Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UBER crossovers! (Part 2)

So, last time, I laid out the pieces, now, to glue 'em together.

Okay, this is a bigass graphic, almost 2 megs, so if you've got a slow connection, run away.


That's as small as I could shrink it without losing everything, believe me.
You can juuuust make out the covers, and if you can't exactly make 'em out, or need a little help, you have the file text underneath and you can just read those.
I didn't connect every single little thing, just enough to make the segments gel.
I tried my best to be sure there were no "lonesome pieces", floating out with no connection back to the core, but...some bits were just too far away from their companion pieces.

But, overall, I think I nailed it.

And, that's done.


Diacanu said...


They've got a file cap! they de-rezed the image!!

All that hard work for nothing!!!!!

Fuck....this post is worthless....

Diacanu said...

Well...if anyone wants it, I can e-mail it.

*Anticipates no takers.

Diacanu said...

well, maybe if you open part 1 in another tab, and the graphic here full-size in another tab, you can use this one as a map of the clearer versions of the pieces, and kinda get an idea....

Diacanu said...

....fucking Google.

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