a top 20 MST3Ks.

Diacanu said...


1. Pod People
2. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
3. Hobgoblins
4. War Of The Colossal Beast
5. Godzilla vs Megalon
6. Diabolik
7. Squirm
8. Cave Dwellers
9. The Undead
10. The Deadly Mantis
11. The Movie (This Island Earth)
12. Time Chasers
13. The PumaMan
14. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
15. Prince of Space
16. Invasion of the Neptune Men
17. Mitchell
18. The Brain That Wouldn't Die
19. Eegah
20. Manos The Hands Of Fate

B. D. said...

Okay, I've watched 19 MST3Ks so far, and your list has a lot of overlap with what I've seen, so "Pod People" will be my 20th, nice round number.

If it's good, I'll continue watching more MST3Ks, otherwise my curiosity about which of these to watch has been piqued....maybe.

B. D. said...

You see this? I'd never even heard of it. If you have, is it any good? It predates poppa ooh mow mow by two years.

Diacanu said...

I always knew of it, but I've never gotten around to seeing it.
That, and "Desperate Living", have been on my John Waters to-do list.

Paladin said...

This is another one of those "ask me next week and you'll get a different list" topics for me, but here goes...

1. The Dark Knight - The middle film of Nolan's Batman trilogy remains the standard by which all superhero movies must be judged. It transcends its genre and creates a world that seems all too real. Ledger's Joker is one of the all-time great movie villains.

2. Superman: the Movie - Richard Donner's film makes us believe a man can fly, Christopher Reeve establishes the prototype Superman for all time, and the helicopter sequence is the STILL the most thrilling of any superhero film.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Extended Edition) - this will be controversial, but I believe Zack Snyder's film is a classic of the genre. It gives us a conflicted, never-more-alienated Superman, the best screen incarnation of Batman yet, a (IMHO) wonderfully over-the-top Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and (finally!) a big-screen Wonder Woman.

4. Captain America: Civil War - hard to say whether this one or Winter Solider is better, but this one--which really seems like an Avengers movie--is highly re-watchable. The Russo brothers nail it a second time.

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - superhero movie as paranoid political thriller. The Russo brothers' first outing delivers a truly satisfying Marvel movie.

6. Spider-Man 2 - poor Peter Parker really gets run through the ringer in this one, but it only makes that ending all that more uplifting. Go get 'em, tiger.

7. Watchmen - They said it was unfilmable, but Zack Snyder's ultra-violent film actually improves on the book IMHO.

8. Logan - Brutal, soul-crushing, depressing, heart-breaking...and engaging, exhilarating, and ultimately hopeful. Jackman's final outing as Wolverine is like a set of Adamantium claws right to the heart.

9. Deadpool - Funny, meta, and profane, and with a charming love story at its heart. Very rewatchable.

10. Batman - a little dated now, but still iconic, and the first appearance of a serious cinematic Batman from the Dark Age of Comics. Nicholson's over-the-top Joker steals much of the show.

And rounding out the top 25...

11. The Avengers
12. Man of Steel
13. Kick-Ass
14. X-Men: Days of Future Past
15. Iron Man
16. Guardians of the Galaxy
17. Spider-Man
18. Avengers: Age of Ultron
19. Superman II
20. The Dark Knight Rises
21. Batman Begins
22. Iron Man 3
23. Batman Returns
24. Unbreakable
25. X2: X-Men United

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