Sunday, July 31, 2011

How I spent my birthday.

Not much; better than last year, which was "meh".

Got out, visited, had some cake, checked out Bull Moose Music (which as I posted prior may buy out all the dead Borders around here, at least in Portland) at the strip mall across from the old Wal-Mart, and on the inside they're as big as, and virtually set up like Borders, so, whether they buy Borders or not, I may have myself a new hangout.

The place seems to attract cute girls too, so hey...

See, what else, posted this...

My new compulsive project is printing shit out, and thumb tacking it to my walls.
Been kinda bare around here for awhile.
Now It's all monsters, movies, comedians, chicks, places.
Looks like the inside of my harddrive in here now.
Which is as it should be.

My camera was my early present, so I got that.

Oh, here's the cats doing their window/head thing.

Eh...what else..

Oh, ordered "I Am Nancy", which is Heather Langenkamp's followup/sequel/companion to last year's "Never Sleep Again", which I raved about last time.

It could suck or not, we'll see.
It's got new Robert Englund and Wes Craven interviews, so at least there's that.
That's all I care, if the other stuff is good, that'll be gravy.

Should be getting that sometime next week.

So, yeah, just had more fun this time.
Need projects to keep my mind active so it doesn't eat itself.
And cake.
Had both this time.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


A cult classic two-fer for my 36th birthday!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #18.

Oh yeah, and on a related note, The Smurfs came out, and the Razzie Awards are already rubbing their hands in delight. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #19.

Well, Captain America finally came out, and critics and humans are both saying it's the best of the summer superhero bunch.

They saved the best for last I guess.

So, that just leaves Avengers for next year. Read More......

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kiss my ass under Filene's bay window.

No, I'm not going to click your Google banners.

I'm not going to be roped into your creepy fucking cult.

I'm not going to get in on your fucking pyramid scheme.

I'm not going to be talked into your fucking desert religion.

On the fucking internet, I'm not going to "sign up for", anything, if it has a password, goodbye.
If it has a price, goodbye.

I'm not going to buy ANYTHING you're shoveling over the fucking phone.
I honestly don't care if it's genuine immortality potion.
Fuck off.

The person of the household you're calling who isn't me isn't available, but they don't want to talk to you either, don't fucking call back.

You can take your e-mail spam offers, and shove every last one up your greasy lizard asses.

Fuck the whole lot of you, leave me the fuck alone with your stupid fucking bullshit.

You all fucking suck, you make life suck, and you can kiss my ass under Filene's bay window. Read More......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fish From The Quantum Sea #18.

Oh, cool, Bull Moose is going to try to buy up the local Borders.


That'd be great, it'd be like Bookland again. Read More......

Sunday, July 24, 2011

D'oh! forgot... add "Grandpa's Ghost Stories", to "some times of my life".

Did that just now. Read More......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #17.

Borders is going under.

All of 'em.

I'll have to make an updated pilgrimage with the new camera to examine the corpse. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #17.

DADT was repealed yesterday.

Goodbye to another loathsome relic of the 90's.

Now, we just need the Starbucks chain to implode. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #16.

Juan of the dead!!!

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Shrieks From The Wall #16.

Amy Winehouse croaked.

Another one I saw coming.

Pop-culture never should have elevated her ass in the first place.

Her dumbass career is the shriek from the wall of meat.

Don't look for shit like this to end in your lifetime. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #15.

Get a load of this happy fella!

That's a Hydrothermal Vent Worm under an electron microscope.

Yeah, I don't typically do the animal thing much, cuz I don't wanna be a Pharyngula knockoff, but this was extra special.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fish From The Quantum Sea #14.

Hmm, we need some good news to at least TRY to counterbalance the bad shit today...

Oh, hey, I know!

The new touchscreen computerized Coke machine down at Burger King!

Pick a soda, and then pick an optional extra flavor to add to it.

Generally fruity ones for all the Sprite-y ones, and then fruity plus vanilla for the colas.

Not too shabby.

