Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inner-space part 19- Back to the brain, AGAIN.

Yeah, we're back to this shit again.

I had to divert to other shit to come back to this, and now I can give it the proper ending.

Well, we come full circle back to the start of this, the brain.

And I as I showed in painful detail through the rest of the series, the brain, while a remarkable instrument, is heavily virus prone.

98% of the fucking human race is walking around with some kind of virus, some kind of damage, and a good 75% of the planet is technically clinically fucking insane because of this.

See, because there is no objective morality, and the laws that go with it, sent down from some invisible sky daddy, we make shit up.

Including the fucking sky daddy.

It's all fucking made up, folks.

And almost everything people have made up, is fucking horrible.

People's beliefs are fucking horrible.

Their politics are fucking horrible.

Their superstitions are fucking horrible.

Their economics are fucking horrible.

Their philosophies are fucking horrible.

And the foaming batshit that grows like a fungus around the edges of all this bullshit is fucking, fucking, horrible.

All this horrible nightmarish nauseating fucking shit just pours out of people like a fucking geyser, infecting people, and turning THEM into shit geysers.

And that's the virus.

And people wonder why the world is in such horrible shape.

You're all to fucking blame, ya fucking idiots.

Jumpin' Jehosifat.

Well, I set out on this fucking "inner-space", thing all bright eyed, and bushy tailed, and self-righteous, and super-heroey,, is that ever a comedy killer.

Fuck that.

I've done all I can with my limited resources.

I've recommended all those awesome books and movies in my links section, I've ranted all these rants, I've made the critical thinking section, it's all I can do.

If/when I get rich, I'll do all that Sting/Bono "We Are The World", shit I wanna do, but until then, this is all I got for ya.

Now, all that belief shit may be horrible, but when you pick at horrible, you always find that quivering jelly center of stupid.

And stupid is always risible.

So, there's laughter to be had literally everywhere.

And with that being true, how can you or I be miserable?

Which brings us back around to good ol' rant number three.

Fuck righteously tilting at windmills.
This shit's funny.
The whole fucking thing.

And laughing at it actually gets the job done of the ideals of the windmill tilting.

So, there's that hope I was questing for.

It was under my nose the whole time.

So, now I can carry that on my future missions.

Cuz now I'm up to phase 3.

Phase 1, build this blog, grow it up to my standards of awesomeness.

Phase 2, get out more, conquer my agoraphobia, and the grouchy anti-social cynicism that shored it up.

Phase 3,...THE WORLD!!!

And if that sounds batshit, hey, who the fuck will notice?

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