Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy belated 41st birthday to myself!

Damn, that didn't feel like a year since the last one.
The 40th birthday party is as fresh in my mind as yesterday.

Anyway, it was a usual birthday, company over, gorged on unhealthy junk, shot the shit with people, after everyone left, relaxed with presents, conked out.

Didn't get around to posting yesterday, and I usually do my present haul post the day after, so, let's just do that now...

The Force Awakens (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Fucking finally!
Everything got in my way of getting this.
Got it now.

Batman v Superman 
(Blu-Ray, Ultimate Edition)

See here, and here.

Ahhh, that's more like it.
Much as I liked the theatrical cut, the 3 hour cut is even better.
It's the movie it always deserved to be, and that they should have fucking released.
They might have made that 1.5 billion they wanted.

Deadpool (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Haven't dug into the bonuses yet, but I can only assume they'll be as hilarious as the film.

Ghostbuster 1 & 2 (Blu-Ray)

See here.

Needed the upgrade.
Plus, it has bonuses that the DVD doesn't have.
But, the DVD has bonuses the Blu-Ray doesn't have, particularly the book that comes in the DVD.
SO, if you have the DVDs, save them
You need to keep both around to have everything.

Ghosts From Our Past 

See here.
Also, here, and here.

Loved it.
Have to do a separate review on it, then go see GB16 a third time.
If you saw GB16 and liked it, definitely get this as the companion.

War Machine 64 gig flash drive.

I've had an 8 gig red and gold Iron Man one for more than a couple years now.
Been using it to transport podcasts to my TV to watch in more comfort than my computer chair.
If it's over 20 minutes, into the drive it goes.

Been calling it "the Iron Man channel".
Well, now it'll be War Machine channel, and it'll have all my shit.
Worked out the math, and all my favorite stuff should fit with room to spare.

Won't be bored anymore. :-P

Anyway, this hasn't come yet, but it's supposedly in transit.
Hopefully, tomorrow.

Also, a Force Awakens shirt, and money.

And that was 41. :-)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 4.5)

...and it sure isn't "Independence Day: Resurgence", either. ;-)

Ghostbusters (2016)

Last time.

Did not have my Twinkies this time, and still no fuggin' Ecto-Cooler. B-(

Super-quickie rundown-
  • Still love it.
  • Hit me different this time. (more on this later)
  • Was able to process it better. Last time, I was overwhelmed by the weird reality I was watching another Ghostbusters after 27 years. (again, more on this later)
  • Still laughs in the theater. People like it.
  • Still want more, in both deleted stuff, and a sequel.
  • Still need to get "Ghosts From Our Past".
  • My final order is GB1, GB16, GB2. 
  • Will I go a third time? Probably, but it gets tricky with Star Trek coming, and people saying it's actually good. Was not counting on that.
  • Rating, bumping it up to 9. Reasons below.

All right, now the differences...
(Mild spoilers this time)

Last time, I was mentally going "oh, here's this trailer scene, here's this bit from the set pics, here's that magazine pic, here's that vignette scene, there's that ghost from the toys, here's that cameo...".
Then, when I got home, I went through my digital scrapbook, going "that was in there, that was cut, that was in there, that was cut..".
But, I used to do that in the 80's as a kid with trading cards, and storybooks, and comic adaptations.
This film kind of brought back that old fun.

Now that I've seen the film, and know it from top to bottom, I could just enjoy it straight through.

Critics have said Kate McKinnon's performance was cartoony, and first go-round, I was like "no it's not, you monster!! You want all happiness on Earth to die!! A pox upon your poisoned evil soul!!".
Well, yes, it's cartoony.
But, that's why I liked it.
I was able to study her more, and it wasn't all random like the haters say, it was specifically chosen habits, and ticks, and a weird walk she has, it was a formed character.
A weird as hell one, yes, but a character.
It worked for me, might not for you.
I still love me some Holtzmann.
Backstory into how she ended up that nuts would be nice, (and we get the teensiest hint of it with the Sigourney Weaver cameo) another reason we need a sequel.

Holtzmann connects to another minor nitpick I discovered.
Holtzmann doesn't do the Holtzmann pose!!!
You know, gun slung across her shoulders, arms dangling over the handle and barrel.
It's on two of the posters, a billboard, shitloads of promo stills, merchandise, cosplayers are imitating it, and it's cut from the fuggin' film!
Son of a bitch!
WTF, Paul Feig!?
Of all the things to cut, you cut the pose!?!?
It better be in those missing 15 minutes.
Otherwise, Paul Feig raped my 40's!!

People who even hate the film said compared to the other three, Leslie Jones actually has the most grounded character, even though she's not as calm as Winston.
The only ones calling her a stereotype anymore are flat out hate-mongers.
I don't even wanna get into that shit.
Suffice to say, Twitter is a cesspool.

The Bill Murray cameo was more forced this time around.
I struggle with what it added to anything.
But, whatever.
Not the end of the world.

Some are whining that the villain is a mockery of the haters.
Well, the controversy hadn't happened while they were making it, but it works in hindsight, and seeing it through that lens, I like it even more.
Yep, it's you, assholes, the Busters shoot you in the dick.
Good on ya.
Take it.

I didn't read it as "nerds are bad", though, because the Busters are also picked on nerds, and they make that very point in the scene where they meet human Rowan for the first time.

I read it just as "nerds, don't be Rowan, be the Busters".

And trolls are Rowan.
They just fuckin' are.
They ain't exactly building Utopia, are they?