Hey, we had touchscreens, and CPUs in the 80's, why did it take til the 2010's to whip this miracle gizmo together??

Ah, well, like Fruity Pebbles squares, better late than never....

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Shrieks From The Wall #15

Oh, lovely, a two-fer today.

Seems the fucknuts are shooting kids too.


Mmmm, dead kids, I'm sure your invisible boogeyman smiles down warmly upon that scene.

Somethin' out of a Hallmark card, innit?

Fuckbags. Read More......

Shrieks From The Wall #14.

When I laid out the mission statement for "Shrieks..", I knew something like this was probably gonna happen relatively quick.


Yep, some more dipshit loons killing/hurting real flesh and blood people over their love of their imaginary friend.

Make your "message", as "loud", as you want, that's all I'm ever going to hear it as.
Cuz that's all it is.

Never takes too long before that shit happens.
That, and gay homophobe Republicans, you can set your watch by.
Another one of those will pop up too, you watch. Read More......

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #13.

It's too fuckin' hot!!!!! Read More......

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish From The Quantum Sea #13.

The S.S. Shmegalamonga.

Where it all happens....

Main navigation.

(Manned by my lieutenants)





The head.

Waste processing.


Siesta deck.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #12.

Well, there you go, Rupert's a murderer.


Link. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #12.

Always wanted to do this...

My Jazz Camera via my stick camera.



And my stick camera via my Jazz camera.



Closeup of teeny lens.

Same pic with arrow.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fish From The Quantum Sea #11.


There, that'll REEAALLY improve my photo blogs.

Prior musings on "tricorders"...

Okay, let's have us a rant...

Star Trek: we were almost fucking there.

My wonderful gadgets.
(Featuring my first mini-tricorder)

So, I guess this would be chapter 7 of that series...

So, yeah, there, I finally got my dream scanner from my childhood fantasies, and it's all it's cracked up to be.

I'm giddy.
Not quite Dingoo giddy, but pretty damned close.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #11.

Eh, you get the idea for the visual concept right?
I don't need the banner to hammer it home anymore do I?

Anyhoo, the topic..

Gahdammit....they're doing the Evil Dead remake after all.

Bitched about it before here.... Read More......

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yearbook: Even More 2011.

There, that's 20 items, let's do this...

"Fish from the Quantum Sea", born.

"Shrieks from the wall (of meat)", born.

"Postcards from Podsville", reborn.

Google + born.

The Casey Anthony trial.

No more Oprah.

Murdoch paper shuts down over phone hacking scandal.
(Betcha this is a tip of an iceberg, kiddies)

Old Podsvilles as new Feesh.
(Needed doing)

Old Podsvilles as new Shrieks.
(Also needed doing)

"Things that don't give me nightmares", merged with Feesh.
(More consolidating)

"Snark", merged with Shrieks.
(Still more consolidating)

"Location blogs", merged into Feesh.
(Even more consolidating)

"Facing the horror", and TNTK the retroactive first Shrieks.
(A bit more consolidating)

Fruity Pebbles Treats.

Innerspace/"the crumple shit", tacked on to Shrieks.
(Last little bit of consolidating)

Green Lantern.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

New location blog.
(Nicely's, Hansons/Mercy)

"Elevator Guy", A.K.A "elevatorgate".

Happy Neptune Year!

Netflix goes bad.

End of the shuttle era.
(Didn't know how to categorize this one...)

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Fish From The Quantum Sea #10.

A year finally passed on Neptune, since it was discovered 165 Earth-years ago.

Happy Neptune Year! Read More......

Shrieks From The Wall #10.

Netflix starts fucking their customers.

Well, that didn't take long.

Yep, the first taste is free, then we own your ass.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #9.

The whole "Elevator Guy", kerfuffle.

I was hoping this stupid shit would blow over, cuz it's all so childish, but, it looks like it's gonna hang on like herpes, so, I'll acknowledge it...

First, watch this..

Anyoo, Richard Dawkins responded with this...

