Thursday, March 29, 2012


An um..."song", from "The Return Of Captain Invincible".

Oh, and I hit the 70th song somewhere around "Superhero TeeVee Three".

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

En-Mike-lopedia upgrade.

Added "Even More Crossovers (The Collection)", to "En-Mike-lopedia", and "Reviews of early 2012 wrapup roundup".

Also, retro linked "Even More Crossovers (Part 3 of 5)", to "Gladiator (Part 2)", and "Gladiator 2", to Gladiator 1", to tie that all together.

There, those had to be retro-ed in, cuz they were intended, but forgotten, but now it's really done.

If I do more, it'll be a from-scratch En-Mike-lopedia sequel.

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Even More Crossovers (The Collection)

Like I said, it bugged me at the back of my mind to really finish those up properly.
So, that's done. :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Leftover-leftover Crossovers (Part 1 of 1)

Added three more Obama ones to "The Return Of Crossovers!".

Hey, if I'm gonna do this thing, I'm gonna do it right, and to completion.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Leftover Crossovers (Part 2 of 2)

Okay, this one is the leftovers-leftovers.
This has a little bit of everything from the buffet.

So...given that, consider this bigass chunk...the crossovers-crossover!

Worlds Collide

DC Comics gobbled up Milestone comics, and this miniseries introduced the Milestone characters into the DC universe, and fused their dimensions.

Milestone specialized in African American superheroes, and well, you know my thoughts on that, whenever any medium can get a shot in the arm of black-power, it can only be a good thing.

Milestone characters include Icon, Rocket, Static, Blood Syndicate, and Hardware.

I have this particular issue, and the cover was/had, I shit you not, Presto Magix!

Spyboy meets Young Justice.

Young Justice far as I can tell, the rebooted Teen Titans.
It's forbidden to call them that though, for some reason that can only have to do with marketing.

Spyboy is...nearest I can figure....male Danger Girl.

Tried to cram this one into "DC chunk", but, it just wouldn't quite go.

The Nightman meets Gambit.

Yeah, the dude from the awful show again.
He was picking fights all over the place to get noticed.

Aw, now this was frustrating as shit, I had Wolverine vs. Nightman, I had Spiderman & Gambit & Howard The Duck, but I just couldn't get this to puzzle-piece in...

Cyberfrog meets Creed.

Cyberfrog was in The War Of Independents, and is...a Cyber Frog.

And, kind of a good guy version of The Kid From "Twilight Zone",...with a dash of Paprika...kind of.

Creed meets Catfight.

Who, you may recall from from, well, let's call it "The Spank Rag Chunk".

Corrupting a minor! Corrupting a minor! Somebody call the fuggin' cops!
Shit, where's Superman!?!?

Creed meets Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

Self explanatory...

Usagi Yojimbo meets TMNT.

Well, I would think so...they had the action figure of him, and everything.

Anyhoo, Usagi was also in TWOTI.

TMNT met Flaming Carrot....

...and Flaming carrot met TMNT.

And, Flaming Carrot is another star of TWOTI.

Man...TMNT connects to TWOTI-stars all over the place...but they weren't invited?
What's up with that?

Eh, maybe Eastman figured TWOTI was more of a thing for increasing awareness of the littler guys, and didn't want to step on any toes....

Speaking of TWOTI stars...

Cerebus hung out with Flaming Carrot.

Who's in TWOTI, and also met TMNT.

Normalman vs. Megaton Man.

With Flaming Carrot as the ref!

Megaton Man is also in TWOTI.

Also, there's appearance by Radioactive Man (from Simpsons), Madman, Cerebus, Concrete, Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, and Zot.

Savage Dragon meets Megaton Man.

Of course he does...

10th Muse meets Savage Dragon.

All right, that I didn't expect....

Cerebus meets Spawn.

Okay, strangely, this, I did expect.

Bomb Queen meets Blacklight.

Blacklight is described by her creator as "a female Green Lantern, only blue".

She's powered by dark matter, and often fights Shadowhawk.

Note the caption "featuring gratuitously pandering cover. With no scene even remotely like this inside".

Well, that's gotta be a parody of the stuff from last entry.

Wait, you mean...Hellena & Pandora's munch session, and demon orgy were..LIES!?!?

Prophet meets Cable.

Remember, Prophet is the super-soldier geeked out on steroids and The Bible (he sounds delightful), who hung out with Avengelyne once.

