Monday, September 14, 2009

Location blogging #8.


Yeah, I made it there after all.

If you remember, last time, the road was blocked off, and I didn't have the patience for the traffic. But this time, traffic wasn't as bad, so I grudgingly took the detour, and after some road work delay crap even after the detour, it was smooth sailing.

But FIRST, I stopped off at the Saco Valley Shopping Center again, went back to Nonesuch Books, and got the goddamned Batman book I screwed myself out of last time.

Here's a closer view of Nonesuch... I am creeping right up on it, that hulking, shambling, barely discernible creature in the window is me....

...and here I am inside..and all the interior shots came out shitty like this, aimed at the ceiling somehow.

..except this one of the sci-fi section...

...and here's the goddamned Batman book back at my lair, taken just now, since the damned camera angle wouldn't cooperate at the store.

...anyway, after that stopoff, it was on to Biddeford.

At the 5 Points Shopping Center.

Another Big Lots.
Like the one in Westbrook.

This used to be Staples, which used to be Rich's.
Rich's was yet another K-Mart/Zayre's/Ame's type department store.

Hmm, actually, Big Lots is kind of a return back to it's roots...

Oh, shit, there's Tin Tin Buffet!!

They're fucking awesome!!

You ever go there, go right for the buffet, and load up on the coconut chicken.

And guess what used to be there?

Another Bookland. :(
(As mentioned in Saco, South Portland, and again in South Portland)

Continuing to the left, a Sherwan Williams paints...

...Colortyme, Radio Shack, a laundromat...

...Olympia Sports, All Day Breakfast (guess that would be a generic IHOP), ..looks like a Payless Shoes...

...Sears, and Smitty's Cinema,...and can't make out what's at the very end...

...closer up view of Smitty's...

..and I still can't make out, or remember, what those last 3 are.

Anyway, Smitty's used to be Cines 8, and before that..."The Bijou", I think.

Always been a theater despite the name changes, and remodels.

When it was Cines 8, I almost saw The Princess Bride there, but instead, I saw fucking Arachnophobia.

Ma went to see Princess Bride, and Arachnophobia was a piece of utter shit, and she told me how awesome Princess Bride was, and described all the best scenes on the ride home.


Some things in life, you can never get back.

I saw it on video, and love it to this day, but...the theater, dammit, the theater!
I was right there!

Anyway, I wanted to finish this off in the last one, and now it's done.

That was Biddeford.

The part that interested me anyway.



Caudimordax said...

You really, really need to come visit us. We live in the moderately far suburbs of NYC. We have mini-malls with stores like Anthropologie - designs by the anorexic, for the anorexic. Wide range of sizes, from 0 to 6!! You could write pages just about them. We've got Restoration Hardware, offering brand new imitation antique plumbing. Think of what you could write about that!

Sharon said...

Caudi - I loVe Restoration Hardware, probably because I can't afford it. ;)

But I agree that Diacanu should come visit you. :)

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