Monday, August 23, 2010

Two great anti-drug ads from the past.

Okay, check it out, this one's by Hanna Barbara.
So, the year's 1970, Nixon is in The White House, the War On Drugs is born, and immediately the bullshit starts.
Note how they literally have pot being the gateway drug there.
But...dammit, I really dig the music and animation.
Curse you, propaganda, for making me like you!!!

And from my beloved 80's, a very dark morose....Pee-Wee(?!?!?!) speaks out against crack.

Wow....fucking wow....


Frankus said...

I like that first one.
It makes me want to get high!

Diacanu said...

I know, right?

Just avoid the pills, and closet full of zombies, and you're golden.

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