Dear Muslima
Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and . . . yawn . . . don't tell me yet again, I know you aren't allowed to drive a car, and you can't leave the house without a male relative, and your husband is allowed to beat you, and you'll be stoned to death if you commit adultery. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with.

Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep"chick", and do you know what happened to her? A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. Of course she said no, and of course he didn't lay a finger on her, but even so . . .

And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake, grow up, or a least grow a thicker skin.

Then, it all erupted into a whole shitstorm, and caused a schism in the Atheist Movement between the constipated type feminists, and sane people.

And now, as usual, the PC thug-ism starts creeping up with new rules...

And the movement literally imploded, was swallowed by the Earth, and we all died.

I'm dead right now.


Well, the whole thing lead to some nice parodies though..


...and this...


...and this...

Other linky.

And, somewhere in the cloud of white noise, Mirana Celeste Hale got called a "gender traitor", by some lemon-puss, and that's become a giggle line floating around.

So, yeah, that's all that.

So, there you go, nerds are messed up drama queens too.
It never ends.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fish From The Quantum Sea #9.

On the road again...

A sequel to location blog #15.

Meant to get pics of the changes to Nicely's & Hanson's, but, y'know, waylaid by gout in the summer, then in winter, RL shit got in the way...and then, just didn't think of dragging the mini-cam along.

So, here's Nicely's no longer a video store.
Goodbye, my darling.

And, here's The Mercy where Hanson's used to be.
Couldn't get a long distance shot, had to pull in to be able to turn around, so, I ended up being right up on it, but, you get the idea...

There, so, got out, and took those, finally.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #8.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon the highest grossing film of the summer...

*Crosses arms, shakes head*

Tch, really, America?

It's "Pretty Woman", all over again, huh?
We're just gonna keep dancing this dance...

*Keeps shaking head* Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #8.

Oh, yeah, 'nother thing I left out of the last yearbook update...

Green Lantern came out.

Haven't seen it yet.

Critics and friends say it's not as good as "X-Men First Class", or even "Thor", but it's a decent summer flick.

Only "Captain America", to go...

This 10 or so years run of superhero flicks is destined to burn out someday, but it's been a great fucking run, and it'll be long remembered. :)

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Shrieks From The Wall #7.

Eh, one more retro one...

The Crumple Shit.

That nailed what was wrong with that chapter/season.

And Podsville was the antidote, and now it's Shrieks/Feesh.

And as for the whole failed quest for "answers", well, TNTK is the fucking answer.

It's all a bunch of human preening, pomp, and prancing.
And you can give it the finger.

And, as mentioned in the last one, Shrieks is the sequel to TNTK.

So, there, that's all the consolidating done, now we can move on to new business...

Read More......

Reading list updates.

Added "Network", and "a face in the crowd", to the reading/viewing list. Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #7.

These came to the marketplace.

Course, my mother was making them in the 80's...but, hey...better late... Read More......

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall #6.

Completing a loop...

...with the "There's Nothing To Know", series.

These gave birth to Shrieks, so, let's make them Shrieks.

And without Shrieks, there'd be no Feesh, so, that's pretty significant.

And digging through some stuff, "Facing the horror", is the prequel to TNTK.

'Cept, that one was more political/general.
But yeah, toss that in there...

And, I liked knocking all that BS down, and might want to do more, so, if a bad news item kinda tilts that way, I'll call it "an item from the "there's nothing to know", files", or something.

No shortage of BS in the world, it won't take long....

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Fish From The Quantum Sea #6.

Merging in yet another department....

All the "location blogs", up to now...

...and, since I have a lot of life stories crammed into those, plus, now that first batch is a 2 year old memory, it's about time I slapped a Biography tag on there...

Location blogging #1.
("Redneck corner", and taking a nice walk)

Location blogging #2.
(Portland, and all points in between)

Location blogging #3.