And, Cable is an X-Man from the future who can download himself.

Tried to cram this one into "The Marvel Chunk", but it wouldn't go.

X-Force meets Youngblood.

And there's Badrock, who met Wolvie, and Spidey.

Ditto what I said about trying to cram these into the Marvel Chunk.

Also, for the third time, Youngblood sucks, fuck Youngblood.

Gladiator meets Supreme.

Supreme is Alan Moore's Superman clone that let him play with the concept in his style.

Gladiator is Marvel's mohawked purple Bad Superman...sorta.
He was a villain in StarTrek/X-Men.

Supreme: Glory Days.

With Glory.

So...that's where she comes from, I guess...

Speed Racer/ Ninja High School.

Warrior Nun Areala/ Ninja High School.

Yes, that's her, I checked, both books are by the same creator.
So, in goes Speed Racer, finally.

Kolchak The Night Stalker vicariously interacts with Honey West.

...via them continuing the same case.

And Honey West links in via Captain Action.

Kolchak meets Barnabus Collins.

The old good one, not this Johnny Depp...thing.

Kolchak: The Lovecraftian Damnation.

'Nother link back to Cthulhu.

Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak

Kolchak solves one of Sherlock's unfinished cases.

Sherlock Holmes & Batman

A 100 year old Sherlock, and Batman work a case together, on the 50th anniversary of Detective comics.

Note the first Batman issue in the background.

First Wave.

An alterni-verse, featuring Doc Savage, Shadow, and golden-age Batman.

But, remember, Elseworlds count.

And, while we're chucking in Elseworlds....

Adam West Batman met Green Hornet.

...and West-era comic-Batman met Jerry Lewis.

As did Wonder Woman, and Flash.

And Superman.

And while we're on alterni-verses...

Turtles Forever.

...features a dimensional crossover of the 2003 cartoon Turtles, the 80's/90's cartoon Turtles, and the original black and white Mirage Turtles.

But, it also features a scene where the '03 Turtles see within the dimensional vortex, the whole "Turtle-verse", which shows various incarnations of the comics turtles, the live-action movies, the Saban show Turtles, etc, etc, swirling all around.

Well, that seems to mean (more than) a couple things.

1.) All the Turtles incarnations "count", so all the comics-Turtles crossovers count.

2.) If you cross over with the Turtles, you count as part of the "Turtle-verse", and you too, have a live-action version, a Saban version, etc, etc, etc...

3.) Given 3, everyone's movies count, including reboots, hence why I've been dropping the links in.

4.) Given 4, if you're a movie-only person, too fucking bad, comics fucking count. A movie said so.

5.) Given that Turtles Bacon over to DC, the "Turtle-verse", gets absorbed into "The Infinite Earths", A.K.A "Hyper-time", A.K.A "Elseworlds". Bam. Handy little film, that.

X-Files meets Simpsons.

Yeah, that episode where everyone sings "good morning starshine", at the end.

This counts for the same reason Star Trek-Animated counts.

The characters have the same names, aren't parody versions, and are played by the same actors.
They are the characters.

I've been meaning to use it for awhile, but it was always a dead-end until now...

X-Files/ 30 Days of Night.

YES! That splices it in through "Infestation 2".

And that splices in Simpsons, and that splices in "Futurama/Simpsons: Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis", and "The Simpsons/Futurama: Crossover Crisis II".

And that makes the copyright-protection-shadow-concealed Marvel/DC guys really them, and makes it a direct crossover after all.
Nothing could be simpler!

Aaand, going back to  "Elseworlds", like I told Hyla, given that DC constantly ovelaps with Marvel (exhibit A, B, C), "Elseworlds", and "What If?", co-exist, and are therefore essentially the same thing, indeed "What If?", is the original "Elseworlds".


...that opens up these Conan crossovers.

"What If Conan Walked The Earth Today?".

Conan falls into a magical well, and appears in the late-70's.
He fights some thugs, has a run in with some cops, bangs a lady cab-driver, and gets carried back home at the last minute by a magic lightning bolt.
Fun ride, but good as it is, the sequel is better.

"What if Conan were stranded in the 20th century?".

A "what if?", of a "what if?".
Here, events veer off from last time, and the cops catch Conan before the lightning can send him back.

