Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cornetto trilogy news.

  1. Shaun Of The Dead.
  2. Hot Fuzz.
  3. The World's End.
So, here's the new business.
Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have hinted that they want to do a sequel.
A whole new trilogy with a new connecting theme.

That's it.
Just wanted this one to get the originals together, and as the seed towards that new trilogy fleshing out over the next few years.
I like making time capsules. :-)


Caudimordax said...

I want them to put out a Blu-ray trilogy!

And while I'm on the subject (more or less), I'm quite disturbed that there's been a big push to market the Star Trek reboot "compendium." Can you have a "compendium" of only two things? And it suggests finality. Does it mean that there won't be a third thing?

Diacanu said...

The next one's by a first time director (Roberto Orci, writer of the first two), and written by a crazy Mormon no one's ever heard of, so it's going to blow goats.
"The Compendium", is them already cutting their losses.

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