Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haven't done a Podsville in a helluva while...

How about....

The talk I wish someone had given me just before High School.

Okay, first off, the shit Adam said back at Sweetser, about expecting fights, and people challenging you, and having to fight for your very life, and High School being a big bloody ugly war for status and survival?

The kid's a fucking nut.
In fact, forget him completely, you never see him again.

So, that's out of the way, so calm down.

There's not a flicker of violence the whole four fucking years.

Well, there's one really infamous sexy girl-fight you sadly miss, but, nothing you ever have to personally contend with.

So, yeah, Adam's just fuckin' dumb.
Hell with him.
Piece of crap.

Okay, now for what you really gotta deal with.

Mostly, your own fucking demons.

Yeah, there's a tiny little bit of that "I'm cool, you're not", bullshit that goes on, but it can be largely ignored, and avoided, and not taken to heart.

Never take it to heart.

Just remember this.

Everything that's "cool", for high school is come up with by other fucking teenagers, and all teenagers are fucking stupid.
So, they're wrong.
They're fucking wrong.
Ignore how insistant they are, they're just fucking wrong.
By default.
That simple.
Case closed.
Nothing, and no one is cool in high school.
At all.
Never was, never will be.
It's all stupid.
Every last bit.
Have a laugh, and draw some comics about it.

Now that that code is broken, on to the next step.

The girl you're gonna like, she is SO in your league.

In fact, now I look back, they all are.

All the girls you like are in your league.

In fact, there is no "leagues", that's another illusion come up with by stupid people so they can feel special.

Yeah, there's some stuck up little cows that will never give you the time of day, but you smell 'em a mile away, and don't like them to begin with.
You reject them.
So, pppt!

And just have fun, there's no wife material there.

And the punks that have all the raging confidence, that act like they know some secret?
They don't.
I repeat, teenagers are stupid.
Blue collar ones moreso.
There, I fucking said it.

In the adult world, confidence is largely accomplishment based, and teenagers have done nothing, so, they got nothin'.

White trash, mentally shove 'em aside.
Thy're not EVEN "competition".
What a ruse that shit is.

Don't tell 'em though, then there just might be fights.

But yeah, the stupid headgames, tune it out.
They're just stupid teenagers fer chrissakes.
Human white noise.
You never see those little shits again either.

In fact, most of the kids there are good, and don't play games.
Out of like, 1,400 students, it's only like 15-20 stupid shitheads, tops.

Totally avoidable, the whole scene.

And confidence?
It's just a feeling.
Soak it up, it's free.
The American system will try to tell you different, ignore it.
More bullshit.
Bullshit that starts in the schools.

Oh, and on that score, don't find some cynical/suspicious/critical side to people liking you for your comics.
It's what you're good at, and they like it, be HAPPY for fuck's sake.
Life's rough enough without playing headgames on YOURSELF.
Sweetser laid that glue trap in your head, don't step in it.
More illusion.

The whole world of high school is just a goofy illusion.

Except the titties.
Get some.

Then, junior/senior year, listen to this rant.

There, you might actually enjoy yourself this time.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

NLHH:DD: Wikisode- Bishop & Doc Donner.


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