Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inner-space part 4- The Politics Of Godzilla.

As you can probably guess, it's our old friends, paranoia, fear, and conflict.

Those lovely family heirlooms from our reptilian past.


Our old limbic buddy come out to play.

He's in every bar fight, he's in every soccer riot, he's in every marital squabble, he's a busy fella.

You think he'd get tuckered out from all the action he sees, but nope, he's always back for more.

Dragging his tail across history.

Let's look at recent history.

Terror alert levels.
Wasn't that some fun shit?

Total Godzilla play.

Say, didn't you hear a lot of shit ending with "....or the terrorists win", around that time?
Remember that shit?

Hey, how about "if you get terrorized by terrorism, the terrorists win"?
Where was that one?

Seems to me a lot of folks were shitting their pants for more than a couple years there.

Seems to me the terrorists won.

Seems to me terrorism worked just fine.

Thanks, Godzilla.

Thanks for showing us what most people are really made of.

Knock down a couple buildings, wipe out way less people than die a year in traffic accidents, and the diarrhea flowed like Niagara Falls.

I can't even compare it to the Japanese citizens in a Godzilla film.
Japanese citizens are orderly, cool as cucumbers, and efficient.
They're used to drilling for earthquakes and tsunamis in real life.

But here, in the fat and happy west, it was a nice big domino mess of limbic gut-reaction all around.

Oh, what fun times, we'll be looking back with pride for generations to come.

Well, fire and rescue were cool and collected on the day.
They're about the only ones I commend.

Everyone else right up to, and especially Washington....

......yeah, yeah, "the sleeping giant", we're so fucking cool.

Apparently, the sleeping giant has shitty aim with his club.
Got the asshole who wasn't fucking with us, instead of the asshole who y'know, bloodied our nose on our own soil.

Ah, but you've heard it all before from us frothing lefties.

But ya can't deny, it was all gut, and in hindsight, the higher brain didn't help out much.
Oh, it spoke up, but got shouted down.

And you look at history, and the pattern repeats, and not much if any good comes from it.

I'll personally go as far as to say no good comes from it.
There, it's said.

Someone will have to rationally argue me towards why it's a good thing to literally function like a lizard, instead of a higher primate.
No one's been able to pull that off.

I've heard mumbling little half-attempted arguments for why fear is "useful".
Yeah, like all right, no shit that fear can make you cautious and on alert for a burglar breaking in the house, and such.
Fine, whippy dee.
But fear isn't a way to live a life, nor is it a solid rock to build a life philosophy on, and it sure as fuck is a proven disaster as a political philosophy.
If fear were so wonderful, we'd be physically gratified by it.
We aren't.
Long term fear gives us chronic ailments.
Ulcers, PTSD, night terrors, ad nausium.
It's literally bad for you.

Well, I for one am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So, I don't countenance fear-mongers, bullies, and chicken littles.
Not anymore, I'm done.
I covered a slice of that in my "batshit files", rant.

It's just not a side of humanity I particularly have patience for.
I find I have less and less patience for it as I get older.

People that live in the world of fear look like lizards to me.
They breathe like lizards, they move like lizards, they twitch like lizards, they seemingly always feel cornered, and rear up like a lizard when you kick their arguments to pieces.

And the "rebuttal", never surprises me.

Nor does it impress me.
Some of them are stunned when that occurs.
Fellas (it's usually fellas I find) you're Yosemite Sam, I'm Bugs.
You can't rattle Bugs.
Give it up.
Go simmer down.
While you're in your corner, find a real argument.

Well, maybe the "fear is useful", people mean it's useful for herding.

Course, you know what gets herded doncha?

Yuuum, yuuuuum!!!
And we never learn.
It'll all happen all over again.
You watch.

And all this ignorant mindless knee-jerk fear, and sheep herding, and reactive lizard shit, some people call this "human nature".
Like it's the whole ball of wax.
Like it accounts for everything.
Well, as I railed about here and beat to death here, it doesn't account for the whole deal.
It leaves out a lot.
It leaves out a fucking lot.
Human history would be a short book if it that's all it were.

Not that it's a pleasant read, with Godzilla slithering across the pages.....

Anyway, that was war politics, the terror stuff hasn't bitten us in the ass for 8 years, but fear is still buzzing around in our discourse.

Oh yeah, the homophobe crap.

Pretty much anything with "-phobe", in it is a gut-reacted fear thing.

And that's down in the depths of lizard land.

Oh, how desperately the 'phobes have tried to dress their shit up in higher-brained arguments.
But the non-bullshit arguments will not come.
Don't wait for it, never gonna happen.
It's all ick factor, and butt clench.

More of this shit.

S'all it is, s'all it'll ever be.
Fucking ever.

And speaking of butt-clench, remember the whimpering hoo-ha over this image?

"Ohhh shiiit, he doesn't love the flaaag!! He's a commiee!!!".

Jesus Fuckballs, people, if this is your level of existence, go eat a shotgun.

There's real issues to discuss.

"Omigawd, he snubbed the flag, now the flag is gonna cry!!!".

Yeah, people in the world breathing their last with flies on their faces, and shit like this is what matters.
Didn't you just love having these discussions, and being in these threads?
*Head shake*
I love sharing a species with that, really....

Here's a line from a guy with a functioning neo-cortex I always liked...



Or how about this one for the post-9/11 years?

This wasn't quoted nearly enough....

Yeah, lotta forgotten history trampled in Godzilla's footprints.

And like I said, we don't seem to learn from this shit.

And we even know who the lizards are, but we let 'em escape, they get off, and then they resurface, and keep getting respect.

That's one of the things we don't fucking learn.

We put the lizards in 3 piece suits, and forget they're lizards, even when they expose their lizard-hood, we get hypnotized by the suits, seemingly a split second after.

Look at these guys.




I mean, I can go on, we know who the lizards are.
With their fucking fear and bile.

We know.

But no......

But then I gotta suffer the "fear is useful", lectures.

I gotta suffer the "if I could just scream at you the right way, with the right sequence of swears, you'd come around to my way of thinking, and that you're not as scared shitless as me, means you're stupid or nuts", vibe.

No, come at me with an argument.
Maybe there's something I should be scared shitless about.
But being scared shitless isn't the solution, keeping your head screwed on is.

The reply?

The politics of Godzilla.

It's a fucking flop.
It's fucking beneath us.
We fucking know it.
But it keeps being tried.

Every time things get the slightest bit rough, bam, Godzilla.

Every time an issue won't yield to a black & white answer, or a black & white moral worldview, bam, Godzilla.

How about we give Jet Jaguar a turn at the wheel?
Shit, even King -Kong would be better.

Godzilla leaves smoking rubble, and radioactive lizard shit lying around.
And that's pretty much it.

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