Wednesday, September 3, 2014

En-Mike-lopedia: Volume 4

Another summer one.
As I said here...

I'll do another early En-Mike-lopedia of this summer's stuff in September, and that'll be it.

And as I also said there, there'll be no winter one.
This is it.

So, here we go.....

The big summer movie series (Part 2).

Crossovers updates

Stuff I watched.

Blog events.

Superhero flick updates.

Stuff that didn't fit into a regular category.

And, that was another crazy summer.
One for the books.

And as I said here...

There, done until next year.
Hopefully, next time, it'll be more streamlined.

I'll say, I streamlined winter's En-Mike-lopedia right out of existence!
Hopefully, next summer, I'll be writing Jade-Shade instead of any of this.
Okay, I still wanna do summer movies, but we'll see.
See you next year!


The Holidays.

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