Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!!!! (this time for sure)

The anniversary of finishing Jade-Shade was Thursday.
I had my mind on Christmas loot instead.

Yeah, I deliberately slacked off on getting the book compiled.
Broke that new year's resolution.

I fell into an existential crisis over what to do with my life with no more Harry or Jade-Shade, and with neither of them making a living for me.
Toyed with the idea of stand-up comedy, but the bottom rungs of that business are a horror show, and you don't even scrape up rent money.
I don't have to be rich day one, but rent, groceries, and electricity would be nice.

So, I tried coming up with other story ideas.
I actually have a bunch of them, but then it was a nightmare settling on just one, and then it ended up being none of them, cuz right when this year is about to die, I had one that topped all of them.
Glad I waited, instead of diving full throttle into the first thing.
The first couple ideas might have been fun to write, but I'm confident they wouldn't have sold.

So, with this new one, I'm excited about things again, and I might be able to will myself to compile the books. (Harry/Jade-Shade, and all my old rants)
And, I'm not blogging this book, gonna try to get it published.
If that fails, I'll self publish it.
Either way, you'll see it.

Jade-Shade turned 4, and I cut off the anniversaries there.
The Harry books turned 5.
NLHH turned 12!
I turned 42!
I rebooted big summer/winter movies to go by year.
Ghostbsuters 2016 has a comic book sequel, threequel, and an upcoming fourquel.
An animated Ghostbusters from the ghosts's point of view is supposed to come out in 2019, so we should start hearing some things this year.
Seen "The Last Jedi", once so far.
"Ash vs Evil Dead", season 3 doesn't come out til fucking February.
Shmegalamonga turned 9!
Halloween and Christmas aren't going to be big movie news/reviews behemoths anymore.
I came to terms and made peace with the 90's once and for all by doing a megalith recap of them.
Disney bought Fox, so we're gonna get X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool in the MCU!

Oh, and where 2016 was all our favorite celebs dying, this year, they were all turning out to be pedos, molesters, harassers, homophobic bullies, and rapists.
Yep, Cosby was just the tip of the iceberg.

Part of me is sad, but the bigger part of me is glad to have the lid blown off.

Oh, and Trump is crazy, and morally infuriating, but I'm not scared of him anymore.
I think he's done for.
We'll see where we're at by 2019, I could be wrong, but it feels like his goose is cooked.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Christmas Loot: Part 6, Loot In Space.

Part 5.

Here we go...

Wonder Woman (2017)

See here.

DC's up to date until Justice League comes out on video.

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

See here.

And Marvel's up to date until Thor: Ragnarok comes out.

Return Of The 
Caped Crusaders (2016)

See here.

Really late on this one.
I dunno why.

Batman vs Two-Face (2017)

The last thing by Adam West.
Well....I think there's some Family Guys left, but...y'know.

Bill Shatner is Two-Face, and they draw him as his young 60's Captain Kirk self.
Two-Face is the one famous villain they didn't get to do on the old show.
And Batman and Classic Star Trek were on at the same time, and Shatner and West have had similar career paths, and places in pop culture, but they never got to team up until now.
So, a lot of dreams come true in this.

They find a clever way to sneak Lee Meriwether in as an alternate Catwoman.
(Spoiler highlight)
They introduce Harley Quinn into the Adam West-verse!!

There's a nice Comic-Con panel in the bonuses on Adam West's life.

Burt Ward has hinted they might continue these without Adam somehow...but I dunno....
Where else could you go, but to turn West-verse Robin into Nightwing, or something?
Maybe Nightwing meets Lynda Carter Wonder Woman in the 70's?
Hmmm...THAT could work....

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

See here.

Love it.
I see more Easter eggs every time I watch it.

Ghostbusters Ectomobile 
Owner's Workshop Manual (2017)

Perfect trifecta with "Ghosts From Our Past", and "Tobin's Spirit Guide".

This is my favorite thing.
Another book I wish had come out when the original films and cartoon were still hot.
It says it's just a guide to the cars, but they loophole it that you can put all the gear in the car, so it's really the whole damned Ghostbusters technical manual.

And to keep it from being all dry and techno-babble-y, and to remind you, dammit, these films are comedies, Winston and Peter interject through funny post-it notes.
And Egon through unintentionally funny ones.
The main voice of the book is Ray.

When they get to "Answer The Call", I guess they just assume you know the universes were merged through "Ghostbusters 101".

The graphic novel of GB101 is out now, I gotta go out and get that....
And while I'm out, what the Hell, I've put it off long enough, the DVDs of "The Real Ghostbusters".
Stay tuned for those...

Aaand, the rest was clothes and candy.


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

The big 2015-2017 movie recap.

Yep, no more summer, winter, summer, winter, and the years overlapping at winter, I'm finally gonna fix these, and start fresh at 2018 with Black Panther.
No time like now to finally do it.

But first...


And now....


1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars, natch.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

It feels like a Star Wars stuck on a desert planet.

