Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even More Crossovers (Part 4 of 5)

So, in previous episodes, Witchblade and pals acted as continuity glue, Image-verse sped us through the 90's, and Supes and Bats gathered up the golden-agers.

Now, we segue into the big Marvel chunk....

So, we left off at WildC.A.T.S./X-Men...

JLA meets WildC.A.T.S.

But with that lame-ass blue energy containment suit Superman that everyone hated.

The containment suit shows up in "Superman: Grounded", and gets put to final good use though.

As for Wildcats, eh, lemme take another stab at them...

They're like X-Men, but they get their powers from being alien hybrids, and they fight a race of bad aliens.
There, boiled it down after all.
Took me a few passes.

...race based conflict?
One expects better from one's heroes than a petty mindless Israel/Palestine type deal.

Maybe they were going for a biological Autobots/Decepticons situation....

But...the out that Transformers have, is they're fuckin' robots.

I always kind of saw that aspect as a sad poetic statement on humanity.
Y'know, that their natures hard wired them to fight each other.

When you make it actual's a bit unseemly....


JLA vs WildC.A.T.S. vs The Authority.

With the real fuggin' Superman.

JLA meet The 99

The 99 are um, Islamic superheroes, essentially.

Well, if I gotta countenance religious heroes, at least they can mix it up a bit, I've long since had my fill of nuns and angels.

Hm, "Moore", on the covers, is that...Alan Moore?
Nope, Stuart Moore.
Nevah hoid of 'im.

Hey, look, issue 5, Starro The Conquerer, he/it was the very first monster the JLA fought.

He/it was also in "JLA/Avengers", crapping out swarms of a variation on the alien face-huggers.

JLA versus Predator.

Man, I hope those costumed super-Predators are a metaphor, and don't really happen....

Joker-Alien was bad enough....


Cyberforce, of course, being where Cyblade, and Ballistic come from.

So, I'm guessing their thing, is being like a JLA, but with all cyborgs.

Cyberfoce/ X-Men.

Ahh, now we're into the Marvels...

Deathblow and Wolverine.

Deathblow, of course, hung out with Batman.

Well...not really, Batman solved a case Deathblow had something to do with, and they never directly meet, so, the cover to that one is a lie.

This one? Who knows?
If it is a real teamup, then it's well chosen, two immortal regeneration guys....

The Nightman vs. Wolverine.

Yes...THAT Nightman, the one with the crappy show.

Funny thing, Batman and Wolvie vicariously meet the same people, and Wolvie fights pseudo-Batmen, but, they furiously avoid a direct meetup....

Badrock meets Wolverine.

Badrock is from Youngblood.
You may remember they met Obama.
Youngblood sucks, fuck Youngblood.

As for, Hulk ripoff.

Spiderman Badrock.

Um...well, you could just as easily swipe an old Spiderman/Hulk script for that one, couldn't ya?

Rune vs. Venom.

Rune is...a not-sexy-vampire who does "Fright Night", style face-morphs.

Eh, Venom is right there in Spiderman/Badrock, right?
Okay then.

Why do I need Rune?
Continuity glue...

Conan meets Rune.

See? There we go.

Wouldn't touch that character otherwise.

Conan vs. King Kull.

Get Sorbo, Arnie, get him!!

Spider-Man and King Kull.

Hey, cool, I have this one.

And look, "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends", had yet to premiere...
Neat time capsule.

Spider-Man and Red Sonja.

And, Sonja met Witchblade a couple entries back...

Can a Spidey/Witchblade teamup be far off?

I don't see why not...

Spider-Man and Doc Savage.

And, Doc has met Batman, and Batman has met Spidey (twice).

...but why not Wolvie? ...huh...*head scratch*

The Shadow and Doc Savage.

And Shadow met Batman, and Ghost, who met Batgirl.

The Thing and Doc Savage.

It's so wrong, it becomes right.

The Thing and ROM.

Hey, okay, they're both Marvel guys, so it's an intra- rather than inter-company crossover, but...ROM started as a toy, and if Marvel licensing kills a crossover, then Spidey meeting Transformers is dead in the water.

So, I'm bending the rules, cuz I wanna give a shout out to ROM, man.

ROM was fucking cool, he was a man's brain in a robot body, made of indestructible alien metal, and he could materialize his three accessory gizmos into his hand from subspace.

A translator computer, an energy analyzer that showed the true nature of things when you shined it on things.
Think a blacklight with a readout.
And an energy neutralizer that could erase various forms of energy.
But particularly, the life energy patterns of The Dire Wraiths.

The analyzer was also used to find Wraiths in human disguise.

In this particular issue, ROM zaps Thing, neutralizes his cosmic rays, and turns him back to human.
It wears off though.

The toy had these accessories, and they each made a different lighting/sound effect when plugged into ROM's hand.

It was quite possibly the first toy to have an a microchip in it.

Think of ROM as the prototype for Buzz Lightyear.

Anyway...the toy was a flop...and ROM lasted a decade and some change as a Marvel character, way, way past the sell-by-date of the toy.

His storyline was ultimately completed, his human body restored, and gone is he from the annals of Marveldom these days.
He will be missed.