They're filling in the cracks of their wounded souls by seeking petty degrees of power, and that's exactly what Rowan does on a big scale.

More development of him would have driven that point home more, and I hope there's more of that in the extra 15 minutes.

Now, why it gets 9 stars.
I should have not been a chicken, and given it 8 last time.
So, 8 for the oversight, and that even with the flaws standing out more, so did the stuff I liked, so it's an honest 8 anyway.
Extra star because of the new stuff I noticed.
That being Holtzmann flirting with Erin, and the Rowan stuff.
Especially the Rowan stuff.
Half star each for those.
And I'd be lying if a point on that extra star wasn't tipped with a teensy blood drop of "fuck you", to Twitter.

So, final scores-

GB1= 10.
GB16= 9.
GB2= 7.

Bring on GB16-2, and GB-animated, Ghostcorps.
*Crosses fingers*

Next time, idea, really.
Maybe this a third time, maybe "Star Trek: Beyond", then this a third time, it's all wide open.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 4)

Well, it sure as shit isn't gonna be "Finding Dory", is it? ;-)

Ghostbusters (2016)
"Ghostbusters: Answer The Call".

First, the loooong and winding road to get to this moment.

So, woke up, brushed my teeth, washed up, dressed, pounded down 4 Key Lime Slime Twinkies for breakfast, got right on the road, saw the flick, came back, had a chickenburger, and 4 more Twinkies for lunch (2 to go!).
Now, here we go...

  • Loved it.
  • Loved the shit out of it.
  • Loved the cast. Loved 'em before, but even more now.
  • Kate McKinnon is a goddess. Holtzmann deserves to be up there with Superman and Luke Skywalker. 
  • They all have moments to shine though.
  • They're great as a group, the chemistry is excellent.
  • Leslie Jones isn't a stereotype, she's awesome.
  • Chris Hemsworth was great.
  • My theater laughed out loud through the whole thing.
  • Score was awesome.
  • Songs dropped in at the perfect moments.
  • Humor started within the first few moments. It hits the ground running.
  • Jokes almost all the way through.
  • Wanted it to be at least better than GB2, it slaughters GB2, and I like GB2.
  • The look and feel is a crossbreed of the first movie, and "The Real Ghostbusters", with a teensy sprinkle of "Extreme Ghostbusters". They cherry-picked the whole legacy.
  • In fact, the final fight is "Real Ghostbusters", meets "Avengers".
  • Way better than the trailers, and I didn't hate the trailers.
  • Someone at Sony is getting fired for that ad campaign.
  • All the internet controversy and nastiness? Stupid. Waste of time. Waste of electricity. Especially where it got political. You're all fuckin' idiots.
  • The ads spoil an awful lot, but there's so much more in there, you're still good to go if you've seen that stuff.
  • I personally had almost everything spoiled via toys, and lots of other shit, and that's my own stupid fault, but there was still enough new jokes, and character stuff, and connective tissue to burn away the spoiled feeling.
  • Some critics have whined that the classic cameos were annoying. They didn't bother me at all. The only one that kinda slowed things down was the Bill Murray one, it wasn't necessary to the story, but, I just didn't care. It was fun to have him there.
  • Stay through the credits, there's a stinger, and the credits are entertaining anyway. It's not a painful wait like a Marvel movie.
  • It's exactly two hours, and it moved along really fast.
  • In fact, my only gripe, I wanted more. Of everything. More of the fight, more character backstory, more time with everybody, just more. The DVD/Blu-ray is gonna have another 15-17 minutes, and I want it all. I want a 3 hour cut. I want sequels. 
  • Oh, I definitely want sequels. If this is all we get, I can deal, but...I'd like more.
  • I totally need to get "Ghosts From Our Past", because that's got a bunch of the Erin & Abby backstory I was craving.
  • How does it stack up against GB1? *Inflates cheeks, exhales* Shit, tough call. Gotta say, I heard more laughs in my theater than in '84. I really did. Sorry, objective fact. Umm...y'know, apples & oranges. They're in the same multiverse, but they're so different. I personally had the most fun with this one of all three. Take that as you will.
  • Will I go again? Oh, FUCK yeah!!
  • Should you see it? Oh, fuck yeah!
  • Will it change the minds of the people that were nasty about it? No. Those pricks can stay home.
  • Rating? Hmmm, 7.5 out of 10.

Ahhh, there.
27 years of new cinematic Ghostbusters blue-balls is finally over.

Up next? After seeing this one or two more times, Suicide Squad.
Mmmaaaybe "Star Trek: Beyond".
I'm going back and forth on that one.

See you next time for whatever it turns out to be!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ghostbusters: One last little batch of goodies.

Previously in the Countdown To GB16 series...
There! Here we are!
Tomorrow's the frikkin' day!
When you want something to happen, time crawls through tar, when you're dreading something, time flies by like in the H.G. Wells time machine.

I've said everything I've wanted to say, but the GB goodies keep dropping, and here's some tidbits from today.

A really cool interview with Ivan Reitman.

A very sweet remembrance and plea for fan tolerance by Violet Ramis.

Dan Aykroyd gives his none-too-subtle approval of Crystal Cooler as a fan concoction.

See you tomorrow!!
Review for GB16, A.K.A. "Ghostbusters: Answer The Call", will be up sometime in the afternoon.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ghostbusters: Final Thoughts Before The Big Day.

Previously in the Countdown To GB16 series...
Another quickie bonus episode, because I thought the last one was weak to go out on.

5 days to go!!!!!!!

