Monday, August 10, 2009

Biography in (rough) chronology.

Some times of my life....

Lightbulb Baby.
An incident with a Christmas tree establishes my Martian personality from the outset.

The Biggest Bummy In The World!
Truly, it was, the biggest bummy in the world.

Grandpa's Ghost Stories.
A.K.A "my radioactive spider bite moment".

Meditations On A Dead Squirrel.

Whereupon a young Mikey ponders the nature of life and death.

The History Of Diacanu Part 1.
Truncated overview of my memory record up to the internet days.

A childhood meme.

A quickie school story.

Expanded overview of my memory via pop culture.

Who IS Harry Hembock?

The history of "my corporate mascot". ;)

Inner-space part 3- Laughter, our natural defense against bullshit.

My overall life philosophy, that takes a side trip into my teenage discovery of my comedy heroes.

The History Of Diacanu Part 2.
Where I venture out into the world, and meet some misfits, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Postcards from Podsville #17.
Reflections on authority, competence, resistance, and submission, through the lens of past employment.

Song of the day.
A musical "eff you", to an unpleasant ex-co-worker, and an exorcism of the 90's overall.

History Of The Internet Part 1.
Overview of my internet adventures up to now.

Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!
A museum re-creation of my lost Geoshitties page.

History Of The Internet Part 1.5- My 'Puters.

The digital chariots that took me to cyberspace.

Movies of the 90's that seemed really damned important.

History Of The Internet Part 2- Anime.

Fleshing out the geeky bits that led up to TrekBBS.

History Of The Internet Part 2.5- Addendum.

Minor update to the story.

Snarky economic comment of the day.
Second addendum. History proves me right about some crappy people. Another exorcism.

History Of The Internet Part 3- Adventures In Libertarianism.

Whereupon us misfits rebelled against TrekBBS.

History Of The Internet Part 3.5- Word-forged.
Where the furnaces forged me into the cheerful fella you know now. ;)

Facing The Horror.

Some dispassionate observations on the human condition that segue into the philosophical agony that was playing in the background of my mind during the WF days.
Don't worry, I got better. ;)

My Batman Moment.
A moment of truth in my transition from WF to

History Of The Internet Part 4- Shmegalamonga!
Taking it right up to now with the origin of this blog! :D

History Of The Internet Part 5- More Shmegalamonga!!
Right up to this minute! :D

The sequel/companion to "my 'puters".

On Weirdness.
A reflection on the overall path of my life leads to a new artistic chapter.

Three years of Shmegalamonga!

(There, that'll keep up on all the new stuff...)

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