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Even More Crossovers (Part 2 of 5)

All righty, so, picking right up from yesterday...

Where'd we leave off?
Oh, right, Vampirella/Painkiller Jane...

Vampirella fights Dracula.


Tricky as to who's more powerful there...

Dracula is the long assumed "king of the vampires",....BUT....Vampirella has been rebooted so that her true origin, is she's the daughter of Lilith, the apocryphal first wife of Adam, and mother of all monsters, including vampires.

So, Dracula is the literary first, and most famous vampire, but Vampirella is the daughter of the true queen of vampires.

BUT, Dracula has more years on Vampirella, so, that could make him stronger.

I'm assuming Vampy won the fight, but Dracula always comes back, so....a draw.
I'm guessing...

Sword Of Dracula Vampirella: Extended and Dangerous.

So, the heroine of "Sword of Dracula", is Ronnie Van Helsing, and she runs a military unit that fights vampires.

Well, the surname sorta resolves that one.

Catwoman meets Vampirella.

So, bam, right into the Batman-verse.

Vampirella fights/meets Lady Death.

Well, that must have been something...

The Magdalena meets Vampirella.


Clearly, the prequel to Witchblade, Magdalena, Vampirella.

The Magdalena meets Daredevil.

Well, that fits, Matt Murdock is Catholic....

Daredevil meets Shi.

Shi...I guess is supposed to be the best ninja ever.
Her name is Japanese for "death".

And, she's in the race with Witchblade, and Vampirella, for Crossover Queen.

Vampirella Shi.

...speaking of Vampy.

Wolverine Shi.

Well, this was kind of inevitable.

Why, as much as Vampirella Shi....

Razor Shi.

Shi actually premiered in Razor's book.

Razor seems in the Catwoman mold of female anti-hero, but more lethal, wearing strap-on Wolverine-style wrist knives.

The Crow meets Razor.

Well, that goes together like Punisher/Painkiller Jane....

Warrior Nun Areala meets Razor.


So, Warrior Nun seems an awful lot like The Magdalena, but her specialty is fighting demons, and she has a bionic arm.

Avengelyne meets Warrior Nun Areala.

Damn, typing the filenames of these damned things a squillion times has finally got me nailing the spelling on the first try....

Avengelyne is a fallen angel who often parades around in a super-skimpy outfit, that's pretty much just a cross that covers her nips and snoosh.

Ah, that constant tightrope walk between "purity", and sex, you Christians, I tell ya....

We atheists don't worry about this shit, just look at porn for crying out loud.
It ain't gonna kill ya,
I promise.

Avengelyne meets Prophet.

Prophet is...okay, imagine Captain America, with a little bit of Hulk, a couple heaping tablespoons of Punisher, and then sprinkle on top of all of that that his handlers programmed him with God belief to keep him under a semblance of control.

Anyway, he's from the Image-verse.

Youngblood, Spawn, those guys.

Avengelyne meets Shi.

Aaaand, there she is in her nip/snoosh cross getup.


Cyblade Shi.

Actually, Witchblade premiered in this one.

Yep, we're tracing back the telescoping spinoffs here....

Cyblade, of course, being "white girl Ryoko", from the last one.

Grifter Shi.

Grifter is part of WildC.A.T.S. (we'll see them later), and...is sorta Punisher, Wolverine, and Deadpool mooshed all up in a blender.

Grifter and The Mask.


Course, Mask has also hung out with Joker, and Lobo....

Mask meets Marshal Law

Marshal Law is a warped version of Captain America with a smidge of Judge Dredd who kills superheroes gone wrong with government sanction, and has an S&M thing going on....

Well, that's exactly the kinda guy Mask needs to mess with Bugs Bunny style!

Pinhead vs Marshal Law.

Ah, of course, bondage vs bondage....

Well, there, Pinhead is finally Bacon-ed into the multiverse.

Pinhead, Marshal Law, Mask, Joker, Batman, Danger Girl, Ash, Freddy/Jason.
Michael Myers and Chucky to go...

The Savage Dragon meets Marshal Law.