3. Creed

Why don't I own this yet?
Oh, right, Starz keeps playing it.

4. Ash vs Evil Dead (season 1)

Only Season 2 tops it.

5. Age of Ultron

It's no Civil War, but it's pretty damned good.

6. Ant-Man


7. The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence]

My fevered mania for this series of films has cooled down, and this is where it goes.
Y'know, Billy Boss looks like a prediction of Harvey Weinstein now.
I wonder if Tom Six heard the whisper chain of rumors like Seth McFarlaine did.

8. Terminator Genisys

The James Cameron re-reboot of the timeline with Linda Hamilton back had better be good.
Yep, I'm still giving this franchise chances.

9. Jurassic World

I've seen the trailer for the next one, and it does nothing for me.
I'll pass.

10. Fantastic Four

They're coming back to MCU!!
Fox can't rape them anymore!!

11. Vendetta

Well...I guess the Soskas only had "American Mary", in them after all.


1. Rogue One

Star Wars, natch.

2. Deadpool

Good news, Deadpool will still be R when he joins the MCU.
Bad news, TJ Miller is a rapist.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

I guess they made these movies for weirdos like me, and no one else, because the mainstream-ies ain't eating what DC is cooking. *Shrug*

4. Captain America: Civil War

Best Marvel movie until Infinity War comes out.

5. Dr. Strange

Can't wait to see him team up with Tony in Infinity War!!

6. Ash vs Evil Dead (season 2)

Again, glorious.
Season 3 can't fucking get here fast enough.

7. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

Similar to HC3, my fevered mania has cooled down.
I still dig it, but I'm not insane over it anymore.
I still worship Holtzmann though.
And the comic sequels are awesome.
Wish they were movies.
Stupid Sony.
Buy them next, Disney.

8. Suicide Squad

Same as BvS.

9. X-Men: Apocalypse

Least good of the First Class trilogy, but still pretty goddamned good.
Fassbender's acting, and Quicksilver as a character still make this aces.

10. Star Trek Beyond

Quentin Tarantino is taking the reigns of this franchise now.

11. Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders

I'm grateful Adam lived to make these.
(This, and "Batman vs Two-Face")

12. Sausage Party

Aw, fuck, is TJ Miller in this?
*Checks IMDB*
Nope!! Phew!!
All right then!!


1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fanboy tears are delicious.
Fan theories make a nice toasty furnace fire.

2. Logan


3. Wonder Woman

Game changer.

4. Thor Ragnarok

Metal band t-shirt the movie!

5. IT

See, Stephen King adaptations?
This is how you do it!

6. Spider-Man Homecoming

Can't wait to see Spidey in Infinity War!!
Can't wait for 2020 to see him meet Fantastic Four and Deadpool!!

7. Lego Batman

Best Batman movie, who knew?

8. Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

Least good MCU movie this year, still incredible.

9. Crisis On Earth X

Best Justice League, who knew?

10. Justice League

Second best Justice League, who knew?

11. Ghostbusters 101: Everyone Answers The Call.

Should have been a movie.
I repeat what I said at "Answer The Call".

12. Ghostbusters: Answer The Call: What Dreams May Come

Only one issue out so far.
I like what I see though.

13. Baby Driver

And, Kevin Spacey is a pedophile.
But, he's a villain, and he dies, so you get to enjoy that, I guess.
Ooops, spoilers.
Fuck it, pedophile rules trump spoiler rules.

14. Justice League Dark

The live-action one has its bar to jump over.

15. The Dark Tower

Good movie, terrible adaptation.

16. Atomic Blonde

It's 80's, it's killing Russians, it's Charlize Theron.
Fun shit.
Hasn't stayed with me though.
Probably won't buy it.

17. Alien Covenant

Scott acts like he's still getting sequels despite this bombing.
Does he have incriminating bestiality photos of an executive, or what?
Wouldn't shock me at this point.

Anyway, this was the biggest disappointment of the year until....

16. Inhumans

Marvel might be kicking DC's ass at the theaters, but DC ate Marvel's lunch on TV, and "Earth X", and this are why. Ho-ly shit!!


Up next, Black Panther, Ready Player One, Infinity War.
See you then!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ghostbusters comics news for 2018!

I predicted this was coming too!
They've been gradually hinting towards it in Easter eggs in the books.
Be nice if they announced it at Comic-Con instead of stupid Ninja Turtles...*sigh*


Ghostbusters: Crossing over (2018)

It's going to have all the Ghostbusters teams!!!

Original movie, Answer The Call, Real, Extreme, Sanctum Of Slime, and maybe, just maybe, Filmation Ghostbusters.

If they could work in stuff from the Kenner toys, and Lego, and Playmobile, and the Nintendo game, that would make my whole existence.
But...I won't get greedy, I'll take whatever they're allowed to give me.

Comes out March 2018.

Until then, I'm still waiting on the graphic novel for "Ghostbusters 101: Everyone Answers The Call", and issue 2 of "Ghostbusters: Answer The Call: What Dreams May Come".

Stay tuned!

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