So, the reviews are coming in, and Rotten Tomatoes is holding at 74%
It doesn't suck, it doesn't ruin childhoods, in fact, it's good, and the haters are lying weasels.
Or stupid.
Or driven by politics and pride.
They were wrong.
And they're being sore losers as expected.
*Cracks knuckles*
*Punches palm*
This is gonna be fun. B-)

Still, Sony's marketing department has some 'splainin' to do.

Course, I've seen so many trailers in my day, I can mentally cut through the choppy quality of clunky editing to the quality of the real film underneath.
I'm smarter than them.
That's not bragging, that's cold reality.

I always knew it was good, it was the reviews that were the big breath hold.
I can exhale now.
Next comes opening weekend receipts.
If it can blow past the predictions, that'd be great.
Rotten Tomatoes should help as much as it hurt BvS.

Also, as I said here...

For me, GB16 just has to be better than GB2.
If it can clear that hurdle, anything above that is gravy.

Guess what?

It's better than GB2.

We're golden.

I'm so fucking excited.
The wait until Friday will be torture.
Absolute torture.

I haven't wanted a movie this bad since...I dunno, Return Of The Jedi, maybe Freddy vs Jason.

As much as I wound up loving The Force Awakens, I was cautious about that one going in.

Caution is to the wind with this one.
I'm fucking over the moon.

I've got my key lime slime Twinkies tucked away in my file cabinet.
I already ate a box, and they're fucking scrumptious.
Can't seem to find the Marshmallow Man ones.
Ecto-Cooler hasn't shown up yet either.
The greenies will have to do.

I've been keeping a digital scrapbook on a flash drive, and using it as graphics ammo for these posts.
I've kept it all.
Set pics, merch, ads, trailers, vignettes, interviews, posters, all of it.
I wonder how much of it I'll save after I've seen the flick.

How much will finally knowing the film make superfluous?
I'm almost as interested as I am in the film itself.

5 days....5 days...120 hours.

Someone give me a fast-forward button for time.

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Happy 8th anniversary, Harry Hembock: Dark Designs!

Okay, last time I referred to new business with this series when QD was finished.
I may as well just blurt it right out there.
I'm going to novelize it for the next Harry Hembock book.
The written stories, Dark Designs, and a bunch of bonus goodies all in one nifty volume.
It'll fit in after the Harry graphic novels, but before QD.
An interquel.
Stay tuned!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Ghostbusters: The Lean Years (Part 3)

Previously in the Lean Years series...
Previously in the Countdown To GB16 series...

One week from today GB16 comes out!!!!!!!
So close, I can taste the key lime Twinkies!!


Last time, I said...

So, that's what filled the gaps.
In the real world.
Next time, I'll try to fanfic what went on in the movie world.

So, using all the connections from crossovers, here's that.


A blacksmith and Clint Eastwood rescue a local school teacher from certain death in a train wreck in the small town of Hill Valley.

At around this same time, a cult of Gozer worshipers perform unnecessary renovations on buildings in New York City.

The 1920's

Ivo Shandor decides humanity is too sick to survive, so builds the apartment building at 55 Central Park West as an antennae to pull in and focus spiritual turbulence to help bring about the end of the world, and the coming of Gozer.


H.P. Lovecraft first writes of Cthulhu.
Lovecraft transcribes the Necronomicon, makes multiple copies, disperses them across time, space, and dimensions.

The 1930's

Two homeless men fail to save social worker Edith Keeler from being run over by a car.
History resumes its shape as we know it.


Calvin Klein plays matchmaker to Lorraine Baines/McFly and George McFly, plays "Johnny B Goode", at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

A temporal duplicate of Mr. Klein liberates a sports almanac from Biff Tannen, and with the help of Emmett Brown, goes back to 1885 to become Clint Eastwood.


An unsupervised special needs child drowns at a camp in New Jersey. Two counselors are murdered, the crime goes unsolved, and the camp is closed.


Patty Tolan born (GB16 timeline)


An extraterrestrial, and two time-travelers (the homeless men from the 1930's as it turns out) prevent World War III.


The same time-travelers from 1968 accidentally destroy a test pilot's plane, and kidnap him with their matter-energy transfer beam.
Then, via more time travel, they don't.


Abby Yates born (GB16 timeline)


Erin Gilbert born (GB16 timeline)


The camp in New Jersey re-opens, several more counselors are killed.
Turns out it was the mother of the special needs kid.
Also turns out, he didn't drown, and witnessed her death at the hands of the last surviving counselor.
A legend is born.


A teenage nerd gets hyperdimensionally deposited on an alien world via the magic Loc-Nar, and becomes the adventurer known as Den.
The bad guys encountered by Den worship Uhluhtc, Cthulhu spelled backwards.
The Loc-Nar makes other adventures across space and time possible, and shows them to a helpless witness.


A girl is attacked at the New Jersey campground, now known as "Camp Blood", by the son of the murdered cook.

The girl has the rape-baby, takes it to Canada, gives it up for adoption, where it grows up to be the comedian Seth Rogen.
(Heavy conjecture by this author)

The girl suppresses the memory of all of this somehow.
(Also conjecture)


Mike Meggison scared shitless by "The Demon Murder Case" seeds of vengeance planted.
(Our timeline)


The events as depicted in the motion picture "Ghostbusters", directed by Ivan Reitman occur.

Sometime within these events, perhaps the montage, the Busters bust the spirit from "The Demon Murder Case".
(Fevered and desperate wish fulfillment by this author)

The events of the music video to the song "Ghostbusters", by Ray Parker Junior occur.

