Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comics that changed my life forever (Part 3).

This was an update I didn't think was coming, because I never thought I'd find the first and last one I'm about to post.
But damn if I haven't been on this incredible streak.
Ho-lee shit.

Weird War Tales #25 (1974)

Yeah, this mashup happened.
War and horror.
Creepshow, and Full Metal Jacket.
And it was popular, it hung on for 124 issues.

This was gifted to me by my uncles along with "Plop!".
I loved it, my mother threw it out.
I never thought I'd find it again.

Well, between my Google-fu, tenacity, and my lucky streak, I nailed it.
This is the one.
Got it back.
I win.

So, the part that freaked me out, was the story of a dude who suspects his friend of trying to kill him with voodoo, and he catches him with a witch doctor, and kills the witch doctor, only to have his flesh spontaneously melt off down to the skeleton, and his friend explains in his last moments, that the witch doctor was to keep him alive, because he'd been killed in action, and he's been a regenerated zombie the whole time.
Killing the witch doctor broke the spell, hence the meltdown.
Pretty grisly.

In fact, that's the guy on the cover sitting by the tree.

Hmmm, wonder if this planted the seeds for...ACID!!!

Ghost Rider #6, #64, #81 (1974, 1982, 1983)

From here...

I...was a Ghost Rider fan as a little kid.
It's allowed, kids are dumb.

It was actually a subversive act to be into GR back then too.

Ma was on her holy roller trip back then, and things with demons in it were forbidden, and a shitload of my old issues ended up in the fucking trash.

I totally blame the brainwashers, fuck you, you constipated wackaloon Mormon pieces of shit.

Hmm, I probably should've savored this one the way I savored Ang Lee Hulk...but...I dunno....maybe it needs another viewing now...

See? More reclaimed memory/identity, even more glad I'm writing all this shit now.

Well, there they are.
Got my issues back.
Plop, Weird War, these, the damage is fixed.

Yeah, I only got to own three, but I read a shitload more on the racks.
#6 and #64 were old flea market back issues, and I had to smuggle them as fearfully as refugees through Nazi Germany.
Dunno how I got away with a fresh brand new #81, but damned if I was going to miss out on the final issue.

Course, since then, Ghost Rider has been rebooted a jillion times, and they've made the two movies.
It's never really the end in comics.
Unless your publishing house collapses financially.

ROM #42, #43, #44, #47 (1983)

Man, 1983 seems to have been a magical year for scrambling my marbles, huh? ;-)

See here, and here.

I still have these.
I got a shitload more of ROM, but these are the gory ones.

I can't believe Ma didn't throw these on me, but, she probably saw how much tossing Ghost Rider scarred my soul, and religion probably had nothing to say about aliens and robots, and, maybe she figured the damage was done, as far as my weirdness went.

Anyway, 42, 43, and 44 are an arc where ROM gets cloned, and downloaded into a human body, while Quasimodo the living computer downloads into his cyborg body and uses it for mayhem.

The cloning process turns out to be fucked up, and the clones, including ROM, start to decompose and dissolve (shades of Weird War, no wonder I loved it).

Quasimodo is killed, ROM is restored to cyborg form, and all is well.
Then, he fights a Soviet super villain.

#47 introduces a new form of Dire Wraith that sucks your brain out through a drilling tongue straw, and then becomes a perfect clone of you, complete with memories.
As it drains you of grey matter, DNA, and life-force, you shrivel up, and crumble to dust.
So, perfect body-snatching with no evidence.

Notice a theme of disintegration?
Acid, decomposition, I had a theme going.

Faust #1 (1988)

From here...

Skimmed through one of the comics back in the day.

Nifty scene of this couple fucking, full on porn, and then these two zombie-ish monsters come in with machine guns, spray the guy, and blast him into chunks, including his pecker, which flies across panel, and the monsters in unison shout "SEX IS DIRTY!!!".

Wish I'd bought that.
I was chicken though.
Kinda thing if you get caught with as a kid, you get in big fuckin' trouble.
Well, showed them, I make that kinda shit now.

Yep, saw this at Shady Dave's flea market, and this series is the mother lode of pornography and gore.
I REALLY wanted it, but it was the Ghost Rider situation times a thousand.
I REALLY would have been in trouble getting caught with this.
I thought.
Probably wouldn't have been caught (unless I said or did something really retarded), probably wouldn't be a huge deal if I had.
Still, the paranoia had been planted in me.

Oh, and I got it wrong, it wasn't zombie monsters, it was just scumbag human hit-men in punk regalia.
And they rape the chick afterward.

So, like I said at the start, I just never thought I'd find this, or Weird War.
But now, I have everything.

Except....but I don't think I can ever find this...but I didn't think I'd find the other things, so here goes.
I swear this exists, and given I've proved all the rest, you'd better just fucking believe me already....

One of the big three networks, my memory screams CBS, but it could've been any of 'em, had a special adult cartoons special, and this was like, between 1980 to 1982, because we didn't have cable yet.

It was on at like 9:00 so kids would be in bed, it was an anthology of shorts, and I only caught the last one.
It was about a tiny little boy standing on the rim of a giant toilet, and he falls in, and gets flushed.

Yeah, that was about the sophistication level of these "adult", cartoons.
They trumpeted the thing for the whole week prior, and I could SWEAR the thing was called "The Comic Strip".
I've looked for it under that name with Google, and IMDB, and nothing.
Tried key words, tried finding just the toilet cartoon, everything I can think of.

Early TV is kind of in a netherworld.
If it wasn't a hit that stood the test of time, or connected to a big star, it's lost.

They could have just burned the thing.
I dunno.

I mean, look at "Twice Upon A Time".
If a whole feature length film produced by George-fucking-Lucas can fall down the memory hole, nothing is safe.

No one else remembers it, people think I'm crazy.
But, they were like that about all the other things I've since found, so fuck y'all.

Anyway, that's it, this is the last thing.

I could live without it, but....I'd really like to know what it was too.
I didn't imagine it.

So, that's it, unless I find that cartoon, that's the end of all of these.


Diacanu said...

Read all of Faust, and watched the movie.

My observations were too big for a comment, so it's a post.

Diacanu said...

D'oh! Forgot to mention in the main article.

The illustrator for that Weird War story was none other than Alfredo Alcala.

He of Raunchy Hulk, Swamp Thing, Plop, Marvel's Freddy comics, and Han Solo At Star's End.

Good ol' Alfredo was the gatekeeper from the very beginning.

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