Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy fifth observed Arbor Day!

I stopped doing seasons, so this is my celebration of spring now.
It's spring, the leaves are budding...but it's still fucking cold.
Sick of you, Maine. B-(

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome to the monster cluuub! (Part 3!)

Part 1
Part 2

From here....

Think I've always had a thing for the monsters....
Even had the action figures of 'em from the 80's..*Googles*...shit, here they are!! 

And from here...
Hey, why no Bride figure?

Well, guess what? :)
They deed eet! They fawking deed eet!!!

First, here's the original Universal figures.
(Open these graphics in a new tab for full size to study)

You got Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Phantom, and Creature.

No Bride.

Well, apparently, Funko has brought it all back, and filled in the gaps.
These could have been out for years, and my dumb ass wouldn't have known it.
So, if you're someone who knew about all this, save the eye-rolling, and sneering, I cop to not being up to date, all right?

Anyhoo, here's the new ones.

Again, Drac, Frank, Wolfie, Mummy, Phantom, Creature, but NOW, Bride, Invisible Man, and invisible Invisible Man.

Hooray!! Hooray for complete collections!!

But here's how I found out about 'em.

I was up to Bullmoose to sell off some tapes, and I saw THESE babies!!

Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, Pinhead, Ghostface, and Sam.

They had The Crow too, but he's a good-guy.

Also, I would have liked Hannibal, Tall Man, and Chucky, but I understand they can only get the rights they can get, and it's a miracle they got what they got.

A set of some boomer-age ones would be good too.
The Fly, The Blob, The Thing, etc.
Just sayin.

Anyhoo, I've hemmed an hawed before about how my 80's guys are old enough now that they're as classic as the oldies were back then, they need to be allowed into the pantheon.
Well, I think shared figure lines is as official as it gets.

Short of an updated monster party movie with everyone there.
That'd be sweet.
Hey, make one with the other! Robot Chicken, get on that.

Anyhoo, that's the slashers, but they've also all got the sci-fi horror villains.

Alien, Predator, invisible Predator, T-800, T-800 skeleton, four T-1000s, three Gremlins, and a Gorn from Trek.

And, here's some leftovers.
Again, I sifted out the good-guys, and a lotta henchmen.
Go to Amazon, and search "Funko reaction figures", for everything they've got.
There's some seriously cool shit in there.
Anyway, these.

Travis Bickle, Tony Montana, Tyler Durden, Lo-Pan, Jack and Sally from "Nightmare Before Christmas". Walt, Gus, and dead Gus from "Breaking Bad", and finally Frank, Riff-Raff, Magenta and Columbia from "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

All that happened.
Happy, happy, joy, joy!!
Felt the need to time capsule it for later.
I'll definitely reference this next Halloween.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RIP Tracie Shorete (A.K.A. Tamar Garish)

Fellow Wordforger, created this Hembug fanart, and I snuck her in as a cameo in this Harry episode, so she's canon.

Whelp, I'm gut punched.
Sucky end to the day.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The big 2015-2016 movie recap!

Here we go, its all built to this!

And now, here they all are.
For the year of 2015-2016.
Merging summer of 2015, with winter of 2015-2016.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Said it all in the winter review.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road.

Hell yeah, it's right up there with TFA.
It's that good.

3. Deadpool.

Ditto TFA.

4. Ant-Man.

Just behind Deadpool by a smidge.

5. Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

I struggled between this and Ant-Man, but Ant-Man finally won the struggle.

6. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Though I really dig this, again, Deadpool is more fun. Also, the Marvel films  have a more fleshed out world backing them up, so they can do things with story and character the DCCU just can't yet.

7. Creed. 

Ditto Deadpool and TFA.

8. Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Ditto Creed/Deadpool/TFA.

9. The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence]

Ditto AvED/Creed/Deadpool/TFA.

10. Terminator: Genisys.

This has gone down a bit.

11. Jurassic World.

Ditto Terminator.

12. Fantastic Four.

Bad, but fascinatingly bad.
Like Showgirls, or Howard The Duck.
I'll buy this on disc for sure.

