Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ah, WTF, let's complete the series...

The talk I wish someone had given me in my 30's.

So, having listened to the advice in this rant, this rant, and this rant, and avoided the evil altern-iverse in this rant, then you should be all set.

30's is the time to settle down with a nice little wifey, squeeze out some rugrats, and hammer out a novel, and some screenplays.

Smooth sailing.
Kick up your feet.

But, if it didn't go that way, and you find yourself blogging, well, go ahead, and vomit up the old toxins for awhile, but be sure to make it entertaining.
And educational.
Hopefully both.
Strive for it, anyway.

When you feel like you've hwarked it all up, get back to your feet, and get back on track.
Apply the alterni-verse stuff going forward best ya can.
And hope to help others.

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Robin said...

Hear, hear, Schmeg. I guess we're blogging at each other now, eh? That's either sad, or great. I'm voting for great.

Thanks for the (tight, well-written) post, brother.


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