Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crossovers 41. (Gumby, dammit!)

Hopefully this will be the real final word on crossovers.

I've finally cracked it.
The glue for all of it.

Bear with me here...

Gumby has two superpowers.

1. Shapeshifter.
2. Phasing into books, and entering their fictional dimension.

These powers are in turn shared by Pokey.
Quite possibly anyone from his home dimension.

Now, on the show, they were limited by copyright bullshit to the classics, but you know me, I can walk it around that.
Here we go...

Gumby and Pokey pop up in "The War Of Indepenents".

Gumby pops up (either naturally, or by book-warp) in "Normalman vs. Megaton Man".

Megaton man has met Savage Dragon.

Savage Dragon has met Superman.

Superman has met Muhammed Ali.

William Gaines, and Alfred E. Neuman are on the cover in the audience for that fight.

That means MAD Magazine exists in the DC universe.

That means every scrap of pop culture they parody also exists in the DC universe to be parodied.

And with rare exception, all pop culture either has a book or comic incarnation, or came from a book or comic.

So, Gumby can step into its dimension.

But, Gumby can also bring characters out of the book, indeed, it seems the very act of entering a book makes an instability that lets the characters step out on their own volition.
And in turn, they can run off into yet other books, and so on.

So, Gumby can crossover anything.

And MAD has parodied everything.
And what its parodied, such as Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, etc, have also parodied everything.
And thus, they've often parodied each other.

So, parody counts from yet another direction.

And I can once and for all get the "Imaginationland", episode of South Park to count.

And if Gumby can cross all these universes, they exist for him to cross into.
Thus, Spock, or Scotty, or Egon, or Miles O'Brien, or Dr. Who could figure out how to follow him with some equations and button pushing.

So, everything's real, everything counts, screw canon, it's lawyer shit.

So sayeth me, Mike Meggison.


Bee Dee said...

I don't know what "Normalman" is but I cracked up very hard at the look on the face of the guy facepalming in front of him!

B. D. said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Uwe Boll tells the world to go to hell! This video perversely resembles an anti-Boll flame...


Diacanu said...

Saw that.
I have to see "Rampage", and "Rampage 2", now.
I get the feeling from just the trailers that this is just the culmination of a meltdown started there.

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