13. Vendetta.

I regret watching this.
I want the Soska Sisters of "American Mary", back, and I want them back now.

Aaaand, that's it.
Summer 2016 starts with "Captain America: Civil War".
See you then!

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The big winter movie recap. Part 1.

There we go, like the previous three summers, in order of best to worst.
Except, this time, none of them suck.

Series recap again...

Now, the movies...

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (First, second, third, fourth).

My first ever quadruple dip!!
Ho-ly shit! Yes, it was that good.
This just came out on Blu-ray. Gotta nab that soon.
Eight more months, we get Rogue One.

2. Deadpool.

Damn, but this was thoroughly entertaining. I should have seen this twice.
Think I've missed the chance.
Could be wrong.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (First, second).

I love it, but Deadpool was more fun, and TFA is just perfect.
I think this'll limp towards a billion worldwide.
Fuck the haters.

4. Creed.

Best chapter in the Rocky saga since...shit, one and two.

5. Ash vs Evil Dead (Premiere, series recap).

The franchise is back full force, with season 2 on the way!
What a glorious time to be alive!
I think the 2010's will be looked back on with as much warmth and reverence as the 80's.
Geek-kind is in good shape.

6. The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence] (Blu-ray release).

Still my favorite comedy in a long, long, time.

So, that's Winter of 2015-2016.

Next comes "Captain America: Civil War", and we'll be back around to summer again.

Up next for these, the year round recap lumping this, and summer 2015 together.
Stay tuned!

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Big Winter Movies (Part 5.5).

Part 0 (HC3)
Part 1 (Ash)
Part 1.5 (Ash)
Part 2 (Creed)
Part 3 (TFA)
Part 3.5 (TFA)
Part 3.75 (TFA)
Part 3.85 (TFA)
Part 4 (Deadpool)
Part 5 (BvS)

It's "God's Not Dead 2"!! Haha!! Yeah, right....

Batman v Superman:
Dawn Of Justice (2016)

From last time..

I really dug it. Don't quite know if I love it yet, still processing.

Well, I love it now.
Love it.

I caught all the little details I couldn't process the first time, it really does get better with repeated viewings.

One of the things the haters say is that Luthor's motivations either aren't clear, or aren't explained at all.
A lie, or willful stupidity.
It's all right there in his discussions with Senator Finch, and with Superman on the helipad at the end.
You can be forgiven for missing it the first time, but I heard an asshole who's seen it three times say this shit.
Fuck you, you're stupid.
Try coming up out of your popcorn for air once in awhile.
Sorry, folks, opinions are one thing, but getting facts wrong pisses me off.

As for the slow pace I mumbled about last time, fuck that, I take it all back, everything has a pay off, you can't cut any of it.
Once you see it the first time, and know a little better how all the little pieces fit, it flows better when you know where it's all going.

It really is a film that demands repeat viewings, this isn't a one-and-done flick.
It's not a turn-your-brain-off-and-fart movie either, you've got to pay the fuck attention.

Solid 8.5 out of 10.

Can't wait for the 3 hour cut.
Bring it the fuck on.

Up next, the big winter recap!!

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy 17th anniversary of Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

  • 2013 (saga of the site)
  • 2014 (saga of Krazyfool Show)
  • 2015 (TFA was coming soon)

And yep, TFA came out, and I've seen that puppy at the theater four times.
The blu-ray comes out this month.

Now we're all tapping our feet waiting on something, anything, from "Rogue One".

I gotta get busting my ass towards that Krazyfool sequel in QD.
No matter when I get to it, there'll be a SW film to reference.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

G.I. Joe Memorial Day (The Sixth).

Big news this year!

As revealed here, there's going to be a Hasbro Cinematic universe.

This means that G.I. Joe will connect to Transformers, Micronauts, ROM, Visionaries, and Mask.

One assumes that at the end of it, they'll all team up to face the plate of bad clams that made G.I. Joe's stomach cave in.

Can even the magic of the Visionaries, and the advanced alien technology of ROM defeat the ultimate form of the Grim Reaper that is bad clams?
Only time will tell.
Stay tuned!

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