Location blogging #4.
(The mall, part 1)

Location blogging #5.
(The mall, part 2, and a bunch of other stuff)

Location blogging #5.5, Gorham and Portland in review.
(It gets a bit philosophical, but upbeat)

Inner-space 19.
(Meh, some rambling)

Innerspace 20.
(Gorham in review again, happy memories)

Location blogging #6.
(Westbrook!!! My favorite)

Location blogging #7.
(Quickie trip to Saco)

Location blogging #8.

Location blogging #9.
(Home sweet hell)

Location blogging #10.
(3-D variety corner)

Location blogging #11, Saco/Biddeford in review.
(Ramblings on my Sansa player, and there's gotta be a better world out there)

Location blogging #12.
(More MP3 rambling)

Location blogging #13.
(Full Belly Deli)

Location blogging #14.
(More self-shrinking, it's really not so bad that things change)

Location blogging #15- quickie updates.
(Nicely's is gone, killed by Netflix/Redbox, Hanson Market is gone)

Location blogging #16- The woods out back.
("The wood road", and some memories)

How I spent my 9/11.
(Got out for a bit, watched a horror flick)

How I spent my summer.
(Waylaid by gout, obsessed on Harry Hembock, and Freddy Krueger...)

Mall updates.
(The mall is ruined, time for a new hangout somewhere..)

There. No gout this year, gotta take another stab at those, or screw cameras/blogs, just gotta get out and have fun more.
Read More......

Friday, July 8, 2011

The last of the shuttles. *sigh*


Rambled about that at length here. Read More......

Mall updates.

It gets worse...

Ben & Jerry's?




So, that's it, the mall is dead to me.
Never going back.

Well...there's still Border's to browse...

But, that'll be gone soon.

Tch...nowhere to fuckin' GO anymore.

Previous chapters-
Mall part 1.
Mall part 2.
The geography of nowhere.
Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #5.

More retroactive Feesh...

All the "things that don't give me nightmares", up to now...

Things that don't give me nightmares #1.
(Unwrapped with Marc Summers (and other industrial/nostalgia type shows))

Things that don't give me nightmares #2.
(Good books, toys, my favorite places)

Things that don't give me nightmares #3.
(Thinkgeek, Dealextreme, Shmegalamonga, my readers)

Things that don't give me nightmares #4.
(Freddy movies)

Things that don't give me nightmares #5.
(The good animated satire shows)

Things that don't give me nightmares #6.
(The good channels)

Things that don't give me nightmares #7.
(People that I'm glad exist)

Things that don't give me nightmares #8.
(The second tier of good channels)

Things that don't give me nightmares #9.
(Um...I guess that I'm not in a society of rape-cannibals..yet)

Things that don't give me nightmares #10.
(That I'm not any of these people...)

Things that don't give me nightmares #11.
(The beauty of the universe)

Things that don't give me nightmares #12.
(Geek culture, it's just better)

Things that don't give me nightmares #13.
(Dingoo, and that there's geeks on Youtube that loved all the shit I do)

Things that don't give me nightmares #14.
(Lindor truffles!!!)

Things that don't give me nightmares #15.
(These two goofballs)

Things that don't give me nightmares #16.
(After some hemming and hawing, Romero's Dead cycle)

Things that don't give me nightmares #17.
(World War Z, upcoming (then) Marvel flicks, people helping in Haiti)

Things that don't give me nightmares #18.
(That there's enough sanity in society to loathe reality TV, "utility belt")

Things that don't give me nightmares #19.
(Conan's classy goodbye speech leaving NBC)

Things that don't give me nightmares #20.
(Looking back...)

Things that don't give me nightmares #21.
(The couple of hours when I thought Richard Dawkins was going to try to lock up Joey Ratz)

Things that don't give me nightmares #22.
(Nobody Loves Harry Hembock!)

Things that don't give me nightmares #23.
(Fucks angst. Eh, an addendum to 22, really)

Things that don't give me nightmares #24.
(The good stuff in Krazy For Decades)

Things that don't give me nightmares #25.
(Song of the week! (A.K.A. SOWTHIFL))

Things that don't give me nightmares #26.
(Fish From The Quantum Sea!!)