And yes, Hyla, his painting still graces my wall.
I'm not the least bit ashamed of it.
*Cough* Spencer*cough*.

And, while I'm on intra-company tussles...

...if they can see fit to have all the individual Avengers films to puzzle-piece together, I want a fucking Hulk and Thing movie!

Right there, is a graphic novel full of issues where this has happened!

It exists because the fans wanted it.
They wanted each damned issue, and then they wanted 'em collected.

The hunger for this movie is out there, I know it is.
There's gold to mine, Disney, fucking do it.

Oh, but I don't just want any Hulk and Thing movie, I want....

Hulk and Thing: The Big Change.

I said it before here.

They fight for a bit, then, they get sucked up by aliens, and sent on a quest, and it becomes a buddy cop picture, and it's a fucking riot.

It's by Berni Wrightson, so it's totally got that Heavy Metal Captain Sternn flavor to it.

Easily the best Hulk/Thing story ever.

Failing that, the two issues where Hulk, Thing, Fantastic Four, and Avengers all fight, and destroy a city in the process would be fucking sweet too.

Getting back on track...

...Thing back to Spider-Man...

Hey, I have that issue too!

Spider-Man and Paladin.

*Waves at Paladin* :D

Spider-Man vs. Powdered Toast Man.

Cover says it all.
A saga for the ages.

And, full circle back to...

Spider-Man and Red Sonja.

This time, with Loki, and Venom.

Spider-Man and Howard The Duck.

People don't remember, Howard The Duck was a big deal for Marvel, they pushed him a lot.

...I couldn't fucking tell ya why...

Howard The Duck meets KISS.

Okay, the stupid Howard issue cover doesn't show them, but they're in there, trust me.
And they're only in it for a brief glorified cameo.

This immediately segued into the full-on KISS comic, where they fought Dr. Doom.
Yes, it's the one with KISS's blood in the red ink.

Talk about stunts.
Ah, the 70's, I tell ya...

Spider-Man, Howard The Duck, Gambit, Savage Dragon, and Destroyer Duck.

These issues are in continuity with each other, and all five guys are in both issues, don't let the covers trick you.

Backlash & Spider-Man.

Backlash is an Image guy from the team Stormwatch.

His power is generating energy whips called "psi-whips".

The redhead getting her hair pulled by Venom is Taboo, her deal is a symbiont suit much like Venom's, but hers can sprout wings, and a tail.

Clearly, Venom doesn't like being copied.

Ultraforce & Spider-Man.

Course, Prime (big guy next to Spidey also getting throttled by tendrils) is part of Ultraforce, and Prime also met Hulk.

As I recall, I liked Prime.

Anyway, as I railed in that review, the Malibu-verse, was gobbled up by Marvel (before being gobbled by Disney), and has been left on a shelf, so it's pretty much dead.

This takes out Nightman, and Rune too.

But, I don't miss those two.

Dream Team.

Wolverine and Prime are on the cover, but it's also got Nightman, Shi, Tick, Rune, and a shitload of Marvel guys, including Spidey, and the Avengers.

Avengers/ Ultraforce.

...again, but with it in the title!

Captain America #401.

Okay, so, Cap is bummed out, so, Hawkeye takes him to a bar, and tries to cheer him up.

Various cameo characters are there at the bar, including...

Dick Tracy, Dagwood, Popeye, Gomez, Morticia, Lurch, The Yellow Kid, Reid Fleming (the Angry Milkman), Rod Serling, Groucho, James Bond, John Steed, Emma Peel, Einstein, and Elvis.

Ah, but with Dagwood, that Bacons it to all comic strips, because in 2005, on the 75th anniversary of the "Blondie", strip, just about all the other strip characters crossed over for the anniversary party.
Including Dick Tracy, Garfield, Cathy, Dilbert....

Well, here.
Backtrack for a couple weeks worth, and there's more crossovers in the buildup.
There were crossovers in all the other strips...but, I ain't hunting all those down...

These comic books killed me enough.

Anyway, the other Avengers are also in this Cap issue.

And finally....

The New Avengers/The Transformers.

See here.

..and that's enough for today.

Up next, indie-mania.


hyla2 said...

Did you ever read the Marvel 'What If?' that had Conan meet Wolverine?

If not, Wolvie gets stuck in Hyborea, meets Conan, they fight . . . Wolvie wins. Becomes the conquering warlord Conan would've been.

Not that you don't already have more than sufficient crossover action between Hyborean characters and Marvel. Although, it begs the question: DC's Elseworlds may now be canon and 'real', so to speak . . . but what's your stance on the 'What If's?

`; ' Hmmm?

Diacanu said...

Those "What Ifs", are coming, actually.

Refreshed myself on 'em Wednesday, and assembled the graphic. :)

"What Ifs", definitely have a place, they're the ORIGINAL Elseworlds.

What's more, you've got the Watcher right there telling you they're events in the multiverse, so they connect back to our world via his narration.

Also, it naturally follows, any world that shares space with DC follows its rules, and vice-versa, so...via the DC/Marvel crossovers, "What Ifs", would be Elseworlds anyway.

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