City stiffs them, everyone sues them.
Ghostbusters goes out of business.
Ray opens occult bookstore.
Egon goes back into research.
Peter and Dana date for awhile, and break up.
Ray and Winston do parties and appearances.
(Ghostbusters II)

Jillian Holtzmann born (GB16 timeline)

An assload more killings at Camp Blood, culminating at last in the death of the killer at the hands of Tommy Jarvis.

A string of unsolved murderers of teenagers occur in the town of Springwood Ohio.
Urban legends of the perpetrator being a spirit who comes in your dreams spread to the point of it being a children's jump-rope rhyme.

Extraterrestrial robots in hibernation since the dinosaur ages are awoken by a volcano, and remodeled to disguise themselves as Earth machines.
The good and evil factions of these robots would secretly battle for the next 21 years.

Anthropomorphic mutant turtles from the sewers of New York emerge, and become the city's vigilante protectors.

The turtles encounter dimensional duplicates of themselves from the future on two occasions.
Both times, 90's versions are involved.
Neither the '84 nor 90's versions seem to recall the first time they met.


Five college kids go to a cabin in the woods, discover a copy of the Necronomicon, and only one of them, an Ashley J. Williams, survives the encounter.
He relates tales of demons, zombies, and time travel to the 1300's to whomever will listen for the next three decades.
His magical dwarf sidekick, Sam, is never seen, heard from, or mentioned by Williams in his tales ever again.

Emmett Brown sends Martin McFly to 1955 via a nuclear DeLorean.
Martin returns moments after he left.
Emmett Brown from 2015 takes Martin to see and repair his future.
Martin returns to an altered 1985 conquered by the attempted rapist of his mother.
Martin goes back again to 1955 to fix the time-stream.
Martin returns to the restored 1985 from 1885.

The city doesn't stiff the Ghostbusters, nobody sues, the Ghostbusters rebuild the firehouse, they adopt the Sedgewick Hotel ghost, and name him Slimer.
Peter and Dana presumably break up immediately, and the breakup is so harsh, she's never mentioned again by any of the Ghostbusters, or Janine.
("Real Ghostbusters", timeline)


The adventures of the Ghostbusters continue.
Hollywood adapts a film from the adventures of the Ghostbusters.
("Real Ghostbusters", timeline. The film is "Ghostbusters")

Aged versions of the time travel crew that arrived before in the 30's and 60's show up in an invisible alien ship in San Francisco, and kidnap two humpback whales.

Ashley Williams has further adventures, and encounters the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft who explains the true origins of the Necronomicon, and its ties to Cthulhu.


The Ghostbusters encounter and defeat a manifestation of Cthulhu.
("Real Ghostbusters", timeline)

The Ghostbusters encounter the Demi-God, Proteus, and are flung into another dimension where they encounter dimensional duplicates of themselves.
They return to their point of origin via a dimensional device built by a version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ultimately defeat Proteus.
(RGB episode "Janine Melnitz: Ghostbuster", and IDW comics story "Get Real")

The jungles of Val Verde are reduced to a nuclear mushroom cloud. Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer emerges as one of two survivors of a botched CIA mission.
He relates tales of an advanced extraterrestrial huntsman, and is not believed.

Tommy Jarvis runs afoul of a copycat of the Camp Blood Killer, magnifying his PTSD.

Anthropomorphic mutant turtles from the sewers of New York emerge, and become the city's vigilante protectors.
(90's animated TMNT timeline)


Dana Barrett gives birth to her son, Oscar.
Nothing is known of his father, or their time together.
(Ghostbusters II)

Tommy Jarvis, in an attempt to heal his PTSD, exhumes the body of Jason Voorhees planning to cremate him, but succeeds via a succession of improbable events in resurrecting him, and making him invincible.
This causes a mess for everybody for decades to come.
(Thanks, Tommy!)


A repeat crop of teenage killings occur in Springwood Ohio.
Despite witnesses describing a more supernatural killer based on the local legends, the crimes are pinned on Jesse Walsh, a new student to the neighborhood.

A young Tina Shepard discovers her telekinetic abilities, and accidentally drowns her father at the bottom of Crystal Lake.
He was a wife-beater, so good riddance.

The events as depicted in the motion picture "Ghostbusters II", directed by Ivan Reitman occur.


The events as depicted in the motion picture "Ghostbusters II", directed by Ivan Reitman conclude. (Ends on the new year)

The Ghostbusters encounter distorted spectral versions of the TMNT .
(RGB timeline, "Mean Green Teen Machine")

A new spate of teenage (and staff) deaths occurs at the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Springwood Ohio.
Despite further accounts of the dream killer from 1984, and '89, the killings are pinned on the deceased Nancy Thompson, an intern at the facility, and sole survivor of the killings in '84.


The events as depicted in the multi-platform game "Ghostbusters The Video Game", occur.
(As the second sequel to the original '84 film)
Ghostbusting franchises start to build out per Peter's original plan in '84.

The Ghostbusters clean New York of all ghosts, and go out of business.
Egon stays at the firehouse, the other guys go off to their own separate lives.
Janine is never too far from Egon.
(RGB timeline. Implied by both the ending of RGB, and the backstory to "Extreme Ghostbusters")

TMNT briefly encounter The Bugbusters.
(A deliberate parody of Ghostbusters)
(90's animated TMNT timeline, "Zach and the Alien Invaders")

Another spate of teenage killings in Springwood Ohio.
This time, wiping out the survivors of the Westin Hills killings.
The crimes go unsolved this time, and the blame for previous sprees becomes suspect.