And thus, Feesh is the perpetual continuation of "things..".
Another department merged. ;)

Edit: One more..

Things the don't give me nightmares #27.

Read More......

Shrieks From The Wall #5.

More retroactive Shrieks..

All of the snarks up to now...

Snarky thought of the day.
(Shit, here's the mission statement of Shrieks right here)

Snarky political comment of the day.
(Picking apart the "patriot", puddery)

Snarky political comment of the day #2.
(Praising a good thing Reagan did, then urinating on Italy's dictator)

Snarky economic comment of the day.
(Fuck you, Greenspan, and fuck you, Two Guys Anime Reviews!)

Snarky political comment of the day #3.
(HCR meltdown. Your tears are delicious)

Snarky political comment of the day #4
(Psst, hey, Chinese... Tienanmen Square!!)

Snarky political comment of the day #5.
(Celebrity edition!)

Snarky political comment of the day #6.
(Priorities, people!)

Snarky political comment of the day #7.
(What culture war?)

Snarky political comment of the day #8.
(Urkel watches strippers or something)

Snarky literary criticism of the day.
(Toilet paper)

Snarky political comment of the day #9.
(The legion of sociopaths!)

Snarky political comment of the day #10.
(What pisses me off about liberals)

Snarky cultural comment of the day.
(Sayonara, Ronald!)

Snarky literary criticism #2.
(Same book, different covers)

Snarky cultural comment of the day #2.

Snarky literary criticism of the day #3.
(More of the same book)

Snarky film criticism of the day.
(Top Gun)

Snarky literary criticism of the day #4.
(I know you are, but what am I?)

Snarky literary AND political comment of the day.

Snarky literary criticism of the day #6.
(Price club bulk size toilet paper)

Oh, and "climategate"?...
(Still no apology)

Here's somethin' for ya.
(Human Centipede!)

Two great anti-drug ads from the past.
(Hanna Barbara, and Pee-Wee!)

Dead at 21.

Who the man? YOU the man!
(Until you collapse our financial system...yeah, suck those metal Starbucks dicks)

Another ad from the awful 00's.
(Oh, brother...)

Happy 100th, Ronnie!
(Course, he couldn't appreciate it, cuz there's no such thing as ghosts)


Ben Stein: a horrid little man part II.
(Part I here)

The Right and Left debate in this country.
Read More......

Fish From The Quantum Sea #4.

Retroactive Feesh...

..basically, the positive/upbeat Podsvilles.

As hinted at and skimmed past in Dicky-Pedia IV...

Just getting these out of the way...patience....

Okay, here we go...

Weirdness- Being/staying sane in an insane world, and anything that helps you do that.
Also, art/music that works toward that end. (see Insouciance)

Insolence- The descriptor given to the behavior of those who refuse to kiss the Godbawlz.

Insubordination- Not saluting and clicking your heels in the presence of The Owners.

A plan- Get one, kids.

Insouciance- How to get through this life without shooting a fucker.

Individuality- A rare commodity in America, and the Greed-Bags don't seem interested in it.

The 9 Snarks- And the 12 suggestions. My parody of the 9/12 list.

This!- The Shmegalamonga coat of arms.

Captain Beeble- You were too beautiful for this world *sniff*.

Harry Hembock Hair- The chick hairdo for the 2010's, apparently.

The one with the names- Postcards From Podsville #34.

Fuck angst- The mantra to keep the Santi Teardrops at bay.

Help me Smee!- An exclamation to describe a hypnoticly repetitive performance/lecture/task/routine/ritual/exhibition/person/etc.

Read More......

Shrieks From The Wall #4.

Retroactive Shrieks...

...basically, all the snarky/irritated/disgusted Podsvilles.

As rattled off in Dicky-Pedia III...

Just getting these out of the way...patience....

Okay, here we go...

