Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Location blogging #12.

MP3 updates, and some rambling thoughts.

Well, last one, I said I was gonna get an extra Micro-SD card, and load up on podcasts, and now I have.
Now I need never suffer FM pop radio, or AM talk radio again.

Loaded up on mostly Point Of Inquiry, and The Penn Jillette Show.

60 of the former, 40-something of the latter.
Filled up the whole 2 gigs of the chip.
So, there, all set. :)
Between those, and the tunes, I got enough to keep me going forever.

I got to thinking, man, I wish I'd had this thing during Wal-Mart, might've helped keep me sane.

Would've been a good antidote to all the Limbaugh shit at Hanover too.
Totally would've.
I need me a time machine to send it back to myself.

And Zaitlin, needed some good tunes there, instead of the damned 70's station that played the same 10 songs every damned work shift.
Fucking insufferable.

Even if I couldn't have played the player on headphones (pretty sure I could've snuck 'em at Wal-Mart, dunno about the other places) having it for the commute would've really helped.

And if it would've helped then, it'll totally help now.

Funny how a simple little gizmo like that can change a life quality wise.
Eh, you rich yuppies take your toys for granted, you don't even know.
Probably had the PS3 on the first day, dincha?
Yeah...*mumble grumble*

Anyway, 'nother weapon in the arsenal for taking on the awful world.
I'm kinda excited.

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