Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flicks that really messed me up as a kid. (Part 2)

I dimly expected there'd have to be another batch of these, but practically, I didn't think the quests for the identity of the missing flicks were solvable.

Whelp, scratch that, it's all fucking beaten now, and here they all are.

Night Of The Juggler (1980)

See here, and here.

That one tormented me in my head as bad as "The Demon Murder Case".
And they both seemed equally hopeless.
I still can't believe it.
This has been a remarkable week.
Between this, and Crazy #85, I feel like I'm in some weird dreamworld where I can do absolutely anything.

The Wild Wild West: 
"Night Of The Bubbling Death".

See here, and here.


Child Of Glass (1978)

Okay, this was my "close but no cigar", movie homing in on the next movie, but I remember this as a kid too, so watching it for the memory refresh was equally satisfying.

A boy and his would-be platonic little girlfriend have to solve a riddle, and find a keepsake to help a creole ghost-girl to her final rest.
Hi-jinks ensue.
It's Disney, so you know it has a happy ending.

Daughter Of The Mind (1969)

This is the one.
This was right up there with "Night Of The Juggler", and "Demon Murder Case", for driving me insane trying to identify over the years.

All I remembered, was a ghost girl, and a seance, and ghost-girl leaving behind a wax impression of her hand, and that creeping me the hell out as a kid.

So, two ghost girl movies, you can see how my mind fused this with "Child Of Glass", in my head.
I had to watch them both to peel apart their separate identities, as much as for the memory refresh.

Anyway, spoilers-
It's all an elaborate hoax by Russian spies to get Ray Milland (as ghost-girl's grieving dad) to defect.

This is unraveled by science, and reason wins.
Don't see that often in pop culture.

Ahhhhh, *kicks up feet*
That was all my quests.
It's done.
I'm on an endorphin high.

Hmm, now what?


Billdude said...

"Disney Generations Collection"

Okay, is there ANYTHING Disney hasn't tried to dust off and reissue with fancy packaging as if it isn't something really, really important?

Maybe they'll put out a special collector's edition of "The Story Of Menstruation." "Monthly Visit From Aunt Flo Edition," they could call it.

Diacanu said...


Don't forget "Nazi Donald Collection".

Diacanu said...

Oh yeah, this one...

...has "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things", which was an addendum to part 1 of this little series of posts.

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