Podsville- Also known as "the puzzle factory", "Bizarro-world", "Zombieland", "Lidsville", etc. The synthetic habitat of the allegedly "normal".
(see "the real world", "the shining habitrail on a hill", "Fairhaven")

Sniveling thugs- Those that threaten violence/censorship/financial obliteration, while playing the poor little victim, all over something really small and petty.
Often, they'll invoke myth based superstition (currently it's the popular flavor) but not always. These people are never able to take a joke.

Sideshow Bob- Kelsey Grammar. Particularly when he's being a partisan shill, or just an asshole. (See his ex wife)

Third world shithole- (See Arizona)

Quack-Whore- A scientist who sells out to woo merchants. (See Bill Nye)

Greed-bags- The "too big to fail", banks, and their Wall-Street and Washington cohorts.

Myth Cult Kidfuckers- The heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Joey Ratz- The Fuggin Pope. I ain't calling that fucker no make-believe title.

Homeopathic faith- The non-existant faith of those who bawl "blasphemy".
The automatic setting for Sniveling Thugs.

Lying Savages- A.K.A "The Lizards", Those that create, and are empowered by fear.
Politicians, clergy, pundits. Basicly, anyone in authority with blood on their hands, directly, or vicariously.
No answers to my challenges on that topic. Never gonna get one.

Tinfoil mongers- Conspiracy nuts, and gloom and doomers, with un-evidenced hoo-hah. And they never apologize when proven wrong, or the doom doesn't happen. It's just dead silence, and on to the next abomination.

Science denialists- Children who don't want to clean their room, and deeply resent being told to do so. That simple. Desperately and feverishly try to paint their opposition as the Tinfoil Mongers. Same deal, when wrong, dead silence.

Sissybaby-fuckers- The Catholic flavor of Sniveling Thugs.

Squabble-dubs- Talk show guests, warring countries, prick waving leaders, your parents. Mankind at its basest, and dubbiest.

Thuggery- The vindictive behaviors of Sniveling Thugs.

The Owners- (see Lying Savages)

Godbawlz - The level of entitlement and un-earned respect demanded by people like Joey Ratz, and the Sissybaby-fuckers, and the balls on them to assume it. Muslim Clerics also have Godbawlz.

The Horror- The stuff our lovely species churns out daily. (see the news)

Myth Cult Rapists- The more accurate descriptor to the Myth Cult Kidfuckers, since apparently, Catholic clergy are raping everybody, not just kids.
And it covers the atrocities of Islam too.

He-Man Woman-Haters Club- No gurlz allowed!! Cute name for the Myth-Cult Rapists, since they aren't exactly always raping.

The Pie Eating Contest- Corporate competition, every day prick waving, one-upmanship, cock-blocking, throat-cutting, back-stabbing, double-dealing, this whole American THING we've got going on. Particularly, its self-righteous pseudo-philosophical justifications.

Spock was right- Humans are illogical. (see Podsville)

The Horror Show- The News.

The Greasy Turd- The fella in diagram 1.

A plan- Get one, kids.

The Slow Motion Apocalypse- BP oil spill, recessions, etc, etc...

Straining out a movement- A.K.A "pinching off a movement". The formation of yet another gathering of miffed humanity.
Sniveling Thugs, and Squabble-Dubs, will typically be in their number.
The inevitable end by-product of The Pie Eating Contest.
One must flush movements before they stink up the house.

Strawberry Fields- Nothing is real.

Entropy- It devours all.

Bullshit yourself!!- How the Zombies/Pods get through life without shooting a fucker. (See also, drugs, alchohol, religion)

Randian Villains- Fox News.

Santi Teardrops- A cross between Santi Taferella, and Frankie Teardrop. I called Santi "Santi Teardrop", because I could see him ending up like the character in "Frankie Teardrop". So, Santi TeardropS, plural noun, would be the angst tears cried by an emo bitch. So, avoid the Santi Teardrops, kiddies.