The film "The Haunted", scares Mike Meggison.
More seeds of vengeance planted.
(Our timeline)

The Ghostbusters after the events of "The Video Game", bust the thing from "The Haunting".
(Again, fevered and desperate wish fulfillment by this author)

The thing from "The Haunted", and the thing from "The Demon Murder Case", are roomies in the Ghostbusters containment unit.
They take turns being the bitch.
(Again, because I fucking say so)

A UFO bearing 300,000 enslaved aliens called Newcomers arrives in the Mojave Desert.
This changes absolutely everything, yet somehow, normal life resumes with seemingly no notice at all in all other accounts from these times.
(Perhaps the MIB did a mass memory wipe after the fact)


Another spate of killings in Springwood Ohio.
Attempts to deny it's anything other than Freddy start to fray at this point.


FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully start investigating unsolved cases termed X-Files to uncover proof of extraterrestrial life on Earth.
(To not notice The Newcomers, they have to either be the dumbest agents ever, or the MIB had to be involved in rendering them retroactively invisible)

The adventures of Ashley Williams continue.
Here, he discovers an alternate origin of the Necronomicon.
This will turn out to be the second of several.
(Origins and endings become elastic when dealing with an artifact that can bend time)

Tina Shepard returns to Crystal Lake, and faces down and defeats Jason Voorhees.

Freddy Krueger begins the destruction of Springwood in earnest, and attempts by citizens to deny he's the cause of it all become an absolute farce.
("Freddy's Nightmares")


Eric Draven comes back from the grave to avenge himself and his fiancee.
(And meets Ernie Hudson!)

Jason Voorhees takes a ride on a boat, and gets morphed into a child by toxic waste.

Springwood Ohio is a gutted ghost town with a few sad deranged survivors left.
All pretense that Freddy isn't the boogeyman responsible are long gone.
Freddy finally "killed", by his daughter.

The eternal spirit that manifests throughout time, and myth, and is currently Freddy Krueger, escapes from the "Nightmare On Elm Street", films into reality to harass Heather Langenkamp, the actress who portrayed Nancy Thompson.
Wes Craven captures Freddy back into the movie world by writing the screenplay for "New Nightmare".
(Alternate timeline, real time, "New Nightmare")


Springwood rebuilt, re-inhabited.
(Conjecture from "Freddy vs Jason")


The adventures of the TMNT roll to a close, since by now, they'd be twenty-somethings.
(90's TMNT timeline)

The top secret Eugenics Wars end.
Khan Noonien Sigh shot into outer space aboard the cryo-prison ship Botany Bay.

"Star Trek: First Contact", comes out.
(Our timeline. Thought that was an interesting sync up)

The adventures of Ashley Williams continue.
This time, jumping through time all over the history of Dearborn Michigan.


Egon, Janine, Slimer, and four of Egon's students, Kylie Griffin, Eduardo Rivera, Roland Jackson, and Garrett Miller re-form the Ghostbusters to fight new threats with new tech.
(RGB timeline "Extreme Ghostbusters")

The old Ghostbusters re-unite, and help the Extreme Ghostbusters on two cases.
(RGB/EGB timeline "Back In The Saddle")

Jillian Holtzmann, greatest Ghostbuster to ever live, is only 12 years old at this point.
(I just find that weird to reflect on)
(GB16 timeline)

An extraterrestrial hunter of the same species encountered by Alan "Dutch" Schaefer arrives in Los Angeles, and gets in the middle of a turf war between two drug cartels.
The government believes in the Predator after this encounter.

Mike Meggison as Krazyfool finds Jason-World.
This would evolve into his splinter site, Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion, which evolves into Shmegalamonga.
(Our timeline. There you go, Billdude. ;-))


The events of the film "The X-Files", take place.

Springwood Ohio buries Freddy with cover-up, secrecy, sending kids to Westin Hills, Hypnocil, and lobotomies for 5 years.
(Conjecture from "Freddy vs Jason")


Mike Meggison spins off Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion.
(Our timeline)


X-Files ends.

Jason Voorhees, now rapid-aged back to adulthood, is blown to smithereens by the FBI.
Unbeknownst to the authorities, this merely turns him into a body-swapping spirit.
A long-lost Voorhees niece kills Jason with a Kandarian dagger.
Freddy pulls his mask to Hell.

The Jason rape-baby/Seth Rogen is 20 by now.
If not the niece, he could have helped.
(Flight of fancy by this author)


Anthropomorphic mutant turtles from the sewers of New York emerge, and become the city's vigilante protectors.
(00's animated TMNT timeline)

Freddy Krueger awakens Jason Voorhees, hoping his murders will spread enough fear to re-awaken the Freddy legend, and give him the power to re-enter enough dreams to recharge his strength.
This backfires, and they fight.
It's kind of a draw.


An expedition to the arctic finds ancient xenomorph eggs which infest and hatch in some of the party, and become full drones, and one queen.
This attracts some Predators, and the fight between the two species is on.

The fight continues in Colorado after a Pred-alien hybrid causes the Predator ship to crash.
The CEO of the Yutani corporation gets hold of Predator technology.