He busts out of the courthouse, quickly learns English, figures out guns, paper money, and the New York underworld, starts his own gang, and fights Captain America to a bloodied standstill, and wins his grudging respect.
Cap is left philosophically contemplating the differences between his, and Conan's brands of heroism.

It's also left wide open for a threequel, but sadly, over 20 years later, it's never been picked up.

This duology leaves Beastmaster 2 looking like kindergarten.
Excellent stuff.

Next part of the quadrilogy, Thor gets amnesia, and wanders into the wrong magic tunnel in Asgard, into Conan's time period, and they become friends.
In a quest to remember his identity, Thor climbs an impossible-for-mortals mountain, and meets Crom face to face, and learns that a God out of his time of ascendancy is powerless in the face of the one who is, and gets his ass handed to him by Crom.
I won't spoil the rest.

Finally, Wolverine ends up in Conan's time, fights him, lops off his hand, and then causes Conan to fall into our time, but to his doom (Pheonix spazz out), and Wolverine takes Conan's place in the annals of legend, and marries Red Sonja.

Come on, how can you not count these gems?

The Micronauts and Marvel.

Like Transformers, and ROM, Micronauts was a toy license.

I gather their thing was shrinking their way through the micro-verse.

Aaanyhoo, in issue #7, they met Man-Thing.
Hey, I have that issue buried somewhere.

In issue #16, they met The Fantastic Four.

..and, in issue #20, they met Ant Man (fitting).


Micronauts met X-Men.

In a four part miniseries.

Shogun Warriors and Marvel.

Another toy license.

They...were kind of precursors to Transformers...

Giant robots, some of 'em had launching fists, one was the model for Tranzor Z, of 'em toward the end of the toy line could...wait for it...transform into a vehicle!

Yep, it started with Shoguns.

Anyhoo, issue #19, and #20, they met Fantastic four.

Dig issue #18..Megatron!
But, some other Megatron, before the name was re-purposed onto our favorite Cybertronian fascist.

Neat little bit of pre-history there...

Crystar The Crystal Warrior and Marvel.

Yet another toy license.

If I remember right, the toy and comic were created alongside each other, Crystar was all Marvel's baby.
It was all kind of a stab at competing in the He-Man market.

So...his thing was he and his pals were magically transformed into animated crystal.
I'm not entirely sure what powers this gave them other than diamond toughness...

And...their villains were lava men (also transformed from humans).
Well, at least the lava guys had heat powers....

Issue #3, they meet Doctor Strange, in issue #6, they meet Nightcrawler from X-Men, and in issue #11, they meet Alpha Flight, sort of a Canadian version of X-Men.

Godzilla and Marvel.

So, the Godzilla toy was somehow connected to the Shogun Warriors line, and he came with the package.

In issue #17, Godzilla is shrunken to the size of a mouse via Ant Man's Pym Particles, in issue #20, the Pym Particles are wearing off, and a, oh, I'll say 12-15 foot tall Godzilla, fights The Fantastic Four, in #22, they send Godzilla to prehistoric times via Dr. Doom's time machine, where he fights Devil Dinosaur (a Marvel monster) and then in #23, he somehow comes back, and fights The Avengers.

After all of this abuse, at the end of the run, Godzilla is like "fuck it, I'm going back to Japan".

Course, the superheroes fight giant monsters all the time, so, this is really no big thing for their scrapbook.

Godzilla vs. Barkley

Okay, that someone shoulda noticed....

Godzilla versus Hero Zero.

..I dunno, some Dark Horse comics robot-suit guy...

Ape Nation.

Alien Nation meets Planet Of The Apes.

In an altered timeline, the Tenctonese ship enters a timewarp, and lands in The Planet Of The Apes future.

Well....isn't that special....

Archie meets KISS.

And Archie met Punisher, and TMNT, and KISS met Howard the Duck, and Doctor Doom.


Valiant meets Image.'s got fucking everybody...but rather than tally everyone...Dr. Solar is enough for Valiant, and for Image, oh....yeah, there's Prophet.

Good enough.

Oh, wait, Turok is/was a Valiant guy, and he's in there, okay, there's someone to splice in...

Prime and Captain America.

Yeah....this should have went in here...but I just flat out forgot...

Eminem & The Punisher.

...does Eminem really need his ego inflated more?

Oh, and back to elsewords, and while we're on Punisher, here's my favorite Punisher "what if?".

Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe.

And, he does.
Ahh, happy times.
Happy times...

Hellraiser/Nightbreed: Jihad.

