Saturday, January 22, 2011

Help me, Smee!!

Okay, let me start in the present, and work backwards, I guess.

So, I'm looking up the box-set of the Family Guy Star Wars, and the title is "laugh it up, fuzzball"....

...well, this gives me an extra chuckle of recognition over most SW fans, because...well, a little backstory..

See, kiddies, back in the olden days, there wasn't DVD, there was VHS, but before even that, if you saw a flick at the multiplex you enjoyed, and wanted to bring it home with you, the best that you could do was purchase the novelization...

...or, the comic book...

..OR...a soundtrack album containing the entire audio track of the film, could LISTEN to the movie if not SEE it. These typically came in a format called the 8-track...this is well before CDs, children...

...I-pods? Forget about it.
Not even a twinkle in someone's eye.

Anyway, my family had Empire.

And, my next door neighbors would come over, and listen to this thing.

And they thought Han Solo's "laugh it up, fuzzball", line, was the funniest thing on Earth.

They'd listen to that one part like, 10-15 times before moving on to the rest.

And keep in mind, 8-Tracks weren't CDs, weren't I-pods, you had to listen all the way to the part you wanted, and if if you wanted to hear a certain part over, you had to flip the tape, rewind it by playing, flip it back, had to be really meticulous with the timing to listen to a part like that over and over.

But man, they did.

"..laugh it up, fuzzball!".
*Roars of laughter*
"Laugh it up, fuzzball".
*Roars of laughter*
"Laugh it up, fuzzball".
*More gales of laughter, someone pees themselves*
"Laugh it up fuzzball...".


And this for me, is what I like to call a "help me, Smee!!", moment.

So, here's the "help me Smee!", story.

So, I'm about 6 I think, I'm down at Disney World, I'm on the Peter Pan's Flight ride, and the ride breaks, and gets stuck at the "help me, Smee!!", "I'm coming, captain!!", part for..oh....seemed like it was probably 5 minutes, but as a kid, it felt like 2 hours, but that couldn't've been.
So...I'm thinking anywhere from 3-7 minutes.
But, enough to be torturous.
And for it to stick to my brain forever.

"Help me, Smee!!".
"I'm coming captain!".
"Help me, Smee!!".
"I'm coming captain!".
"Help me, Smee!!".
"I'm coming captain!".
"Help me, Smee!!".
"I'm coming captain!"....


Oh, and another time a ride got stuck was the attic bride in The Haunted Mansion...

...and as much as I'm sure that messed me didn't have the significance of "help me, Smee!", dialogue.

So, anyway, yeah, laugh it up fuzzball, help me, Smee.

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