So...Savage Dragon is...Hulk with a fin....

I rag on Peter David, but one of his inspired moments was goofing on Savage Dragon by having Professor Hulk (Hulk with Banner's intelligence) wanting to go incognito, and Betty giving him as a disguise...a fin hat.

To which Hulk rambled along the lines of "oh, brilliant, everyone's going to point right at this, and go "hey, look, it's Hulk with a fin on his head!".

Anyway, Savage Dragon had a cartoon show once.
Eh, s'alright

Superman fights/meets Savage Dragon.

Once for Metropolis, once for Chicago.

Hmm...in the first one, Supes looks like he's saying something...

Savage Dragon meets Ninja Turtles.

..a couple times.

Savage Dragon meets Hellboy.

Tch, see, I never took Hellboy to be the crossover type....
Now, I've seen two of 'em, this, and the Painkiller Jane thing....

Savage Dragon meets Lovebunny and Mr. Hell.

...who the FUCK are they???


Oh, that actually looks pretty funny....she's a former bimbo sidekick (with no powers to speak of) who wants to be a hero, and he's a Cthulhu-esque tentacle monster underneath a robe, and a skull mask, and a hat.

Kinda thing you might see in Venture Brothers.
I dig it!

The Invincible War.

So, right there, you've got Invincible, Spawn, Witchblade, and Savage Dragon.
That's Pitt's arm there off to the side.

This thing also has Madman (we'll see him later), The Darkness,  Shadowhawk (ditto), Badrock (ditto), Cyblade, Cyberforce, Youngblood, and..a whole bunch of other Image people.

Invincible himself....think Peter Parker's brain in Superboy.

Mars Attacks Savage Dragon.

Alas, poor Topps Comics....

Mars Attacks Image.

Just by eyeballing, you got Savage Dragon again, you got key members of Gen 13, you got Witchblade (she's everywhere! Ahhh!!!), there's Spawn, and Grifter, so I'm assuming all of WildC.A.T.S, and, most importantly, there's The Maxx (on issue 3).

Maxx vs. Pitt.

Pitt I went into last time, Maxx...big purple guy with a magic mask that won't come off that gives him his strength, and...a complicated backstory it takes reading all of his books to get.

Oh yeah, and those knuckle claws.

Strength wise....I haven't seen Maxx do what couldn't be done by an accomplished bodybuilder.
Yeah, Cap range.

Gen 13 meets the Maxx.

Gen 13 were the 90's granola-y take on X-Men, as far as I can tell.

Except, they were engineered by an evil government project, instead of natural born mutants.

Eh, back then, I loathed 90's youth culture, so I wouldn't touch the thing with a ten foot pole, but...I've looked at some of it recently, and it's really not so bad.
I guess I'm just a young poop.
It's like an old poop, but I've gotten there prematurely.
Gotta combat that side of myself....

Anyway, the 90's stuff wasn't aging so well, so they've been rebooted (fairly) recently (2006).
Wait...Grunge (guy with green chest tat) owes his existence to the 90's, it's in his name, what did they do to him?
*Looks*...kept the name, slightly modified his look....all right...*shrug*

Gen 13 meets Monkeyman and O'Brien

Okay...Monkeyman and O'Brien....a super-intelligent gorilla, and...redheaded She-Hulk without the green.
I'm guessing the book was popular.

Gen 13 meets Generation X.

Generation-X, well, obvious, X-Men-junior.
Marvel's Gen 13.
A natural for a crossover.

My gut-hunch is that Image understood 90's kids better.

Gen 13 meets Fantastic Four.

Oh, that must have been good, granola kids meet the baby-boom's first heroes,  they must have played up the generation gap thing.

They're nuts if they didn't.

Spider-Man meets Gen 13.

Hmm, Spidey was the first teen hero, but...he's boomer age, so....they could go either way with that one....

Yeah, this is fun, I feel like I'm filling in all the stuff I missed in that big 90's gap where I gloomily tuned out of the scene.

Anyway, I'll stop there. Up next, Supes, Bats, and the JLA.

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