Sunday, July 31, 2011

How I spent my birthday.

Not much; better than last year, which was "meh".

Got out, visited, had some cake, checked out Bull Moose Music (which as I posted prior may buy out all the dead Borders around here, at least in Portland) at the strip mall across from the old Wal-Mart, and on the inside they're as big as, and virtually set up like Borders, so, whether they buy Borders or not, I may have myself a new hangout.

The place seems to attract cute girls too, so hey...

See, what else, posted this...

My new compulsive project is printing shit out, and thumb tacking it to my walls.
Been kinda bare around here for awhile.
Now It's all monsters, movies, comedians, chicks, places.
Looks like the inside of my harddrive in here now.
Which is as it should be.

My camera was my early present, so I got that.

Oh, here's the cats doing their window/head thing.

Eh...what else..

Oh, ordered "I Am Nancy", which is Heather Langenkamp's followup/sequel/companion to last year's "Never Sleep Again", which I raved about last time.

It could suck or not, we'll see.
It's got new Robert Englund and Wes Craven interviews, so at least there's that.
That's all I care, if the other stuff is good, that'll be gravy.

Should be getting that sometime next week.

So, yeah, just had more fun this time.
Need projects to keep my mind active so it doesn't eat itself.
And cake.
Had both this time.


Paladin said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Diacanu said...

Thanks. :)

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