Sunday, September 12, 2010

How I spent my 9/11.

"Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer", arrived in the mail, started watching that, but, it was a perfect day, temperature was perfect, air quality was perfect, so, I said "fuck it, I gotta be out in this", so threw on my shoes, and just took off.

Took a nice walk down the road described in my first location entry.

It was beautiful out.

Lotta birds and crickets chirping away.

No dogs ran at me, nor fucking pickup trucks pop out of driveways just as I went by.
Everything went smoothly.

Saw two big 3 inch long ants jaw-wrestling in the sand on my way back.
Stepped over 'em.
Let 'em handle their own business, I figure.

Heard creepy voices jabbering from the cornfield.
Could've been sound carrying from somewhere else, but it sounded like they were out there.
Wasn't creepy-creepy, just kinda...empty-creepy, y'know, just sounded like a veeeery boring conversation about veeery boring people, but I couldn't make out the words.
Just un-enthusiastic Eeyore-ish droning that wouldn't shut up.
Just, a weird conversation to be having in a fucking cornfield, y'know?
Even "hey, look at all this fucking corn, help me pick it", would liven things up, y'know?

So, yeah, people can make corn boring.
But...they can make corn evil too...(item 17 on this list)

But, that didn't get me down, it was kind of amusing.
Like animals, y'know?

Oh, and litter is making a comeback.
All the environmental guilt tripping of the 90's had the ditches cleaned up all nice, now strawberry milk bottles, drumstick cones, and cigarette packs are creeping back in.


And bitches, women are stupid slobs too...

Didn't let it get to me though.

It was too gorgeous a day for that.

Fuck people.
Nature is the real world.
Washington, Wall-Street, that's just mass psychosis.

So, got home, drank, peed, laid back, finished watching Jack Brooks.

And not once did I even remember that is was 9/11.
Well, once, for a minute.
Followed by "hmph", and listening to the crickets.

Yep, it was a goddamned good day.
Gotta appreciate those when they float by.

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