The Transformers have become more public, and seem to be accepted by society at large.
(Again, MIB had to have erased this from public memory)
Autobot city is razed by Decepticon attack.
Optimus Prime and other secondary Autobots die.
Megatron is near death.
Megatron is reborn as Galvatron via Unicron tech.
Hot Rod opens the Matrix Of Leadership, and becomes Rodimus Prime.
Rodimus defeats Galvatron, kills Unicron with the Matrix.
("Transformers The Movie")


Rodimus Prime learns the history of Cybertron from the Matrix.
The Autobots resurrect Optimus Prime.
("Transformers", season 3)


Some Evil Dead fans, thinking Bruce Campbell is like Ash Williams, enlist his aid in fighting a Chinese demon. He disappoints them.
("My Name Is Bruce", meta-sequel to the Evil Deads, which I include for completeness, and because '07 really didn't have anything)


The events of the film "X-Files: I Want To Believe", occur.

Freddy and Jason return, Ash Williams gets involved trying to find the Necronomicon.
Ash learns from the pages of the Necronomicon that it's the source of Freddy and Jason.
Ash causes Jason to be pinned under a car at the bottom of Crystal Lake, and Freddy to be sucked up into the Deadite dimension.

Freddy and Jason return again.
Ash sends a cop back in time through a Deadite vortex.
The cop signs Freddy's arrest warrant.
This makes Freddy go to prison instead of being burned.
(This erases the entire Nightmare series, including the crossovers, from existence)
(The Evil Dead and Jason series remain, and continue uninterrupted)

Mike Meggison creates Shmegalamonga.
(Our timeline)


The (00's) TMNT dimensionally crossover with the 90's and Mirage TMNT.
("Turtles Forever")
(25th anniversary of the original Mirage Turtles)

"Ghostbusters The Video Game", released.
(Our timeline)


A group of killers, soldiers, and assassins is brought to an alien planet to be hunted by Predators.

Jason Voorhees is captured by the authorities, and after several execution attempts fail, he's cryogenically frozen until 2455.
(Freddy being erased from the timeline, this picks up not long after where FvJvA/FvJvA:NW used to be)


The adventures of the Ghostbusters, continuing from Gozer and Vigo, pick up, and start off with an invasion of zombies from another dimension.
(IDW timeline. This may in fact be an alternate 1992-1993, but the creators keep this deliberately vague)
(The new Ghostbusters line started off with "Infestation", which crossed GB, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Star Trek)

Anthropomorphic mutant turtles from the sewers of New York emerge, and become the city's vigilante protectors.
(IDW timeline)


Cthulhu sticks his greasy tentacles into the universes of Transformers, TMNT (IDW), G.I. Joe, 30 Days Of Night, Dungeons & Dragons, and Danger Girl.
("Infestation 2", bookend story links to the bookend story of "Infestation")
(RGB already ran into Cthulhu)

Anthropomorphic mutant turtles from the sewers of New York emerge, and become the city's vigilante protectors.
(Nickelodeon TMNT)

Jason rape-baby/Seth Rogen would be 30 by now.
(Again with my little flight of fancy)


Five college kids go to a cabin in the woods, discover a copy of the Necronomicon, and only one of them, a Mia Allen, survives the encounter.
Nothing further is known of her fate.


The (IDW) TMNT materialize in the world of (IDW) Ghostbusters.
Donatello builds a dimension transport machine that sends them back to their point of origin.
The machine remains with the Ghostbusters to tinker with.
(See "Get Real")

The Lone Gunman encounter the Ghostbusters (and Transformers, and TMNT, and The Crow).
("X-Files: Conspiracy")


Ash Williams accidentally unleashes a fresh batch of Deadites with the Necronomicon, and the mayhem begins again.
This time, with sidekicks Pablo, and Kelly.
Ash learns yet another origin of the Necronomicon (this is Sam Raimi sanctioned, so I'm going with this one)
("Ash vs Evil Dead")
(No reference to Freddy & Jason, but that was erased, remember?)

The (Real) Ghostbusters encounter the Demi-God, Proteus, and are flung into another dimension where they encounter dimensional duplicates of themselves.
(That being, the IDW Ghostbusters)
They return to their point of origin via a dimensional device built by a version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ultimately defeat Proteus.
(RGB episode "Janine Melnitz: Ghostbuster", and IDW comics story "Get Real")

The alternate future.
(Back To The Future II)
Alternate future erased.
(Back To The Future III)
Alternate future celebrated.
(Our timeline)


Fox Mulder and Dana Scully re-unite for new adventures.

Seth Rogen is 34.

The (Nickelodeon) TMNT dimensionally crossover with the 90's TMNT, and Mirage TMNT.
("Trans-Dimensional Turtles")
(Again, the 90's and Mirage Turtles don't seem to remember or comment on this second encounter)

The events of the film "Ghostbusters", occur.
(GB16 timeline)

Mike Meggison writes this timeline.
(Our timeline)


Ghostbusting franchises built out to international.
(GB Ecto-Force)
(Could be original, RGB/EGB, or GB16 timeline)
(We gotta get Seth Rogen on this show!)


The events of the film "Prometheus", occur.


The events of the film "Alien", occur.


The events of the series "Star Trek: Enterprise", occur.


The events of the film "Aliens", occur.


The events of "Star Trek/TNG/DS9/Voy", all occcur.
The events of the ST movies 1-10 occur.


The events of the film "Alien: Resurrection", occur.
(A big nuke is dropped on Earth taking out a continent. This would destroy Earth, which is why it's desolate in Jason X)


The events of the film "Jason X", occur.
(Earth desolate, humanity on Earth 2, Jason crash lands there. I fanfic that a 25th century Ghostbuster takes him out with one shot of an ecto-phaser. Possibly a Voorhees descendant (from Jason rape-baby A.K.A Seth Rogen mayhaps??))