I dunno...I liked Hellraiser...I liked Nightbreed back in the day...but would they really go good together?

Well, anyhoo, Pinhead already Baconed in via Marshal Law, goes Nighbreed.

Star Trek TNG/ Doctor Who: Assimilation²


Hinted at this one before here, now I know more of the plot.

They fight The Borg, and The Cybermen, who are pretty much the original Borg.

Darkwing Duck: Crisis On Infinite Darkwings

Ho boy...okay...

So, Darkwing crosses over a bunch of dimensions, and meets a bunch of alternate selves, but also runs into....*deep breath*

Abraham Lincoln, Aladdin, Abu, Alice (from Wonderland), Aquaman, Baloo, Bashful (the dwarf), Basil of Baker Street, Batman, Bat-Mite, Belle, Benny The Cab, Big Bad Wolf, Big Boy (burger mascot), Bill Clinton, Buzz Lightyear, Calvin, Captain Hook, Chip, Dale, Cinderella, Cleo (goldfish from Pinocchio),  Cruella De Vil, Dash (from The Incredibles), Demon (A.K.A Gene Simmons), Dewey, Dick Grayson, Doc (the dwarf), Donald Duck, Dory (Ellen fish from Nemo), Elastigirl (from Incredibles), Elvis Presley, Fozzie Bear, Frank Sinatra, Franky (The Goon's sidekick), Gandalf, Goliath (from Gargoyles), Gonzo, Goofy, Grumpy (dwarf), Hades (from Disney's Hercules), Happy (dwarf), Harry Potter, Hobbes, Horned King, Huey, Indiana Jones, Inspector Gadget, Iron Man, Jack-Jack (from Incredibles), Jack Skellington, Jafar, James Bond, James Gordon, Jay (from Men In Black), Jim Hawkins (from Treasure Planet), Joe Jonas, Kaa (snake from Jungle book), Kay (from MIB), Kermit The Frog, Kevin Jonas, King-Kong, Lady Gaga, Launchpad McQuack, Linus Van Pelt, Cowardly Lion, Louie, Mad Hatter, Madman, Magic Carpet (from Aladdin), Maleficent, Mario, Meeko (raccoon from Pocahontas), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Monstro (whale from Pinocchio), Mister Incredible (from Incredibles), Mr. Potato Head, Mulan, Nick Jonas, Optimus Prime, Pluto, Popeye, Prince John (from Disney's Robin Hood), Princess Jasmine, Pumbaa, Rapunzel, Robocop, Roger Rabbit, Rorschach, Sailor Moon, Scarecrow (of Oz), Sebastian (crab), Sherlock Holmes, Simba, Sneezy (dwarf), Snow White, Spock, Tarzan, The Doctor (Dr Who), The Evil Queen (Snow White), The Goon, The Shadow, Thing, Timon, Tin Woodsman, Toto (dog), Tron, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Ursula (the sea witch), Violet Parr (from Incredibles), Waldo (of "where's Waldo?"), Wall-E, Weasels (from Wind In The Willows), Wizard Of Oz, the Smurfs, and Zorro.

Phew, holy shit!

So much for Daffy and Sonic being the glue of the universe, it's fucking Darkwing!

No...they still help a lot...

Okay, so, The Goon was in that gangbang, and he...

...met Hellboy.

And also...


Oh, and I didn't read up well enough at the time, but....

Shi/Cyblade also featured....

Cerebus, Grifter, Glory, Hellboy, Madman, Megaton Man, Milk and Cheese, Scud, Spiderman, The Tick, and Usagi Yojimbo.

..and as mentioned, Cyblade/Shi is the origin of Witchblade.

 Oh, and as mentioned here...

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen crosses over...everybody else this whole mess didn't.

And, the 2009 volume promises to work in Uatu, The Watcher (from "What If?").

So, that piles all those links in.

And....oh, I have no place else to put this but...

Carebears met The Madballs.

It's a dead-end, but I like it.
Just the idea of it makes me smile.

So..what's left?

Ah, yes, I've been calling this whole process "Baconing", how about Kevin Bacon??

Of stuff I've reviewed, Kevin Bacon was in...

Hero at Large 

Friday the 13th.

X-Men: First Class

...and Super

..and here's his IMDB page to link him to every movie on Earth with....

Oh, and, then there's this....

And finally, at long, long last, the appropriate theme song to this whole confounded mess....


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