Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Christmas loot (revisited).

Okay, so, let's catch all this up.

Last time.

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

Finished it off in February, reviewed the everliving hell out of it.


The Incredible Hulk TV movies


The Greatest American Hero

Just got done reviewing the everliving hell out of it.



I'm not doing an episode-by-episode breakdown, cuz, well, it's all one continuing arc, so, it's all awesome.
Up there with Watchmen.
After I was done, I skimmed through the other seasons on Wikipedia, and yeah, they ruined everything immediately, stick to season 1.

Heh, finally caught the Stan Lee cameo this time around.

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

Took me about 3-4 days to chew through it all.

Has the director's cut with "Tales Of The Black Freighter", spliced in, 2 commentaries, all the documentaries,  and "the complete motion comic".

Your brain will feel stuffed when you're done.

Mine came all mangled by a box cutter, or something.
Ah well, it's still pristine inside, and the movies play.


Reviewed the flick already.
Commentary was average.

Hero At Large

DVD was plain vanilla, just the flick.


Ditto "Hero At Large".

Plus, the case was lost, it came in a burner-CD case.
I have spare cases though, and printed the artwork, so, it's all good.

The Dark Knight Rises

Still gorgeous.
Bonuses are sparse on the one I've got.
They're putting all the really good goodies on the Blu-Rays to force me to convert.
Kiss my ass.

Justice League episodes/telefilms.

Gotta watch these again.

Only bonuses are trailers for future flicks which are out by now.

Justice League video movies.


The live-action JLA movie is riding on the LOTR level success of "Man Of Steel".
What's with this conditional bullshit?
WB ain't broke, they've got all that fuckin' Harry Potter money.

Anyway, with or without, we've still got these babies.

Superman flicks.

Gotta watch "All-Star", again soon.

"Doomsday", has a scratch that scrambles the documentaries at the end.
Ah, well, at least the main flick and the commentary work okay.


Nothing new to report.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

Bristling with bonuses.
This is how you do it.

Never got sick of it, I think I love it exactly as much as "Evil Dead 2".
Shit, I could watch it again right now.

Waxwork/Waxwork II

Wow, these were cheesier than I remember.
Still fun though.

Plain vanilla DVD though.
Flicks like this scream out for a snarky/jokey commentary.

Donnie Darko/
S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale

Both of these were bursting with bonuses.
So, that's good.

However, "S. Darko", is as loathsome and soul-sapping as its reputation.
If you get it in a double-pack, burn it.
If you buy it on its own, you need your head examined.

The one plus, it it made me appreciate the original all the more.

I Spit On Your Grave

I spiraled into a pretty fevered foaming rant about it last time, so, the flick itself is damned well covered.

DVD has two commentaries, one by the director, one by Joe Bob Briggs which I really loved.

Also, a documentary, and the usual doo-dads like posters and trailers.
The one downer, they shove the trailer for the remake in your face at the beginning, and that damned thing spoils the whole plot, so, if you get this, pound the fucking menu button to get by it before it starts up.

TCM Greatest Classic Films: Sci-Fi.

Yep, this is a nice set, with nice bonuses.
Only "Soylent Green", and "2001", have commentary.
I already had "2001", from my Stanley Kubrick collection though.
Still need "Dr. Strangelove", to complete that.

Oh, yeah, and back then, I said next up was DKR 2....

The Dark Knight Returns- Part 2.

Took longer than expected to get my goddamned hands on it, but, I got it here, and reviewed it here along with the whole Miller Trilogy.
So, that journey's done.

DVD had some nice extras, but infuriatingly, not the "Batman: TAS", episode "Legends of the Dark Knight", that I fucking wanted (only on the fucking Blu-Ray wouldn't you know), and that was the whole point of waiting that extra fucking month.

Buuut, it's a first-world problem, and I oughtta be grateful for what I got.

And, there, that's Christmas.

Up next, 10 bargain bin flicks that filled in the gap.

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