The Real World- Actually, an illusary state of mind. The way the zombies/pods describe their enslavement. Makes it sound like a noble conviction, y'see. (see Podsville)

The Shining Habitrail On A Hill- My snarky name for "the real world". Has that extra ring of in-group pride The Pods seem to love so much... (see Podsville)

Concerned Mothers- The Nervous Nanny flavor of Sniveling Thugs. Also, Fuck the PTC.

Incoherant Bullshit- What to generally expect from political discourse in America, since its very image of itself is loaded to busting with dissonance.

The one with the names- Postcards From Podsville #34.

Fairhaven- The West. (See Podsville)

The Rape Couple- Luke & Laura. Romance in the mind of millions of frustrated 70's housefraus, apparently.

Madonna- The epitome of, thus definition of, pseudo talent.
Overhyped/overpaid mediocrity.
Ex. "Red Lobster is the Madonna of seafood".

Teeny-jail- High school.

The poison- The bio-hazardous waste matter given off by Podsville, and its institutions, and inhabitants, that gathers in the blood, and can only be vented textually and verbally in rants.
This act can also help others vicariously flush out their poison, therefore, it becomes a medical responsibility.

Dilhole- Scott Adams.

Hammer Brothers- Godbawlz lickers who express themselves silently, and more "sincerely", than your typical Sniveling Thugs.

Foxwoods-Junior- Chuck E. Cheese. Latest target of Concerned Mothers.

Read More......

Thursday, July 7, 2011


A Zappa double feature!!



Read More......

Things that don't give me nightmares #26.

Fish From The Quantum Sea. Read More......

Shrieks From The Wall (of meat) #3.

Say it ain't so!!

A Rupert Murdock outfit involved with some creepy cyber-spying scandal?

*Wipes nose* but...but..I believed in him!

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Fish From The Quantum Sea #3.

Oh, yeah, forgot to toss this into the last yearbook update...

No more fuckin' Oprah!!!!


Course, she's got her evil channel, but I won't watch it.

And she's left behind her toxic stooges of quackery, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz.

But, Oprah's gone.

No more "a million little pieces", debacles, no more "Stella got her groove back", abominations getting boosted on the bestseller's list on her recommendation.

And no more goddamned Maya Angelou.

Oh, but at least we have our happy memories, so, let's look at those...

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs, minisodes 29,30,31,32,33.

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs, MSTisodes 8,9,28.

Kathy Griffin describes Oprah's final episode as "fucking ridiculous".

Kathy Griffin is the first famous person to have the balls to say Maya Angelou is insufferable.

Kathy Griffin guest stars against her will in Harry Hembock.

There, that's all done.
I can sleep better tonight.
As can we all.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shrieks From The Wall (of meat) #2.

The Casey Anthony trial in summary.


The 24 Hour Cable New Networks-

So, when are we gonna learn?
How many times we gonna do this?

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Fish From The Quantum Sea #2.

So, Google+ was born a few days ago.

That might prove to be important, better log it...

This comic sums it up...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Podsville reborn.

Made "The New Podsville", the new link for "Postcards From Podsville", in "Key Areas Of Shmegalamonga". Read More......

The New Podsville.

Shrieks From The Wall (of meat)
(And the old Podsvilles)

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Fish From The Quantum Sea #1.

The origin (recap).

Okay, so, the Third Anniversary of Shmegalamonga, I said I'd be streamlining the blog, pulling it together into something coherent.

Then, in Dicky-Pedia: Volume III, I cobbled together the title/concept for "Shrieks From The Wall (of meat)".

And then, in this announcement, I laid out the larger plan.

Then, in Dicky-Pedia: Volume IV, I cobbled together the title/concept for "Fish From The Quantum Sea".

Which, in Dicky-Pedia: Volume V, spun off into a definition for "Shmegalamonga", (at last) and ended up tying the whole blog together into a concept.

Then, I posted the first test "Shrieks..", then this one.

And, here we are.

As with "Shrieks..", not much material for this one, except, hey, how do ya like the banner?

And the new tag?
Gotta retro add that to this one to complete that little loop...

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