Ash arrives in a future with no Jason, so someone must have busted him.
("Army Of Darkness: Shop Til You Drop Dead")

Ugh, I wanted to inject more funny into this thing, but again, it took all day, and now it's night, and I'm fuggin' tired.

Anyway, TLDR version, Turtles and X-files picked up where the Busters left off during the 90's/00's. That's good enough for ya.
See ya next Friday.

I posted this, and somehow, it squashed the whole thing into one giant paragraph, and I spent the last hour pulling it back apart.
I'm scared to try again now...*gulp*
Here goes...*fingers crossed*

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ghostbusters: Lame claim to fame?

Yeah, probably, but I'll take it.

From the Proton Charging Facebook page...

I screen captured those for my own enjoyment, because Facebook stuff gets lost down the memory hole, and I didn't want to forget it.
But THEN, even after LIKING it, Proton Charging deleted it!!

You LIKED it!!!
Your buddy Andrew liked it!!

So, that spurred me to prove it, so here it is on the blog.
Glad I capped it now.
It would have only been in my head, and flickered by, and been forgotten.

I said something cool enough to be noticed by one of my favorite podcasts, and the author of the official prequel tie-in to the the movie.
It's not climbing Mount Everest, or knocking out Mike Tyson, but it was a neat little moment among many.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Higgs day 2016!!

Previous years...
Ehh...y'know, I don't hear the caution anymore.
I think they're sure it's a Higgs now.

Now the big excitement is the discovery of gravity waves.
Kids with their trends....

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Ghostbusters: The Lean Years (Part 2)

Previously in the Lean Years series...
Previously in the Countdown To GB16 series...

Ghostbusters- Passing The Torch.

GB16 is two weeks from today!!
We're getting there!

So, this week, I look over with a microscope how I got through the bigass gaps in GB canon, and stayed (barely) sane.


Ghostbusters comes out.
And, I remember at 9 years old being subliminally sick of all these damned ghost and demon stories where you couldn't fight back.
You just had to either gloomily survive the ghosts, or use religious bullshit, and even that seemed to have a 50/50 success rate.

So, as soon as I saw the trailer, and the no-ghost logo, I exclaimed "finally!!!".

Finally a story where you can fight back.
And it was gonna be funny, so laughter was going to be a weapon against fear as much as the rayguns.

I was hooked immediately.
The film itself surpassed expectations.

And, with my recent investigations into my lost memories, I really know why Ghostbusters was a sigh of relief.
"The Demon Murder Case".
That came out just the year before this.
Fuck you, Lorraine Warren, fuck you.
And thank you, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.
You were the antidote to a lot of childhood trauma.

And that's why I'm excited about GB16, Lorraine Warren has made a big fat comeback with those stupid fuckin' Conjuring movies, so another generation needs a laughter enema to purge that horseshit the way I did as a kid.

Other things that were out in 1984...

A Nightmare On Elm Street, Gremlins, Terminator, and Search For Spock.

These other franchises are going to sync up in interesting ways, so pay attention.


No Ghostbusters. :-(
Had a year to wait for even the damned cartoon, and didn't know at the time it was going to exist.
BUT, we had it on HBO, and a home recorded tape, so that held me over for awhile.

Also, Hurricane Gloria swept through, dropped a couple trees in our lawn, ripped out our power cables, and accelerated our move from the trailer, to the house my dad built next to it.

It took almost three weeks for the power company to get around to us, and wire us up.
We put power to the house instead of the trailer, and moved in, and that was that.

Moved our stuff, had the trailer hauled away for firemen to burn, built dad's garage where the trailer used to be, and there you go.

Only one who missed that fuggin' dump was the cat.

Ever since, I've divided my life into "when we were out in the trailer", and "when we moved out of the trailer".

Big life-changing flick to come out I guess was...hmm...

Freddy's Revenge, I guess.
Thanks to Ghostbusters, I wasn't scared of paranormal anymore, and that one being on HBO started me on the path to digging this franchise.

Gave my friend Steve nightmares though.

Later on "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter", got me though.
But only because serial killers aren't supernatural, so that shit could happen.
Course, even later on, Jason became supernatural, and that took the scares right out of it for me.
It was all still subliminal though.
I wasn't officially consciously a skeptic yet.

Other flicks out in 1985...

Goonies (the story with that one happened out in the trailer), Fright Night, Rocky 4, and Weird Science.
Honorable mentions to Back To The Future, and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.


The Real Ghostbusters premieres on ABC.

Again, finally!

Big life changing movie...

Transformers The Muthafuckin' Movie!!!!!

Told all my stories about it here.

Other flicks out in 1986...

Aliens, Labyrinth (miss you, David), Voyage Home, and Stand By Me.

Honorable mentions to The Fly, Manhunter, Howard The Duck, Jason 6, The Wraith, Little Shop Of Horrors (with Rick Moranis!), Karate Kid II, Big Trouble In Little ChinaTop Gun (ARRGGH!!), Maximum Overdrive.

Yeah, I know, it was quite a year.


RGB still on TV.

Big life changing movie...

Shit....can't pick just one....

Its gotta be a four-way tie between Princess Bride, Robocop, Dream Warriors, and Evil Dead 2.
(Ash Williams, the 5th Ghostbuster. ;-))

And I told all those stories in the links.

I think I started going to Sweetser by this time.
Yeah, I know it, because Spaceballs was just a faint murmur when I got there, and had totally come out by '88.

Kinda fitting that Dream Warriors came out the year I ended up in Sweetser, since the place is basically Westin Hills.

Other flicks out in 1987...

