Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adding to my collection (Part 17)

Part 15.
"My Christmas Loot: Part 2, The Lootening", being part 16.

So, this could also be "My Christmas Loot", part 2.5, I guess.

The Flash: The Complete Series (2006)

See here, and here.

Bam, got it.
So, that's Hulk, Greatest American Hero, Heroes, and now, Flash.
Wonder Woman left to go.

Memento (2001)

See here.

Fuck yeah.
Blu-ray, bitches.

Knightriders (1981)

See here, and here.

Another one on Blu-ray.

Now, the collection is complete.
"Martin", "The Crazies", "Knightriders", "Creepshow", "Bruiser", and all of The Dead series.

It's not all of Romero, but it's all the good ones.

Paul (2011)

Another of those ones I can't believe I took so long to see.
Regular ass TV finally played it, and I was like "damn, that's really fucking good!", so, roads were clear and dry today, hopped into the car with a grocery list, and got everything above.
But "Paul", really instigated the trip.

It's not quite a Cornetto, but um, screw it, that's where it goes in the file drawer.

So, all of that cost exactly what I had in my wallet, I'm out of bread, so I'm done for now.

And, that's most of what I had planned for the end of last time, there's a couple stragglers left, but that was a good hunt.

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