Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things that don't give me nightmares #14.

Lindor truffles!!!!

Thanks for turning me on to these, Sharon. :D

Straciatella is my favorite.
Holy SHIT are they good!!
Every single one is a mouth-gasm.

Forget the prissy name, they're just "cookies n' creme", just remember the light blue bag, and you're golden.

Outside is cookies n' creme, inside is this butter flavored center, ohhhh *gurgle, drool*.

Next favorite are these babies...

Peeeaanut buuutterrr....*drool, gurgle, gurgle*

After these, you'll spit Reese's out as poison you will!!

Third favorite, good old plain.

The quality of that chocolate, and the mouth-feel of those centers,...ohhh.

And you can get the plain anywhere.
Drug stores, liquor stores, everywhere.

And speaking of that, my local grocery store just added Straciatella, so, you ain't gotta make a run to the Lindt store for 'em anymore.
I mean, if out in my boonies we have 'em, they gotta be at every grocery store.

Peanut butter too.

They do a lame job of advertising just how fucking GOOD these are!!
They ramble on about tradition this, and Swiss that, but, not that they're so fucking GOOD!!!

So, I'll do it here.

Lindt, they're better than Cadbury.

That's right, you heard me.

Cadbury is better than Hershey, and Lindt is better than Cadbury.

That's how fucking good.

Russell Stover?

Spit it out.

Peppermint patty?
Spit it out.
Peppermint Lindt!!!

Mmmm, Lindt!!

Next item on my positive list...

Straciatella is at my grocery store!!!


Yeah, I like me some Lindt.

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