Friday, July 11, 2014

Crazy! (Updated!!!)

"Crazy!", the old entry from 3 goddamned years ago to refresh your memory.

I found it!! I fucking found it!!!
Enough waiting, and enough persistence, the internet will get anything, and I'll fucking find it.

From last time...

Aaanyhoo, I've done a damned bangup job of finding all these lost treasures, but there's one left that eludes me. 

When I was 5, 6, or 7, I saw a Crazy in the grocery store magazine shelf, one time only, and in it, there was a Sesame Street parody where Ernie ripped Bert's arms off. 

Burnt into my fucking mind, I need to see that issue again, somebody help me.

Well, nobody helped me.
Thanks a lot.

But I found it anyway.

The Internet Archive is slowly collecting old magazines, and they've got Crazy, and bam, I homed in on the issue.
It was #85.

So, it was 1982, and I was 7.
So, that's solved too.

Anyway, why Ernie ripped Bert's arms off, was to illustrate that Bert's arms are useless, and that he wouldn't be worse off than before.
Why do something so mean to a fellow puppet?
The gimmick was, PBS was getting their funding cut, so Sesame Street was broke, and desperation was making everyone snap.

Yeah, it wasn't very funny, but at least now it's all solved.
*Exhale of relief 32 years later*

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