Monday, January 6, 2014

The shit on my walls (Part 3).

Well, I knew from the beginning, this would be a work in progress.
So, here are the upgrades.

Okay, starting with the big grid...

See here.

Replaced the 7th Guest with this.
Decided I needed more superheroes, less horror.
Hard to describe, but, the "energy flow", of the thing wasn't matching my head space anymore, so the horror ones were like..."speedbumps", when I looked at it.

So, there, that's that.

Kick-Ass 2.
See here, and here.

Replaces American Psycho.
I like that version of the poster better. You can see the characters more.
And now Kick-Ass to Dragon Tatoo make a nice clean row of heroes.

Then, bump down a row....

See, here, here, and here.

Heh, Super, and Heroes, Superheroes!

Then, Hard Candy, then...

See here, here, here, and here.

Replaces Vice City.
Not only a good superhero flick, but, Nite Owl is the pedo in Hard Candy, so there's a connection there.


Sin City.
See here, and here.

Replaces MAD.
And I went with the Rosario Dawson poster, cuz...well, dammit, she gives me a boner.

And, that's the grid.

Next wall...

Comedy idols part 3.
Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Ron White, and Penn Jillette.

Under Louis C.K., Kristen Schaal, Sarah Silverman, and Lewis Black, next to George Carlin: Back in Town, above Bill Hicks, and replacing "teach the controversy".

Just whipped this one up in time for this post, in fact.
Then, jump across the window, and...

Jade Shade cover #1.
See here.

Under Jade Shade mask mark 2, next to "In the finich", replaces original Paladin Jade Shade.


Jade Shade cover #2.
See here.

Next to cover #1, replaces Jade Shade mask mark 1.

Then, next wall, above the stereo....

Upgrade of grid #1.


Upgrade of grid #2.

Shit, I shoulda re-upgraded that by finding a place to squeeze the new comedians in.
Ah, well...

And, done for now...


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