Spaceballs (with Rick Moranis!!), Masters Of The Universe, The Monster Squad, and Predator.

Honorable mentions to Lost Boys, Over The Top, The Running Man, Superman 4, Creepshow 2, and Hellraiser.


RGB still on TV.

Big life changing movie...

Alien Nation, I guess.
It's not a fave now, I never watch it, it's not in my collection, but I must have loved the shit out of it, because I watched every episode of the TV series (which started up the very next year), and all the reunion movies.

I'd call that a fandom.
Yep, I was in for the long haul with that one.

Other flicks out in 1988...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Beetlejuice, Twins (by Ivan Reitman!!), and The Great Outdoors (with Dan Aykroyd!!).

Honorable mentions to Child's Play, Freddy 4, Willow, They Live, Hellraiser II, The Blob, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and The Naked Gun.


Ghostbusters II (again, FINALLY!!!), and RGB still on TV.

Big life changing movie...

Fuggin' BATMAN, man!!!

And now, we start to overlap with "Star Wars: The Lean Years".

And then, the Batman series carries us over into the late 90's, but...we've got some Ghostbusters on TV years left, so....

Other flicks out in 1989....

Pet Sematary, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (with Rick Moranis!!), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Christmas Vacation.

Honorable mentions go to Back To The Future II, Last Crusade, Final Frontier, Uncle Buck, The Abyss, The Burbs, and Freddy 5.


I finally got Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II on official home video...

...and RGB was still chugging along, even though by now, it had pretty much jumped the shark.

Big life changing movie....'s a two fer...

Arachnophobia, and Ghost.

Go back to my "Princess Bride", link, and the story in there...and I've mis-remembered it all these years!
It's totally wrong!!

I didn't see "Arachnophobia", instead of "Princess Bride", I couldn't possibly have, because they came out in different years!!

I remember now!!!
I saw "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", instead of "Princess Bride", and I saw "Arachnophobia", instead of "Ghost"!!!!

I don't feel as bad now!
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles", is fucking awesome!

Anyhoo, they make fun of "Ghost", in the trailer for GB16, so all of that comes full circle.

And John Goodman went on to make awesome Coen Brothers movies, and everyone thankfully forgets "Arachnophobia".

Other flicks out in 1990...

Total Recall, Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesDarkman, and Gremlins 2
(another franchise born alongside GB).

Honorable mention goes to Misery, Edward Scissorhands, Jacob's Ladder, Predator 2, Nightbreed, Dick Tracy, Robocop 2, Chucky 2, Frankenhooker, Wild At Heart, and Back To The Future 3.


RGB comes to an end.
And it was time for it to go.
Network suits mutilated it.

Also, even though it didn't come out until 2009, the video game occurs here.
Interesting it's set the same year the show died.

So, as far as I knew, the era of Ghostbusters was over forever.
I think maybe the ancillary stuff like figures and comics trickled along for a year or so after, but this was pretty much it.

But, by now, I had other stuff.
1992 had "Batman Returns", and "Batman: The Animated Series".

Anyhoo, big life changing movie...

T fucking 2.

Nuff said.
(But if not, click here)

Other flicks out in 1991...

Undiscovered Country, Silence Of The Lambs, Cape Fear, Freddy's Dead.

Classic Trek ended, Freddy ended, and T2 was the last truly good Terminator movie.
Ghostbusters fizzled out right when everything alongside it in '84 did.

Anyhoo, honorable mentions go to Beauty and The Beast, Addams Family, TMNT2 (arrgghh!!), Bill & Ted 2, Career Opportunities, Thelma & Louise, Hook, Chucky 3, People Under The Stairs, Fisher King, Naked Gun 2, and What About Bob?.

Then, 1992, 1995, and 1997 were Batman movies, plus the aforementioned "BM:TAS". and that took us through until...


Extreme Ghostbusters had its one and only season.
Of episodes, it still played for two seasons.
Syndication, see.

Also, the Alien Nation TV movies lasted until now.

Which feels weird, because the SW Special Editions came out, and they don't feel like they all belong in the same decade.

Eh, the 90's never knew what they wanted to be.
Some stuff asserted itself as Seattle grunge, some of it was goth, and some of it was trying to keep the 80's going as 80's 2, electric boogaloo.
Hey, speaking of!

Batman & Robin killed the Batman franchise.
So, via EGB, GB outlived Batman after all.

Hmm, can't think of any big life story for this year, except for how much I was anticipating the SW prequels.
And, I was working at Wal-Mart.
Snnkkt, ptooey.

Other flicks of 1997...

Men In Black (fitting!), Alien Resurrection (I guess the story with this is my other big life story thingie), Austin Powers, and Starship Troopers. 

Honorable mention goes to...screw it, nobody.
I'm tired, I've been writing this all day, and I hate 1997 for personal reasons (Wal-Mart).

Then, prequels got us to '05, Marvel movies got us to '09, then...

The Video Game came out.
But, I wasn't tuned into it yet.

Then, 2011...

The IDW series started with Infestation, and for me, it was the year of hell, which I like even less than 1997.
Looking forward to that dumb series kept me sane during massive grief and fear.
And looking back, the Ghostbusters part was the best part, possibly the only good part.

So, it got me back into Ghostbusters without knowing it at the time.
And the Busters saved my sanity yet again.

Thank you, IDW.

And then, yadda yadda, and we're up to now.

So, that's what filled the gaps.
In the real world.
Next time, I'll try to fanfic what went on in the movie world.

Ooof, that went way longer than I planned.

THE END!!!!!

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